Images Regaurding Mahabharat

Map of India at the time of Mahabharat.



17 thoughts on “Images Regaurding Mahabharat

  1. when u talk about mahabharat
    firstly comes lord krishna than
    ganga putra BHISMAA pithama–
    surya poothra dhanshur karan and than
    the able person who can defite arjun is one and only karan but he has some shrap with him by that he cant defite arjun like when karan go and ask dhornacharya to give edu on dhanur vidya he refuse and he go & meet parshuram to give edu he give him all the edu and one day one karan with his guru parshuram he is writing what his guru say at that time one bug is


  2. At mahabharat time in waar every wariors r great but i think karnna was mentaly strong. So never needed to argument betwen lord sri krishna or great arjun…


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