Kali Yuga – Behavioral characteristics of humans

It is well known that scriptures expound the continuing deterioration of values with the onset of Kali yuga.

Following are some of the common behavioral characteristics attributed to people in the Kali Yuga

– the increasingly evil disposition acquired by the human mind,
– irreverence and utter disregard to elders, Gods and scriptures,
– loss and erosion of familial values,
– dilution and abandonment of varnas and ashramas
– greedy and mindless pursuit of materialism, etc.

But Mahabharata goes further in quoting some specific details, some of which are listed below:

  • Brahmanas abstain from sacrifices and the study of the Vedas, and divested of their staff and deer-skin, become omnivorous in diet and get intoxicated by drinks (Mbh 3.187); they will speak disrespectfully of the Vedas, and clouded by the science of disputation, they will no longer perform sacrifices and the Homa (Mbh 3.189)
  • people leading domestic lives, afraid of the burden of taxes, become deceivers (Mbh 3.187)
  • more youths act like the aged; while all that is observable in youth may be noticed in the old (Mbh 3.187)
  • women given to impropriety of conduct and marked by evil manners, deceive even the best of husbands (Mbh 3.187); wives will not wait upon and serve their husbands (Mbh 3.189)
  • it is doubtful that Vedas will ever become even visible to the eye (Mbh 12.237)
  • kings of the earth with souls steeped in ignorance, and discontented with what they have, will at such a time, rob their subjects by every means in their power (Mbh 3.189)
  • And Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas will disappear, leaving, O king, no remnants of their orders. And all men towards the end of the Yuga will become members of one common order, without distinction of any kind (Mbh 3.189)
  • men will cease to gratify the gods by offerings of Sraddhas; and without a knowledge of the ordinance, men will perform ceremonies and rites (Mbh 3.189)
  • people will, without compunction, destroy trees and gardens (Mbh 3.189)
  • And renouncing the gods, men will worship bones and other relics deposited within walls (Mbh 3.189)
  • men will come to marry and live in pairs (Mbh 12.206)
  • men will seek those countries where wheat and barley form the staple food (Mbh 3.189)

(This is a companion article to the series of articles on ‘Time’ at http://jayarama.wordpress.com)


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