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      1. And the above link contains just totally unscientific chain of events leading to creation. If universe is created by God, then the question that immediately follows is not how but why. Why God created the universe and no religion can give a satisfactory answer.


        1. What is scientific in mantras guiding Arrows?
          what is scientific in mantra chanting resulting in positivity and negativity?
          what is scientific in performing sacrifices?

          Swayambhu coming out of deep sleep created creation is akin to Big Bang theory.

          Why did he chose to create Universe can only be answered by the creator and not by his creation? An art cannot say why it was created only the artist can answer that.


      1. Ha….ha…..ha….ha…..ha……ha……ha…..ha……long story behind it.

        Our mahagyani friend Mr Sachin can throw light on this. He is the one who could not see Zeenat Aman’s thighs despite watching entire cabrete act.


  1. @ Sanjay,

    Ha..ha..ha… Your sexual perversions are clearly evident for Zeenat’s thighs….. I believe she still comes in your dreams with her bare thighs….. Ha..ha..ha…

    Your statement-“No one forget Karna can ever pull the wheel both hands while holding bowNo one forget Karna can ever pull the wheel both hands while holding bow”

    My ans- Offcourse no one can prove that Karna was holding the wheels AT THE EXACT TIME WHEN ARJUN KILLED HIM…… And you failed to prove the same in previous argument which you lost & Chickened out as usual….. Ha..ha..ha…

    But it does prove that Karna was NOT COMPETANT ENOUGH to fight from a Static Chariot or from Ground……

    Also, after Karna was killed, Shalya pulled the stuck wheel with the help of car-horses only, so this proves that Karna was just PRETENDING to take his wheel out in order to get some MERCY from Arjun & thinking as if Arjun would leave Karna there with his more important job of repairing the punctured tyre….. Further Karna was DESPERATLY BEGGING ARJUN not to kill him…. And Karna was almost successful in getting mercy from Arjun, as Arjun had stopped attacking him But Krishna may have sensed this Drama of Karna hence he made Arjun not to spare Karna…. Result- RIP Karna & his tyre Puncture shop & his DRAMA…..!!


        1. Neeraj,

          He is my favourite entertainment. I keep engaging him as and when required for he can always oblige me when I wish to be entertained. He will soon respond to prove me correct. just wait and watch!


      1. @ Sanjay,

        Ha..ha..ha… As expected….. The chicken will only do his Kook-doo-koo rather than giving any valid points….

        U are just proving your CHICKEN STATUS here… And for a Chicken, there is nothing “Worth replying” because he always thinks “ANGOOR KHATTE HAI”…… Ha..ha..ha… So this proves that you also lost this debate, so you are not supposed to blabber any NON-SENSE about this as well in future…… Got the point Mr Kook-doo-koo….?? Ha..ha..ha…


  2. Dear Mr I,

    If you do not believe in God it is fine. But law of gravity was revelation to Newton and he wrote about it like various sages shared their revelations through Vedas. Philosophers are also like old sages who developed their own school of thoughts. Their beliefs are as good as your or mine. Their ideas cannot run the world. There is some higher law which governs everything. You may call it Vedas, Almighty, Indra, Sun, God, demi-god etc. Words are not important. Supreme absolute creator may not be perfect but we have to give him credit for being free from any IMPERFECTION either otherwise the whole creation would have collapsed by now. Vedas do have science in them but science cannot decide morality/dharma also, which is an integral part of Vedas. This means Vedas is combination of non-scientific and scientific knowledge. Both are important to live life by Vedic instructions.

    There is a strong reason for Vedas keeping silent on creation and its origin. Geeta still goes beyond Vedas and give some vague indications but neither of our mythological books can unravel the reality because their experience is limited. Those who have that experience recommend others to experience themselves instead of writing books. Buddha, Jesus, Nanak, Mohammad did not write books yet achieved nirvana.

    Vedas have mantras and mantras need to be recited in a particular manner to achieve their purpose. Mantras are in Sanskrit which is called Dev-vaani which does not come from any planet. It is in-built. Recitation involves rhythm which is nothing but essence of music. The inner voice is nothing but combination of light and sound melody. Closed eyes show us darkness (agyan/darkness of ignorance) and silence. When the meditation achieves a particular stage, our consciousness leads us to divine light (gyan/knowledge) and sound current (Naad/Akashvani). Both reveal mysteries of creation in AV. However that light and sound melody cannot be expressed by anything in our physical world. Vedas do talk about that Naad…..!

    If Gods attained immortality can we ever know which planet they are residing at? Can we aspire to unite with them ever? If those are physical planets then we may have to wait till today’s science takes us there. But if those so-called planets are inside us we can always access them by meditation which Rishis used to do. This is why St John claimed – “I die daily”.


  3. @ Sanjay,

    Your statement-“Anjalika killed defenseless and weaponless Karna. I do not see any normal arrow named like this and described so vividly in MB. I will place it something in-between normal and celestial arrows at least……normal arrow – definitely NOT!”

    My ans- This shows your limited knowledge about MB…. Just like there were various grades of Mace viz. lighter mace to heaviest Mace (e.g. Bhima had the heaviest Mace, while Duryo’s mace was lighter), similarly, the NORMAL ARROWS had many types viz. Stock arrows of light weight, Crescent shaped arrows, Kanka feathered arrows, Sangathinis, Anjalika arrows etc…… Every arrows had specific purpose during a battle… e.g. Crescent shaped arrows were used to cut the Bows/body parts of opponent….. So Anjalika was nothing but a heavy & long arrow which had a big pointed head tip of the size of our joined palms(= Anjuli, hence named Anjalika)….. There was nothing Celestial about this arrow….. And Practically & scientifically speaking, to cut a strongly built Maharathi’s head, a large force is required to behead the opponent, hence Arjun used Anjalika arrow to do the job in case of Karna…..

    And your point of “defenseless and weaponless” Karna is a LIE….. You have already lost this arguement previously when you failed to prove this point from Vyas MB, because Karna was not weaponless, he had his Vijaya bow intact….. so stop giving cheap EXCUSES….. Even Karna knew that his death is near, hence he was BEGGING for his life to Arjun…..!!


    1. Good point above

      BUT you seem to forgot Zeenie baby’s thighs we discussed and you went absconding……!!!

      No one forget Karna can ever pull the wheel both hands while holding bow


  4. Normal arrows and swords were great in killing unarmed warriors or crippling warriors engaged in battle with another warrior. Mr. Bhurishrava would agree with me on this. Bhima not boasting about divyastras was because he never had them. Arjun has record of boasting about astras because he had them


  5. Dear Mr I,

    What is Immortality? To live for eternity, is what people generally understand. This means even to live for eternity one needs to be born. Once born one lives forever….?? Will this not go against basic principle of our existence i.e. if people will keep taking birth without any death how can natural resources accommodate growing populations and till when? Even if we assume the growing populations will keep shifting to some other planets, sooner or later even they will also be pressurised with increasing populations. So logically speaking this understanding has some flaw….

    But how can Vedas lie as well? So let us reverse our understanding – what if people do not have to be born? Will they ever DIE? Will that increase populations and exert pressure on resources? Definitely the answer is BIG NO……! Now if one can achieve such immortality, things can be explained to fall in balance. Obviously such immortality cannot be on some PLANET but at some non-physical plane of creation where we go after death.

    The question then arises how can you remain immortal without being mortal? So taking birth also becomes mandatory. If we combine both contradictory logics then we are compelled to conclude that WE CAN ACHIEVE IMMORTALITY BY TAKING AT LEAST ONE BIRTH. This is what Vedas convey……!! In simple language – people will take birth but they should do something during their lifetime which will not let them be born again thus achieveing immortality which Vedas are recommending. They will stay back in that non-physical plane of creation after reaching there which is not a physical planet.

    Vedas do suggest sacrifices but for various purposes and not for immortality alone. We read brahmins/rishis and kings performing sacrifices. What about common man then – stay mortal? Why this discrimination? Fact of today is sacrifices are not much in vogue and lacks required sincerty & guidance. Does that mean present age people will never get immortality? If answer is yes then Vedas seem to be thing for earlier yugas and not today. This will then amount to an unfair treatment to the people of present age which can NEVER be a true divine message. Why would God or Vedas be more inclined to people of earlier eras only?

    As far as I know Vedas also talk of swarg, Vaikunth, Shivapuri, Vishnupuri etc……while referring to immortality. These are various regions of stay during immortality TENURE. Each one of these has special privelges which differ from each other but are far better then what we have here. So these are not some PLANETS per se but non-physical realms of various divine rulers who rule them. The comforts and privelges of these regions are so tempting and alluring for mortals that man simply coined the word ‘heaven’ to identify them. This probably made people aim heaven which may be any of these. Bibles and Qurans of the world were written much later than times of Mohammad and Jesus. Those who did not experience those non-physical regions simply applied heaven as reference point and it became the norm.

    You raised a valid question – which liberation is wiser? I will avoid giving my answer but answer it from Vedas itself – The liberation which provides me IMMORTALITY will be wiser. But can we say which region will provide that immortality without experiencing them ourselves? For that we will have to die? What if we can visit all of them while living and chose the best one….?? St. John has been quoted in Bible – “I die daily!”
    If there are various regions of immortality there are bound to be different TENURES of immortality. This means despite achieving immortality we will still have to come back. Logically speaking this will not remain true immortality then. Is there a place in this entire creation from where we would never come back? If yes then that would be TRUE IMMORTALITY…..! Do Vedas really talk about that place?

    Indra established Aryans is new to me so I will not comment on this. You can always share your source of information. But how could natural wealth which is for all living beings was liberated only for Aryans? I can sense another flaw in this information.


    1. Dear Sanjay,

      First, I do not believe that vedas are divine revelation. To be more precise, I do not believe in God. This may come as a surprise but it is true that most of the ancient philosophers also did not believe in God. By God, I mean the supreme absolute creator who is infinitely perfect.

      For me, vedas are just textbooks of ancient science. Today, our scientists conduct research and propose a few theories. We normally do not question them because we know they are correct. For example, before using an airplane, we do not verify whether it is capable of flying or not. Because we place faith in our scientists and engineers. Similarly, some sages(inquisitive ones) performed research and made a few proposals. Normal Aryans followed them because they had the faith in them. However, as those sages had minimum equipment to conduct research, some of their theories were flawed also. And there were also differences of opinion among sages. We know that long before the advent of modern science, they had an advanced system of medicine, astronomy, music and other arts, warfare and weapons and construction etc. As these can be directly verified, all sages were of the same opinion. However when it came to knowledge about our origin, creation etc, their proposals could not be verified. Hence sages formed their own schools of thought and each school had a different philosophy. Out of such schools, there were six famous schools called six darshana sastras. They are Nyaya, Sankhya, Yoga, Vaiseshika, purva mimansa and uttara mimansa. Out of them, I think only the last one focuses on God.

      So, we should not expect veda to be 100% accurate. It can contain many mistakes. But why is it regarded so highly as compared to all other scriptures? Because it contains mantras. All other scriptures contain only prose or poetry but not mantras. Mantras are magical sentences whose repeated utterance in a particular tone and pitch create some impact on the nature positively or negatively. Veda contains many such mantras. A group of mantras chanted together for a specific purpose is called a sukta. Many such suktas together are chanted for a sacrifice. Sacrifices range from a small one aimed at curing a disease to those that can create or destroy the universe.

      gods like Indra etc were are all born like humans. Yet, by successful performance of sacrifices aimed at immortality, they obtained immortality.

      Regarding your queries, I’ll give my opinion a little later.


  6. Celestial weapons vs Normal weapons

    Continuing with this debate, since previously i have proved that Normal arrows/Swords/Mace were more effective in KILLING Maharathis then Celestial weapons(Non-WMD), below passages further shows the importance of Normal arrows/Swords/Mace etc…. In below passages, Bhima was boasting about his Mace & about Arjun’s Gandiva, so as to increase the confidence of Yudi:

    “There is no mortal that can bear the touch of the shafts furnished with the feathers of the vulture and resembling snakes of virulent poison, that would be shot from the Gandiva. And, Bharata, there is not a warrior, nor an elephant, nor a horse, that is able to bear the impetus of my mace when I am angry in battle.”

    Point to be noted here is that Bhima did not boast about Celestial weapons….. So even the MB warriors knew the importance of Normal arrows/Swords/Mace etc in producing significant impact in a war by in KILLING Maharathis……

    By & large, Celestial weapons’ main use was to kill 100’s of foot soldiers at an instant….. And since in a Huge war like MB, the number of foot soldiers were Huge on both sides (14 lacs vs 22 lacs), hence both sides knew that they would be requiring number of Celestial weapons in order to wipe out the opponents’ army, hence both sides tried to collect as many Celestial weapons as possible….. otherwise, it would have taken many months to finish MB war without Celestial weapons….. But for killing Maharathis, Normal arrows/Swords/Mace & the warrior’s own skills were more effective……


    1. Anjalika killed defenseless and weaponless Karna. I do not see any normal arrow named like this and described so vividly in MB. I will place it something in-between normal and celestial arrows at least……normal arrow – definitely NOT!

      Cannot say same about some self-proclaimed intelligent minds!


  7. @ Sanjay,

    Your statement-“Not answering my question u hv cnfrmd that you wl follow Polyandry of your IDOL Arjun… Kook-doo-koo.. Kook-doo-koo.. Kook-doo-koo”

    My ans- Ha..ha..ha… Ha..ha..ha… Ha..ha..ha… Miyaan, nobody gives a damn when a Chicken does his Kook-doo-koo.. So who cares …. And i have already answered your Polyandry question….. So Keep doing your Kook-doo-koo…. Because you are further helping me to prove my points & your CHICKEN STATUS….. Ha..ha..ha… Ha..ha..ha… And for the record, you lost all the debates…. Thanks for accepting defeat….. So henceforth, you are not authorised to blabber any non-sense about these topics, otherwise it will be only considered as your sour loser “Kook-doo-koooooooo” ….. Ha..ha..ha…

    Jaisa Guru vaisa chelaa….. Karna also used to do his Kook-doo-koo(boasting) all throughout MB & in the battelfield as well, Karna always did his Kook-doo-koo & ran away like a CHICKEN on umpteen times even against tom/dick/harrys like Drupad, Gandharvas, Ghatotkach etc….. Ha..ha..ha… So keep following your Guru & his UNETHICAL & CHICKEN habits…… Ha..ha..ha…


    1. When a madman replies with his non-contextual and non-sense answers the answers do not become PRACTICAL & VALID…..all your replies were as IMPRACTICAL hence INVALID…..!!


      1. Hence, with utmost humility I bestow upon you the title of “Polyandry torch-bearer” of our age!!

        Congrats! at last you won something after years of stupid antics in this blog.


  8. @ Sanjay,

    Well well well……. The chicken of this blog is still doing his Kook-doo-koo instead of answering my posts from which he had had CHICKENED OUT previously……. Way to go Sanjay Miyaan, you are surely giving tough competition to the Greatest Chicken of this Blog i.e. Smartboy …

    Now, since you have proved your Kook-doo-koo behaviour in front of the whole world, so this proves that you have accepted your defeat…..

    So this proves the following UNARGUEABLE facts:

    1. Karna was the most UNETHICAL & ILL character of MB…. Which is evident from his act of Insuting Draupadi at Dyuta, Planning to donate his wife/kids during 17th day, Lakshagruh Conspiracy, Lying to Parshuram, Backstabbing Duryo multiple times etc .. etc….

    2. Pandavas’ Polyandry Practice was Not unethical as per the norms of MB times….

    3. Vabruvahan DID NOT defeat Arjun…. On the contrary, it was Arjun who Subjugated Manipur(& defeated Vabruvahan…..

    4. Vasavi(WMD) was the most powerful weapon of Karna, which he had kept it as a LAST RESORT to kill Arjun & Karna did not use Vasavi on Arjun in their prior 2 encounters, because Karna was also scared to die(with Arjun’s Pashupath)……

    5. Size does not matter for Sanjay, because he doesnt have the BALLS AT ALL….. Ha..ha…ha….

    6. And as everybody now know, the 2nd biggest Chicken(after Smartyboy) of this blog is ______ Ha..ha…ha….


    1. Not answering my question u hv cnfrmd that you wl follow Polyandry of your IDOL Arjun…

      Thanks for confrming…..now u can call Karna and Arjun whatever u want to but henceforth I know what to call you.


    2. Some bum headed Karna haters will keep repeating the same points like a parrot. Pandavas cheated through their nose throughout MB right from getting fellow students thumbs cut burning innocent woman with her children, wife betting unethical warfare. Its suprising Karna is accused.
      The clowns should realized jinki apni chaddi phati hui ho voh doosron ka gherabaan nahee pakadte. Even in battle competency groups attacks including bhima and arjuna have been shown attacking karna and getting booted away. But then their peanut bum being pinched in the battle field hence bhima arjuna not in that attack theory also has to be respected


  9. Dear Mr I,

    I request you to devote good amount of time and patience to this post.

    Various websites provide info about Vedas. Though they differ on certain aspects, I am mentioning some common points:-

    1. Vedas come from word ‘Vid’ meaning knowledge
    2. Vedas were not authored but were revealed to seers (rishis, some claim saptrishis)
    3. Vedas come under Sruti since they were heard
    4. Srutis were passed on through generations by reciting
    5. ‘Ved’ was JUST ONE and not four
    6. Ved Vyas authored them in books by splitting ONE into four hence came to be known as VED Vyas (Dissector)

    Since the above points cannot be proved historically so I am jotting down some historical info as well to have comprehensive understanding:-

    7. Vedas in books have been found to be not older than 1500 BC i.e. 3500 years old
    8. Rigveda has been found to be the oldest
    9. Rigveda contains hymns praising various Gods (though one westerners call them Demi-Gods) like Indra, Agni, Varun etc.

    I will address point no. 7 first. We have been told that MB happened historically some 5000 years ago. We find mention of Vedas in MB. It means Vedas were there even prior to 5000 years. Before Ved Vyas compiled them in written form they would have been available as Srutis during MB and earlier times. This means their historical date of 3500 is not correct and needs updation provided evidences are found.

    Since during MB time people were following Vedic lifestyle based on what Vedas instruct, they would be required to take references from them in various life situations. But Vedas as books were unavailable to them so they had to depend on rishis for guidance who had this knowledge as Sruti since ages. This seems logical because brahmins/rishis used to advice society on various life issues as we have read in MB. This established the relevance of higher class and the reason for them to enjoy the status they had.
    Now the question is how out of Srutis alone brahmins/rishis would be advising society since all of them during all ages could not remember everything? May be this is why they used to stay together in ashrams to be in touch with that ‘Sruti’ knowledge hence Guru-shishya parampara. The tradition of guru would have also helped them to consult grave situations/ complex issues amongst themselves and give final verdict after consultation. This explains various ashrams being functional during those times under specific rishis. However, brahmins would be more active in the society living with subjects and kings but Rishis would stay out of main city area and would visit Kings as and when required. Rishis would teach Vedas to brahmins who would serve as local guide to common people on daily basis. So Vedas knowledge as Sruti would be with Rishis, shared with brahmins who would teach/guide society further. Drona & Kripa were not rishis but brahmins. Ved Vyas, Durvasa, Markandeya, Lomharsha, Vashisht, Vishwamitra were all rishis. Apart from this, I think the other difference between them would be that anybody who could do hard penances could become Rishi like Vishwamitra but brahmin was a caste-based class which was ordained to devote life to Vedas, teachings and helping common people adhere to Vedic lifestyle.

    Next question is if there were no written Vedas then how did Rishis used to get that ‘Sruti’ knowledge? Who would be reciting these instructions to them? Here I think we need to explore ‘hard penances’ concept a bit more. The concept had basic principle to alienate oneself from the world, find a lonely place like forests/mountains and meditate. Needless to say no body would visit them in solitude to recite something then how did they hear Vedas? The only thing which points to solve this mystery is their ‘inner voice’. Today also ‘Art of Living’ kind of stuff advocates hearing of ‘inner voice’ to attain calmness and bliss. In the state of bliss your mind is under control and you come out more balanced person. You do not get influenced by worldly affairs. If such effort of hearing inner voice is done day in day out the bliss will assume highest degree of effect and probably would take the consciousness to such a level where one would find oneself in touch with something which has not been experienced so far in this world. This is state of samadhi which rishis used to experience often while practising penances of years and years. There must be something like incorporeal voice heard by them which could serve as some kind of recitation…..?? That recitation could be some verbal instructions or music or it could be some kind of audio-visuals like dreams which can be heard and seen. The baisc difference between dreams and that AV would be of consciousness which is much higher in later hence lasting impression and rememberance. This is missing in dreams because dreams happen in sleep (unconscious/semi-conscious state). This explains “Vedas were REVEALED TO THE SEERS” i.e. disclosed to the people who saw them (audio-visual).

    Above analysis answers and verifies points 1 to 3 of the first set of unhistoric information we get on internet. As far as point 4 is concerned, it was quite natural that seers shared that knowledge of inner voice with brahmins/those people who were part of Vedic lifestyle. Since the original reciting inner voice was ONE the knowledge IT GAVE ALSO HAD TO BE ONE which establishes point 5.

    Now the question is why did Ved Vyas put them in written form? The reasons for them are as follows:

    • A written record was required so that the whole society / genuine knowledge seekers could refer them. This means he felt society would come out of its prevalent caste system sooner or later and Vedas should benefit all alike.
    • Since he himself was a SEER he might have also got the instructions to do so, is another possibilty. That instruction, I believe, would have also indicated the end of tradition of Rishis hence end of Sruti system and advent of written books.
    • Since he got the instructions it meant that there were changes which were destined to happen. If I insert yuga concept unmindfully (like a blind believer) also into this analysis I get my answer to what was going to change? The yuga would change with opening up of society, diminishing of caste monopolies, new world orders, new cultures, vanishing of old thoughts and principles etc. If this change was destined to emerge then the people in new age should be made aware what was happening in earlier yugas and how was it happening? This would help genuine knowledge seeker to find the difference between his times and earlier times. This would also help them to understand what was, is and will be the divine plan?

    Now why four? ONE knowledge could be too heavy for the listeners since it was too vast covering so many subjects. It would be more sensible to categorise them under common subjects, issues and themes for easy reading and understanding. There would be people who would be interested in knowing and worshipping Gods, others would be more interested in black magic, sacrifices, customs, traditions etc. Some may be looking for musical knowledge, some politics, spiritualism, sociology, medicines and some in others. To achieve that simplicity and focus Ved Vyas split THE VED under FOUR broad umbrella books which further have sub-books on various topics.

    Now I will come to Rigveda which positions Indra as the greatest of all Gods depedning on the footage he got. Historically we know that present Rigveda we have is not more than 3500 years old. This means present day Veda is 1500 years later than MB period. Since we know from above analysis that Vedas are even older than 5000 years there are chances we do not have original Vedas with us today. But I will still accept it in its present form.

    While doing my research I come across this – “Despite the fact that the Rig-Veda deals with many gods, there are some who get a lot of attention. More than half the hymns invoke just three top-rated gods of the moment: Indra (250 hymns), Agni (200 hymns), and Soma (just over 100 hymns). INDRA WAS THE HEAD OF THE ANCIENT HINDU PANTHEON. HE WAS THE STORM-GOD (SOMETIMES HE IS REFERRED TO AS THE SKY-GOD AND ALSO AS THE GOD OF WAR). The Vedas describe Indra as the god “Who wields the thunderbolt”, and his most celebrated story was the killing of the demon-serpent Vritra.” – Cristian Violatti, one of the editors of Ancient History Encyclopedia

    One thing which caught my attention in this info was the line – Indra was GOD OF WARS……!! This explains so much of importance to him in MB – a war epic.

    Now the question is why did Rigveda – an inner voice, gave so much footage to a war God alone out of so many important things in Vedic life or for that matter human life in any age? How can such important inner voice not talk of Almighty (the originator of Vedas) at all but so much of a War God? Inner voice did not originate from Indra either……..However holy books like Ramayana/Geeta updesh does not consider him to be of any such importance …….??

    My view is – In Satyug and Treta, Indra used to fight demons at divine level but his role expanded to human level as well in Dwapar yuga. Once all divine aspects of war diminished with MB war, his role ended. 1500 years later when present day Rigveda was looked into people were in awe of Demi-Gods like Indra, Agni, Varun etc since they played crucial role in MB war. It also coincided with the emergence of two sects – Shaivism and Vaishanvism. The rivalry shifted the focus from Vedas to Bhagvatam, Vishnu Puran, Shiva Puran etc. As these sects kept growing all their praises, hymns, significance, stories, marvels etc also got edited from Vedas of those times and got merged in respective Puranas. Puranas thus became more of divine stories which find no scientific relevance. This is why we have distorted and confusing Puranas. But to understand Vedas personal experience of inner voice is mandatory which people lacked in those times as well as today. Therefore people became more interested in divine stories than in Vedas – THE KNOWLEDGE. The fate of Vedas in such circumstances could be two – either reduce it to praising Demi-gods or read it as ritual w/o understanding the meanings. Many of the vidyas like astra vidya mentioned in them also became obsolete & impractical which made reading Vedas even more time wasting exercise. Thus Vedas got reduced to praising Demi-gods which is the eastiest thing for people to relate with.


    1. Having read your above analysis completely, I agree with the most of it. But I have a few reservations. Veda doesn’t suggest bliss as the goal, rather it suggests amrutatva, immortality as the goal. And this immortality is on the physical level, not spiritual level. To attain immortality, veda prescribes sacrifices alone and sacrifices involve pouring soma juice(or clarified butter) into sacrificial fire. Hence naturally, soma and fire had more hymns. When one attains immortality, one reaches an eternal planet similar to heaven where one gets a celestial body that is immune to death, disease and old age and always stays in youth. That body is also endued with great strength and knowledge and wealth. The planet also facilitates unlimited enjoyment with food, drink, gambling and women. This kind of immortality has nothing to do with the supreme Almighty. On the contrary, the present religions like vaishnavism, Shaivism etc which are based on puranas have the planet of the respective god as the ultimate goal. Even after reaching that planet, we are still servants of that god and should derive pleasure in serving that god only. Which of these two types of liberations(having your own planet and unlimited enjoyment with food, drink, game and women or staying in the planet of vishnu/shiva and their service being the only source of pleasure) do you think is wiser? Even the concept of heaven in Quran and bible is connected with god. You enter heaven only to serve the god. Your stay in heaven in regulated by the will of god. Who would want that kind of liberation? That is why the goal of veda is unique.

      The reason behind popularity of Indra is because he was the leader of Aryans and because he has founded the great Aryan empire. He has repeatedly routed all the enemies of Aryans and gave protection to all of them. He has liberated the natural resources and increased their wealth.


      1. Dear Mr I,

        Are you talking from scientific point of view or mythical/religious/spiritual point of view? Because Science does not sanction immortality nor does it take you to any habitable planet irrespective you achieve it or not…..I will share my views accordingly.


        1. How can we combine modern science and vedic science? Modern science does not support mantras used in sacrifices. Yet, we cannot dismiss vedic beliefs as unscientific. Until science proves with evidence what exists/happens to us after death, I’ll believe in Veda. So, I am talking from Vedic point of view.


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