Greatness of Daanvir Karna

Karna was the one of the greatest warrior of Mahabharata.

In an incident which took place during the war between Karna and Arjuna, Ariana’s chariot was hit by Karna’s arrows and was displaced a few meters backwards from the impact of the arrows. At that time Lord Krishna, who was driving Ariana’s chariot, praised Karna for his feat. Arjuna, whose arrows had displaced Karna’s chariot by several hundred meters, was shocked at Krishna’s praise for Karna and questioned him. Krishna said “Arjuna, I myself who own the whole weight of the entire Universe am sitting on your chariot and your chariot is covered by the blessing of Lord Hanuman. Without these two factors, Karna’s arrows would have hurled your chariot off the Earth.”

It is further mentioned that Karna was capable of defeating Jarasandha in single combat whereas Bheema defeated Jarasandha with the help of Krishna. Karna was the first one to expose the weakness of Jarasandha.

Finally, Parashurama, before cursing him, had mentioned to Karna that he was his (Parashurama’s) complete equal.

Also, Karna had promised Kunti that if, he dies or Arjuna dies, she will always have her five children alive. This might be one of the reason why Karna in spite of King Shalya’s suggestion to hit Arjuna on his chest, opted to hit Arjuna on his head, because even Karna knew very well that Sri Krishna will defend Arjuna hence the arrow directed toward the head of the Arjuna could be diverted. Indirectly Karna might be helping Arjuna to escape his arrows. Hence he might be just pretending to attack Arjuna because as per Karna’s oath that he would not allow anyone to hurt Duryodhana until he is alive but this oath did not contains a clause that Karna cannot forgive Duryodhana’s enemies hence there could be chances that Karna pretended to Kill Arjuna but he would have strictly never allowed Arjuna or any other warrior to kill Duryodhana hence along with being loyal to his friend Duryodhana he could also defend his brothers, indirectly.

Indirectly speaking he sacrificed his life for his friend and for his brother so that there will always be five children of Kunti alive apart from him as it was very well known that he was Dhaanveera so there is no doubt that he can even donate his life for his brother Arjuna. While assuring to Kunti, Karna told that either he or Arjuna will remain, this might be a political statement because Karna who was fighting from Duryodhana’s camp cannot directly assure Kunti that he will spare Arjuna hence he might have given her an indication that he will not harm Arjuna because he hinted her that her five childrens will remain alive and at that point of time every one knew that Kunti had only five children, also he rejected her offer to adopt him as her first son because he was obliged to his foster parents to whom he owed the debt of rescuing him and raised him as their own child, also he did not wanted to hurt the dignity of Kunti of bearing a child before marriage hence he asked to remain quiet about his relationship with her like how she was quiet till now. This all indicate that Karna himself accepted death as his future.


11 thoughts on “Greatness of Daanvir Karna

  1. Mr.Ram I appreciate your knowledge in mahabharta and specially to karna,

    But what you saing that why we not talk about karna lie what I dont agree with you.the person who born in below noble cast cant learn archary from bhrahmin or kshtriya ie why dron refuse to teach karna he dint left any way that he will tell true to parshrama.if parshurama know that karna is one of the sut putra he may emadiatly refuse to teach karna likes of dronachrya.He also prove that birth in cast is not matter the most.And supporting to duriyodhana was his loyalty when karna was there in arina to challenge the arjuna for the greatest warrior and everybody there shouted on karna as a sut putra and he cannot fight aginst arjuna as he is rajputra It was duriyodhana who offer angdesh to karna and make him king of angadesh then when he fight we karna unfortunatly result was not held out due to it was loyalti towards the duriyodhna.ones barbary was at meditation and duriyodhana goes to kill the barbari by means of shakuni teachings that time karna save the barbari……there is many thing about karna which is great to leason and great to tell…thanks for all


    1. You will know that karna is rejected by kunti and was come into handrg of atirada. So karna is an orphan. God is the father of all orphans. And as in thought of karna parusarama prabu was god to him. what do you say?


  2. Shri Gandharva
    Thanks for above information. I will be looking forward to read about the extracts from the Gujrati version from the expert you have mentioned above.

    Best Regards


  3. @ Niraj , well the story of karna moving arjuna’s chariot by his arrows in not available in KMG or rajaji version , it is not a folk lore too, it is available in many north indian versions, we have it in Gujarathi version which is 6000 pages , we also have an expert in gujarathi version he will write in this blog shortly .


  4. Jai Sri Ram.
    Yes Shri Dhruv. You have made your point very well. I follow the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. He too has glorified Karna. There are 5 holy places in India 1. Vishnu prayag 2. nand prayag 3. Rudra prayag 4. Dev Prayag and 5th Karna prayag. At Karna prayag Karna is said to have meditated on Surya devta here and got some blessings its also said he had a vision of Lord Shiva and goddes Ganga. Swami Vivekananda did an 18 day meditation here and acknowledged it as a holy place. However there is no mention of Karna doing any tapasya in both gangulys version and in C. Rajagopalacharis version. Swami Vivekananda has attained the state of Nirvikalpa samadhi hence him acknowldging both this incident and Karna speaks volumes. Even in his summary on Mahabharata Karnas name comes along side Bheeshma and Dronas name who were the spiritual giants of Mahabharata

    Best Regards
    Niraj Sharma


    1. Hi Neeraj,

      Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest people of India. And its good to know that they also like Karna.
      Please let me know book publisher name in which Vivekananda wrote about Karna.
      Thanks and Regards

      Dhruv Gaba


      1. Respected Sir. I got this information from internet. At a certain distance from my home there is an Ashram dedicated to Swami Vivekananda. I had met one of the swamis there and he too confirmed above information.
        Best Regards


  5. Jai Sri Rama
    Respected Sir/Madame
    I am an ardent Karna admirer and he is my favorite character in the mahabharata. I have read various versions of Mahabharata ie Gangulys version, C. Rajgopalacharis version but never came across this incident ie Krishna praising Karna when Arjunas chariot was hit by Karna’s arrows and was displaced a few meters backwards from the impact of the arrows. and Krishna said “Arjuna, I myself who own the whole weight of the entire Universe am sitting on your chariot and your chariot is covered by the blessing of Lord Hanuman. Without these two factors, Karna’s arrows would have hurled your chariot off the Earth.” If you could tell me where this incident is written and in which authors translation I would be indeed greatful.
    best regards


    1. Hi Niraj,

      There are lots of folk stories are also present which are related to Mahabharata. And Vyasa had described things at very high level as you can see in Mahabharata he never described emotions of characters. On what decision how they felt. I cant provide you source of this story but I heard it many times. And I am just collecting information on Karna and other characters. May be they are not authentic in your eyes but they provide details like how people feel about character of Mahabharata.

      Mr. Dhruv Gaba


      1. respected sir,

        i understand your interest and admiration in karna character in mahabharata. But how fair is it to make a character like karna “great”, we always say that parusurama curse is the main reason for karna defeat, but why dont we talk about the lie he told to parasurama. How can he cheat his guru. the curse was punishment for this act of his. He is the one who provoked duryodhana for war, if he is really noble how can he allow kauravas to insult drupadi (even vikarna one of the 100 brothers of duryodhana opposed it). if he is really a great warrior he would have fought and killed abhimanyu, but instead of that he broke his bow from behind. This incident has nothing to do with the curse it is because of his inability he couldn’t defeat abhimanyu (who was a kid). he ran from fight in uttara gograhana because he couldn’t with stand arjuna valor(i can show vyasa bharata as the source for this incident). he ran out of war in ghosha yatra (i can show vyasa bharata as the source for this incident). how can you make out of a article out of something you heard and is not authentic story on internet? How can you make a negative character like karna (inspite of all the good qualities he cann’t be considered as good example all the good in him was completely covered by amount of bad deeds he did). ? He died because of all bad things he did. Indra took his armor because he doesn’t deserve it, he didn’t do it because he wanted to protect his son as described in many stories and even in movies. he could have done more bad than good if he continues to enjoy such boons. Please understand mahabharat properly(the good and bad), before posting such articles.

        i am extremely sorry if i hurt you in any way with my explanation.



        1. Hello sir/madam.
          I understand you are an ardent arjuna fan. atleast that is what I am able to middle out from your outburst above. I even wonder if you had actually read the book (be it any version) or the above article completely. cos all the answers for your above queries have been clearly given. I strongly believe its you who must “actually” understand the
          book properly


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