Storngest Women Character of Mahabharata


3 thoughts on “Storngest Women Character of Mahabharata

  1. how can u say kunthi was the strongest women i totally disagree this because drowbathi is the leading most character in the mahabharatham at the same time she was maintaining their life with the pandavars and also she was facing the irregular activity of dhuchathanan by removing her sarree in the open stage of the palace but no one is ready to help drowbathi even beashmer also so as a female as wel as the strongest female character is the one and only drowbathi itself.


  2. I believe it is amba though on the negative side. When even atirathis and maharathis were afraid of Bhishma, being a woman, she dared to dream the end of Bhishma in war and lived and died for it.


  3. Jai Shri Krishna. I dont know much about Vrushali. I need more information on her. Is she mentioned in the gujrati version of MB ? I feel Draupadi was stronger than Kunti. She has a record of reprimanding her husbands. Kunti
    more often than not was strong but in Karnas case was weak. It was this weakness which had a strong role to play in the mahabharata war. Yudhishthira at the end cursed her and all woman by saying “hence forth no woman will be able to keep a secret.
    best regards


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