The Chiranjivins (“The Immortals”)

* Mahabali, a righteous demon king who conquered heaven, earth, and the underworld, but was forced to give it back by Vamana.
* Parashurama, an avatar of Vishnu.
* Vibhishana, Ravana’s brother who was made King of Lanka by Rama.
* Hanuman, who served Rama.
* Vyasa, a sage who narrated the Mahabharata, he was also a sage in the epic.
* Markandeya, a famous devotee of Lord Shiva
* Ashwathama, a man cursed to immortality and eternal suffering without love from anybody for his role in the murder of the five sons of the Pandavas and his attempted murder of Arjuna’s grandson.
* Kripacharya, a teacher of the princes in the Mahabharata. (This is widely debated whether or not was Kripacharya a Chiranjivin)

* Jambavantha (Jambavan), Son of Lord Brahma


One thought on “The Chiranjivins (“The Immortals”)

  1. I think Jambavan doesn’t come under de list of Chiranjeevis..Coz his life ends with Dwaparyuga..3 important ppl of vanara army in Ramayan.

    Sugreev – decided 2 end his lyf with Tretayug.
    Jambavan-was asked 2 live till Dwaparyug..Think ders s story with satyabama asking 4 something wich was abducted by Jambavan n Krish gets it after a fight.He also marries Jambavathi der.
    And hanuman was asked 2 live till Kalyug..

    And Markandeya doesn’t come under de list as he s told in Shivpuran..

    But ders a story in Bhagavatam wich says tat Markandeya s not only a Shiv Bhakth but also a Vishnu Bhakth

    Ders a sloka in abt chiranjeevis: Ashwattama Bali vyasa hanumancha vibhishana kripa parasuramasya saptayte chiranjeevae..this s told before every oil bath and 1st 7 oil drops are placed in your thighs and shoulders(think only 4 gents but not sure) saying de names of these chiranjeevis


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