6,648 thoughts on “Greatest Warrior of All Time

  1. Sujaal making a warrior retreat is NOT equal to sparing his life. Rana Pratap retrated from battle of Haldi ghati that doesn’t mean Mughal army spared his life. Arjuna never spared Karnas life. Yes going by KMG he one upped Karna on some occasions ie made him retreat but that doesn’t equate with life sparing. Sanjay reading here don’t call these karna haters asses. They will complain to Mr. Dhruv and Mr. Dhruv will ban you from this blog the same way he banned me . Ha ha ha ha ha.


    1. Sujal is a far superior and intelligent rival to b called ASS…it was definitely NOT for Sujal & i hope he knows that….there is only one of that type in this blog who rubbishes his recommended book himself


          1. Sanjay lets not engage in insults. KG students do have some intelligence
            I always knew we will always find some dirty pig in this blog laughing at saintly people like Kabir and making some stupid attempt to back date inventions to prove non contextual points I am awaiting sujaals reply.


  2. Sanjay says
    Bhishma & Drona joining Karna in his conquests is your story & nt of MB.

    I think you do not read things properly, karna went on behalf of Duryo and hastinapur and not for Anga means he had backing of Duryo which itself means backing of Bhishma and others.

    Secondly sparing lives of four pandavas is an achievement but certainly not an achievement against Arjuna his key rival. By that logic Arjuna had spared Karna’s life as many times as he ran away. It was greatness of Arjuna that he did not follow and proved a point against a running away warrior.


    1. Backing does not mean helping someone prove his worth which you actually meant to degrade Karna’s achvmnt. Karna fought his wars Alone. Strangely same Bhishma did nt BACK him in more imp war in Kurukshetra?

      Arjun the glorified Hero of MB has many achvmnts & shld nt b seen in reference & comparison to a Mortal insignificant warrior called Karna. Same insignificant warrior was killed by Hero of MB in a manner which rubbishes his Greatness


  3. @ Sanjay,

    Well well well…. The CAT HAS CAUGHT ITS OWN TONGUE HERE….. Sanjay has become answerless to my post now…… And so Sanjay is now using Smarty’s techniques of Dodging & hence he is doing a “KHISIYANI BILLI Vyas ko Noche” behaviour…… Ha..ha..ha…ha….

    Sanjay clearly SURRENDERED in this deabte with me… Hence DEFEATED….. So Sanjay, you are not authorised to blabber any non-sense about this topic again…..

    And Sanjay, you can take your GRUDGE out on VYas for writing the FACTS about Karna & you can totally rubbish Vyas & you can write your OWN hallucinated SANJAY-PURAAN…… But still it wont change the FACTS OF MB…. because NOBODY CARES WHAT THE KINDERGARTEN kid think…….. Ha..ha..ha…ha….


    1. I told u I hv moved on leaving two ASSES behind..

      I promise you my Sanjay Puraan wl nt b released bfr your Sachinbharat. For that to happen the thorough Rape of MB is due at your end….so i wl hv all patience in the world till u satisfy all your urges…!!!


  4. Sanjay say


    Rate This

    I thought we Karna lovers were supposed to make our own STORIES and give EXCUSES out of MB’s fact??……ha…ha….ha…..ha….but this time facts of MB are also being rubbished……Great! ha…ha….ha…..ha

    Sujal :- Can you tell me what have i quoted from outside MB ?? The problem with Karna fans is they are blinded to failures and want to seek something that can prove Karna’s worth. Karna could not do anything till pandavas were ruling whereas pandavas did everthing when Karna and Duryo were ruling. The problem is that what pandavas achieved alone was achieved by Karna after pandavas were in forest and not ruling like Duryo and Karna.

    Karna only achieved victory over those conquered by Pandavas and that too after pandavs were in exile. Its like Pakistan winning Asia Cup when India is banned to compete.

    Pandavas winning when Duryo and co is still in the competition is far bigger than Karna winning a face saviour when pandavas are not even in competetion.

    Read MB with open mind and not to find glory of Karna as there is no glory for Karna when Arjuna is placed against him.


    1. Sujal,

      Bhishma & Drona joining Karna in his conquests is your story & nt of MB.

      If India dsnt participate in world cup you mean to say that other teams wl nt play to their potential? They wl chose defeat to repent India’s absence?

      When did Pandavas fight Drupad & Rukmi during Rajsuya?

      Duryo cld nvr do Rajsuya till he bcomes king so Karna doing his part bfore or after Pandavas is non-contextual.

      Karna becoming Maharathi with his own efforts despite all odds against him is no achvmnt
      Karna subjugating kings of India is no achvmnt
      Karna mocking & sparing lives of four Pandavas inclding main Antagonist Yudi is no achvmnt
      Whtvr he did is Glorification

      BUT ALL aiding Arjun to make him successful with or w/o purpose in Glorified story of NAR is cmmndble achvmnt!!!

      I salute you, Sir!


  5. Dear Sanjay – Your statement

    As per MB Bhima went to a king called Kansa of Angas, so Sachin declares Bhima defeated Karna

    My ans Sorry my friend MB says Karna once Kansa second NO MENTION OF ANGAS AT ALL. Below are the passages
    “ After bringing the son of Jarasandha under his sway by conciliation and making him pay tribute, the hero then accompanied by the monarchs he had vanquished, marched against Kansa. And making the earth tremble by means of his troops consisting of the four kinds of forces, the foremost of the Pandavas then encountered Karna that slayer of foes. And, O Bharata, having subjugated Karna and brought him under his sway, the mighty hero then vanquished the powerful king of the mountainous regions.



    1. Niraj,

      if bhima was marching towards Kansa hw can he end up defeating Karna? It is only possible if IT IS A VAGUE description….if Karna can bcome Kama in KMG at many places chances are Kansa can also bcome Karna….

      As far as Anga is considered I hd shown the text mentioning same.

      I wl do that again once free!


      1. Another thing – Even this text dsnt mntn Karna of ANGDESH……but Karna’s conquests mentiond he attacked Anga….so obviously he did nt attack his own kingdom…..


  6. @ Sanjay,

    Sanjay is back with his Kindergarten Poems…..

    • ACTUAL EVENTS of MB says Pandu won only LIMITED kings of India BUT GLORIFYING STATMENTS of MB says that Pandu won ALL kings of India.
    Sanjay says that i would ignore the ACTUAL EVENTS & will take the GLORIFICATIONS as the FACT

    • ACTUAL EVENTS of MB says Karna won only LIMITED kings of India BUT GLORIFYING STATMENTS of MB says that Karna won ALL kings of India.
    Sanjay says that i would ignore the ACTUAL EVENTS & will take the GLORIFICATIONS as the FACT

    • ACTUAL EVENTS of MB says Pandavas won ALL kings of India and GLORIFYING STATMENTS of MB ALSO says that Pandavas won ALL kings of India…. Further, as per the RULES OF Rajsuya Yagya, this fact is Further proved.
    Sanjay says that i would ignore the ACTUAL EVENTS as well as GLORIFICATIONS & say that Pandavas DID NOT conquer whole India(& Karna), because he is in KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL….. Ha..ha..ha…ha….

    Conclusion – A KINDERGARTEN kid will decide what are the FACTS & what are the lies of MB…… Ha..ha..ha…ha….

    My stand – WHO CARES WHAT THE KINDERGARTEN kid think….. It does not change the FACTS…..

    • As per ACTUAL EVENT of MB, Bhima subjugated KARNA (& not Kansa), But Sanjay says i would ignore this ACTUAL EVENT & Bhima DID NOT defeat Karna, and further, his KINDERGARTEN logic says that Pandavas were so much in love with Karna that they BROKE THE RULES OF Rajsuya Yagya & DID NOT SUBJUGATE whole India, because they never wanted to SUBJUGATE KARNA, hence they took an EXCEPTION for Karna…… further his KINDERGARTEN logic says that Karna was present at the Rajsuya Yagya ceremony of Yudi, because he was DEEPLY in love with Pandavas & he wanted Yudi to become a SAMRAAT at any cost…. Hence he himself came to Rajsuya ceremony to see everything goes well…… Ha..ha..ha…ha….

    My stand – WHO CARES WHAT THE KINDERGARTEN kid think….. It does not change the FACTS…..

    Your statement-“MB mentions clearly that Karna won whole India ALONE”

    My ans- Utter lie….. Prove it or DONT TALK IN AIR….. And please keep you KINDERGARTEN logic at your home…..

    Your statement-“MB clearly says he did not do so for any Yaga but Sachin blames him out of constipation that he did so for insignificant yaga called Vaishnava yaga”

    My ans- Ha..ha..ha…ha…. Ha..ha..ha…ha…. This KINDERGARTEN kid doesnt even know the basics of Military-Yagyas(Rajsuya/ashwamedh/Vaishnava Yagya etc) & he is discussing as if he is the scholar of MB……

    Every Military-Yagya is done with a SPECIFIC SIGNIFICANCE & Goal….. And the name of this Yagya is DECLARED before the Start of the Military campagne, so that the other kings of India should know the INTENTIONS of the Attacking king(performer)….. E.g. If Duryo is doing the Vaishnava Yagya, then he would FIRST DECLARE openly that he is going the perform the Military campagne for Vaishnava Yagya, so that the other kings would know that Hastinapur’s army(under Karna) are not here to CAPTURE their kingdom, but they are attacking only to collect tributes….. Hence this would avoid unnecesary blood-shed & wars in most cases…..

    There may be some mistake in the sequence of Shloks in Vyas MB, hence the Military campaign of Karna was given first & the discussion about decision to perform Vaishnava Yagya was given later….. Otherwise, does your KINDERGARTEN logic says that Karna first did the military conquest & then later Duryo/Karna decided to name it as Vaishnava Yagya ??? Very funny….. I wonder, as per your KINDERGARTEN logic, if Duryo was not qualified to perform the Rajsuya Yagya, then there was a possibility that Karna HIMSELF could have performed the NOMINAL RAJSUYA Yagya(after his Military campagne) & so Karna would have become the SAMRAAT of India….. Baithe-bithaye….. Ha..ha..ha…ha…. even without any other king knowing that they have got a New Samraat-Karna….!! Ha..ha..ha…ha…. Ha..ha..ha…ha…. I feel i am in a KINDERGARTEN school right now….. There was also a chance that Karna COULD HAVE performed the NOMINAL ASHWAMEDH Yagya(after his Military campagne) & so this would have meant that Karna CAPTURED WHOLE INDIA & became the SAMRAAT of India….. Baithe-bithaye….. Ha..ha..ha…ha…. even without any other king knowing that they hace LOST their sovereignity & have become the slaves of Samraat-Karna….!! Ha..ha..ha…ha…. Ha..ha..ha…ha…. This is getting HILARIOUS……

    My stand – WHO CARES WHAT THE KINDERGARTEN kid think….. It does not change the FACTS & Rules about these Military Yagyas…..

    All Readers,

    • MB should be INTERPRETED as per the KINDERGARTEN logic of Sanjay.
    • MB should be rubbished if it talks of Pandavas’ achievements
    • MB glorifying Karna is FACT OF LIFE but if it describes ACTUAL GLORIFYING MOMENTS OF Pandavs (even if in controlled detail) then it should not be believed

    My stand – WHO CARES WHAT THE KINDERGARTEN kid thinks or Lies….. It still does not change the FACTS……


    1. Two ppl see a horse standing. One declares it is an ass. Ppl try to convince him it is horse indeed by size, look & make…..yet second person continues shouting “No it is an ass bcz i m saying so”. So the first person says fine both of you stay ASS! And he moves on……


      1. Sachin has CONFIRMED that MB is utter RUBBISH so henceforth all r free to take hallucinated trips like him….if he asks for PROOFS then v shld nt take him seriously & just laugh off this LOST KID


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