Fall of Maharathi Vrishasena

Vrishasena, angered at the death of Duhshasana and Chitrasena, rushed at Nakula, desiring to fight with his father’s enemy. A fierce battle then ensued between those two heroes. Vrishasena managed to kill Nakula’s horses and pierce him with many arrows. Descending from his chariot, Nakula took up his sword and shield, and making his way toward Vrishasena, he severed the heads of two thousand horsemen. Vrishasena, seeing Nakula coming towards him whirling that sword like a discus, shattered the sword and shield with four crescent shaped arrows. Nakula then quickly ascended Bhima’s chariot. As Arjuna came near, Nakula requested him, “Please slay this sinful person.” Arjuna then ordered Lord Krishna, “Proceed toward the son of Karna. I will kill him within his father’s sight.” Unsupported by anyone, Vrishasena challenged Arjuna releasing many different kinds of arrows. He pierced Arjuna’s arm with ten arrows and Krishna also with ten. Arjuna became enraged, and exclaimed loudly to the Kaurava kings including Karna, “Today, O Karna, I will kill your son as you unfairly killed my son, Abhimanyu! Let all the warriors protect him if they can. I will kill him, and then, O fool, I will slay you; and Bhima will slay the wretched Duryodhana, whose evil policies have brought about the great battle.”

Having said these, Arjuna proceeds to rain arrows over little Vrishasena. Cutting off Virshasena’s bow with his razor sharp arrows, Arjuna proceeds to sever his limbs and eventually kill the little child. Karna wasn’t able to do anything as he was too harm and its also against rules to interrupt fight between to warriors. This also shows Karna’s greatness whether Arjuna broken rules to save Satyiki from Bhrurishrava.


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  1. So Guys, at the end of all the discussions, we have all agreed to following facts of MB:

    1. Gurudakshina war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke from Drupad……!!

    2. Draupadi Swayamwar war: Karna backed off from a fight with Arjun, hence defeated…..

    3. Gandharva war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke, leaving Duryo in Danger…… what a coward & cheat friend….!!

    4. Viraat war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke 3 times…… And on the 4th time, Karna was made naked by Arjun(after Uttar striped off Karna’s clothes)……. And it was Arjun’s Mercy that Karna lived to see another day…. what a pity….!!

    5. In MB war: Karna got defeated & RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke some 4 to 5 times from Bhima, 2 times from Arjun, 1 time from Abhimanyu, 1 time from Satyaki, 1 time from Ghatotkach…… what a poor warrior….!! Karna’s life was Spared by Bhima, Satyaki etc because of Arjun’s vow…..

    6. And in 17th day final battle, Arjun killed Karna in a fair one-on-one battle…..

    So it is clear that Karna was beaten by even tom/dick/harrys like Gandharvas/Drupad etc, hence this proves that Karna was just an Ordinary warrior & nowhere close to Arjun in warrior status…..


    1. You are wrong, he is not defeated by any of them, he fled away from due to he has to protect duryodhona every time. Arjuna is coward


  2. Passage from KMG

    ‘Then the Kurus and the Srinjayas once more fearlessly encountered each other in battle, the Parthas being headed by Yudhishthira, and ourselves headed by the Suta’s son. Then commenced a terrible battle, making the hair to stand on end, between Karna and the Pandavas, that increased the population of Yama’s kingdom. After that furious battle, producing rivers of blood, had commenced, and when a remnant only of the brave samsaptakas, O Bharata, were left unslaughtered, Dhrishtadyumna, O monarch, with ALL THE KINGS (ON THE PANDAVA SIDE) AND THOSE MIGHTY CAR-WARRIORS–THE PANDAVAS THEMSELVES, ALL RUSHED AGAINST KARNA ONLY. Like the mountain receiving a vast body of water, Karna, unaided by anyone, received in that battle all those advancing warriors filled with joy and longing for victory. Those mighty car-warriors encountering Karna, were beat off and broken like a mass of water, and beat back on all sides when it encounters a mountain

    None of the pandavas were defeated in this encounter despite Pandavas themselves. In the battle field Sachins mother was dancing naked and Sachin was screwing her. Bhima and Arjuna were watching in fun


  3. Readers please reaslise all my abuses at Sachin were supported by documented evidence of KMG passages and events. Sachins status as a worthless son of whore sanctioned bhima getting fucked by karna in group attacks already shown. No bhima was not fucking sachins mother at that time. Sachins whorish mother was getting fucked by sachin


  4. If I am banned from this blog. My respect for Sri Dhruv will remain undiminished. I will continue nullifying anti Karna points on blogs like true meaning of gar and keep bashing Sachin on that. I had tamed chiraan that way. Human psychology will force Sachin to go there and see his durdasha. A shameless liar has to be taught a lesson


  5. This point on ghatotkacha was given in umpteen ocasions but still sachin and his whorish family will keep dancing naked on the same point ghatotkacha would have churned karna. Khaandan his begarat logon ka hai for clarity I will requote.
    May 22, 2016 at 10:47 am

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    Sanjay this crap statement of karna running away from ghatotkacha is not even worth replying but lets visit ghatotkacha though
    Beholding a celestial weapon aimed at him by Karna, Ghatotkacha, that foremost of Rakshasas invoked into existence his Rakshasa illusion. He was seen surrounded by a large force of terrible-looking Rakshasas, armed with lances, large rocks and hills and clubs. 2 Beholding Ghatotkacha advancing with a mighty weapon uplifted (in his hands) like unto the Destroyer himself of all creatures armed with his fierce and fatal club, all the kings there were struck with fear. Terrified at the leonine roars uttered by Ghatotkacha, the elephants passed urine all the combatants trembled with fear. Then there fell on all sides a thick rain of rocks and stones poured incessantly by the Rakshasas, who had, in consequence of midnight, became inspired with greater strength. 3 Iron wheels and Bhusundis, and darts, and lances and spears and Sataghnis and axes also began to fall incessantly. Beholding that fierce and terrible battle, all the kings, as also thy sons and the combatants, fled away in fear. Only one amongst them, viz., Karna, proud of the power of his weapons, and feeling a noble pride, trembled not. Indeed, with his shafts he destroyed that illusion invoked into existence by Ghatotkacha. Beholding his illusion dispelled, Ghatotkacha, filled with rage began to shoot deadly shafts from desire of slaying the Suta’s son. Those shafts, bathed in blood, piercing through Karna’s body in that dreadful battle, entered the earth like angry snakes. Then the valiant son of the Suta, filled with rage and possessed of great lightness of hands, prevailing over Ghatotkacha, pierced the latter with ten shafts. Then Ghatotkacha, thus pierced by the Suta’s son in his vital parts and feeling great pain,
    took up a celestial wheel having a thousand radii. The edge of that wheel was sharp as a razor. Possessed of the splendour of the morning sun, and decked with jewels and gems, Bhimasena’s son hurled that wheel at the son of Adhiratha, desirous of making an end of the latter. That wheel, however, of great power and hurled also with great might, was cut off into pieces by Karna with his shafts, and fell down, baffled of its object, like the hopes and purposes of an unfortunate man. Filled with rage upon beholding his wheel baffled, Ghatotkacha covered Karna with showers of shafts, like Rahu covering the sun. The Suta’s son, however, endued with the prowess of Rudra or of Indra’s younger brother or of Indra, fearlessly shrouded Ghatotkacha’s car in a moment with winged arrows. Then Ghatotkacha, whirling a gold-decked mace, hurled it at Karna. Karna, however, with his shafts, cutting it off, caused it to fall down. Then soaring into the sky and roaring deep like a mass of clouds, the gigantic Rakshasa poured from the welkin a perfect shower of trees. Then Karna pierced with his shafts Bhima’s son in the sky,that Rakshasa acquainted with illusions, like the sun piercing with his rays a mass of clouds. Slaying then all the steeds of Ghatotkacha, and cutting also his car into a hundred pieces, Karna began to pour upon him his arrows like a cloud pouring torrents of rain. On Ghatotkacha’s body there was not even two finger’s breadth of space that was not pierced with Karna’s shafts. Soon the Rakshasa seemed to be like a porcupine with quills erect on his body. So completely was he shrouded with shafts that we could not in that battle, any longer see either the steeds or the car or the standard of Ghatotkacha or Ghatotkacha himself. Destroying then by his own weapon, the celestial weapon of Karna, Ghatotkacha, endued with the power of illusion, began to fight with the Suta’s son, aided by his powers of illusion. Indeed, he began to fight with Karna, aided by his illusion and displaying the greatest activity. Showers of shafts fell from an invisible source from the welkin. Then Bhimasena’s son, endued with great prowess of illusion, O foremost of the Kurus, assumed a fierce from, aided by those powers, began to stupefy the Kauravas, O Bharata! The valiant Rakshasa, assuming many fierce and grim heads, began to devour the celestial weapons of the Suta’s son. Soon again, the gigantic Rakshasa, with a hundred wounds on his body seemed to lie cheerlessly, as if dead, on the field.
    The Kaurava bulls then, regarding Ghatotkacha deed, uttered loud shouts (of joy). Soon, however, he was seen on all sides, careering in new forms. Once more, he was seen to assume a prodigious form, with a hundred heads and a hundred stomachs, and looking like the Mainaka mountain. 1 Once again, becoming small about the measure of the thumb, he moved about transversely or soared aloft like the swelling surges of the sea. Tearing through the earth and rising on the surface, he dived again into the waters. Once seen here, he was next seen at a different place. Descending then from the welkin, he was seen standing, clad in mail, on a car decked with gold, having wandered through earth and sky and all the points of the compass, aided by his powers of illusion. Approaching then the vicinity of Karna’s car, Ghatotkacha, with his ear-rings waving, fearlessly addressed the Suta’s son, O monarch, and said, ‘Wait a little, O Suta’s son. Whither shalt thou go with life, avoiding me. I shall today, on the field of battle, quell thy desire of fight.’ Having said those words, that Rakshasas, of cruel prowess and eyes red like copper in wrath, soared aloft into the sky and laughed aloud. Like a lion smiting a prince of elephants, he began to strike Karna, pouring upon him a shower of shafts, each of the measure the Aksha, of a car. Indeed, he poured that arrowy shower upon Karna, that bull among car-warriors, like a cloud pouring torrents of rain on a mountain, Karna destroyed that shower of arrows from a distance. Beholding his illusion destroyed by Karna, O bull of Bharata’s race, Ghatotkacha once more created an illusion and made himself invisible. He became a high mountain with many summits and abounding with tall trees. And from that mountain incessantly issued streams of lances and spears and swords and clubs. Seeing that mountain, which resembled a mighty mass of antimony, with its streams of fierce weapons, on the welkin, Karna was not at all agitated. Smiling the while, Karna invoked into existence a celestial weapon. Cut off with that weapon, that huge mountain was destroyed. Then he fierce Ghatotkacha, becoming a blue cloud with a rainbow, in the welkin, began to pour upon the Suta’sson a shower of stones. Vikartana’s son, Karna, who was called also Vrisha, that foremost of all persons acquainted with weapons, aiming a Vayavya weapon, destroyed that dart-cloud. Then covering all the points of the compass with innumerable shafts, he destroyed a weapon that had been aimed at him by Ghatotkacha. The mighty son of Bhimasena then laughing loudly in that battle, once more invoked into existence an all-powerful illusion against the mighty car-warrior Karna. Once more beholding that foremost of warriors, viz., Ghatotkacha, fearlessly approaching him, surrounded by a large number of Rakshasasthat resembled lions and tigers and infuriated elephants in prowess, some riding on elephants, some on cars, and some on horseback, all armed with diverse weapons and clad in diverse kinds of mail and diverse kinds of ornaments; in fact, beholding Ghatotkacha surrounded by those fierce Rakshasas like Vasava by the Maruts, the mighty bowman Karna began to battle with him fiercely. Then Ghatotkacha piercing Karna with five shafts, uttered a terrible roar frightening all the kings. Once more shooting an Anjalika weapon, Ghatotkacha quickly cut off the bow of Karna’s hand along with the arrowy shower the latter had shot. Karna then taking out another bow that was strong and capable of bearing a great strain and that was as large as Indra’s bow, drew it with great force. Then Karna shot some foe-slaying shafts of golden wings at those sky-rangingRakshasas. Afflicted with those shafts, the large foes of broad chested Rakshasas looked agitated like a herd of wild elephants afflicted by a lion. Destroying with his shafts those Rakshasas along with their steeds and diverse elephants, the puissant Karna looked like the divine Agni consuming all creatures at the time of the universal dissolution. Having destroyed that Rakshasahost, the Suta’s son looked resplendent like the god Maheswara in heaven after having consumed the triple city (of the Asuras). Among those thousands of kings on the Pandava side, O sire, there was not a single one, O monarch, that could even look at Karna then, save the mighty Ghatotkacha, that prince of Rakshasas, who was endued with terrible energy and strength, and who, inflamed with rage, then looked like Yama himself. From his eyes, as he was excited with wrath, flames of fire seemed to emit, like blazing drops of oil from a couple of burning brands. Striking his palm against palm and biting his nether lip, theRakshasa was once more seen on a car that had been created by his illusion, and unto which were yoked a number of asses, looking like elephants and having the faces of Pisachas. Excited with wrath, he addressed his driver, saying, ‘Bear me towards the Suta’s son.’
    p. 408
    [paragraph continues] Then that foremost of car-warriors proceeded on that terrible-looking car of his, for once more fighting a single combat with the Suta’s son, O king! The Rakshasa, excited with rage, hurled at the Suta’s son an Asani of Rudra’s workmanship, terrible and furnished with eight wheels. Karna, placing his bow on his car, jumped down on the earth and seizing that Asani hurled it back at Ghatotkacha. The latter, however, had quickly descended from his car (before the weapon could reach it). The Asani, meanwhile, of great effulgence, having reduced the Raksha’s car to ashes, with it steeds, driver, and standard, piercing through the earth, disappeared within its bowels, at which the gods were filled with wonder. Then all creatures applauded Karna, who, having jumped down from his car, had seized that Asani. Having achieved that feat, Karna once more ascended his car.
    The Suta’s sort, that scorcher of foes, then began to shoot his shafts. Indeed, O giver of honours, there is none else amongst all living creatures who can accomplish what Karna accomplished in that frightful battle. Struck by Karna with shafts like a mountain with torrents of rain, Ghatotkacha once more disappeared from the field of battle like the melting forms of vapour in the sky. Contending in this way, the gigantic Rakshasa, that slayer of foes, destroyed the celestial weapons of Karna by means of his activity as also his power of illusion. Seeing his weapons destroyed by the Rakshasa, aided by his powers of illusion, Karna, without being inspired with fear, continued to fight with the cannibal. Then, O monarch, the mighty son of Bhimasena excited with wrath, divided his own self into many parts, frightening all the mighty car-warriors (of the Kuru army). Then there came on the field of battle lions, and tigers, and hyenas, and snakes with fiery tongues, and birds with iron beaks. As regards Ghatotkacha. himself, struck with the keen arrows that were sped from Karna’s bow, that huge Rakshasa, looking like (Himavat) the prince of mountains, disappeared then and there. Then many Rakshasas and Pisachasand Yatudhanas, and large numbers of wolves and leopards, of frightful faces rushed towards Karna for devouring him. These approached the Suta’s son, uttering fierce howls for frightening him. Karna pierced every one of those monsters with many swift-winged and terrible shafts that drank their blood. At last, using a celestial weapon, he destroyed that illusion of the Rakshasa. He then, with some straight and fierce shafts, struck the steeds of Ghatotkacha. These, with broken and maimed limbs, and their backs cut by those shafts, fell down on the earth, in the very sight of Ghatotkacha. The son of Hidimva, seeing his illusion dispelled, once more made himself invisible, saying unto Karna, the son of Vikartana, ‘I will presently compass thy destruction.’”
    Beholding them slaughtered (by Karna), Bhima, of terrible prowess, rushed speedily towards Karna, shooting his shafts in that battle. Then those warriors also, viz., Nakula and Sahadeva and the mighty car-warrior,Satyaki, having slain the Rakshasas, proceeded to that place where the Suta’s son was. All of them, then, began to fight with Karna,
    Beholding the mighty son of Bhimasena engaged with Alayudha, the mighty-armed Karna rushed against the Panchalas. He pierced Dhrishtadyumna and Sikhandin, each with ten strong and straight shafts sped from his bow drawn to its fullest stretch. With a number of other powerful shafts, the Suta’s son then caused Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas, and the great car-warrior Satyaki to tremble. The bows of those warriors also, O king, while they were engaged in striking Karna from all sides, were seen to be drawn into circles. On that night, the twang of their bow-strings and the rattle of their car-wheels (mingling together), became loud and deep as the roar of the clouds at the close of summer. The nocturnal battle, O monarch, resembled a gathering mass of clouds. The twang of bow-string and the rattle of car-wheels constituted its roar. The bows (of warriors) constituted its lightning flashes; and showers of shafts formed its downpour of rain. Standing immovable like a hill and possessed of the strength of a prince of mountains, that grinder of foes, viz., Vikartana’s son, Karna, O king, destroyed that wonderful shower of arrows shot at him. Devoted to the good of thy sons, the high-souled Vaikartana, in the battle, began to strike his foes with lances endued with the force of thunder, and with whetted shafts, equipped with beautiful wings of gold. Soon the standard of some were broken and cut down by Karna, and the bodies of others pierced and mangled by him with keen arrows; and soon some were deprived of drivers, and some of their steeds. Exceedingly afflicted by the Suta’sson in that battle, many of them entered the force of Yudhishthira. Beholding them broken and compelled to retreat, Ghatotkacha became mad with rage. Mounted on that excellent car of his that was decked with gold and jewels, he uttered a leonine roar and approaching Vikartana’s son, Karna, pierced him with shafts endued with the force of thunder. Both of them began to cover the welkin with barbed arrows, and cloth-yard shafts, and frog-faced arrows, and Nalikas and Dandas andAsanis and arrows bearing heads like the calf’s tooth or the boar’s ear, and broad-headed shafts, and shafts pointed like horns, and others bearing heads like razors. The welkin, covered with that arrowy shower, looked, in consequence of those gold-winged shafts of blazing splendour coursing horizontally through it, as if hung with garland of beautiful flowers. Each endued with prowess equal to that of the other, they struck each other equally with powerful weapons. None could, in that battle, find any mark of superiority in either of those excellent heroes. Indeed, that battle between the son of Surya and Bhima’s son, characterised by a thick and heavy shower of weapons, looked exceedingly beautiful and presented almost an unrivalled sight like the fierce encounter between Rahu and Surya in the welkin.’
    “Sanjaya continued, ‘When Ghatotkacha, O king, that foremost of all persons conversant with weapons, found that he could not prevail over Karna, he invoked into existence a fierce and mighty weapon. With that weapon, the Rakshasa first slew the steeds of Karna and then the latter’s driver. Having achieved that feat, Hidimva’s son quickly made himself invisible.’
    “Dhritarashtra said, ‘When the Rakshasa fighting by deceitful means thus disappeared, tell me, O Sanjaya, what the warriors of my army thought.’
    “Sanjaya said, Seeing the Rakshasa disappear, all the Kauravas loudly said, Appearing next, the Rakshasa, fighting deceitfully, will certainly slay Karna.’ Then Karna, endued with wonderful lightness in the use of weapons, covered all sides with showers of shafts. The welkin being covered with the darkness caused by that thick arrowy shower, all creatures became invincible. So great was the lightness of hand displayed by the Suta’s son, that none could mark when he touched his quivers with his fingers, when he fixed his arrows on the bowstring, and when he aimed and sped them off. The entire welkin seemed to be shrouded with his arrows. Then a fierce and terrible illusion was invoked into existence by the Rakshas in the welkin. We beheld in the sky what appeared to us to be a mass of red clouds resembling the fierce flame of a blazing fire. From that cloud issued flashes of lightning, and many blazing brands, O Kuru king! And tremendous roars also issued therefrom, like the noise of thousands of drums beat at once. And from it fell many shafts winged with gold, and darts, lances and heavy clubs, and other similar weapons, and battle-axes, and scimitars washed with oil, and axes of blazing edges,
    p. 416
    and spears, and spiked maces emitting shining rays, and beautiful maces of iron, and long darts of keen points, and heavy maces decked with gold and twined round with string’s, and Sataghnis, all around. And large rocks fell from it, and thousands of thunderbolts with loud report, and many hundreds of wheels and razors of the splendour of fire. Karna shooting showers of shafts, failed to destroy that thick and blazing downpour of darts and lances and clubs.
    Loud became the uproar then of falling steeds slain by those shafts, and mighty elephants struck with thunder, and great car-warriors deprived of life by other weapons. Afflicted by Ghatotkacha with that terrible shower of arrows all around, that host of Duryodhana was seen to wander in great pain over the field. With cries of Oh and Alas, and exceedingly cheerless, that wandering host seemed on the point of being annihilated. The leaders, however, in consequence of the nobility of their hearts, fled not away with faces turned from the field. Beholding that exceedingly frightful and awful shower of mighty weapons, caused by the Rakshasa’s illusion, failing upon the field, and seeing their vast army incessantly slaughtered, the sons became inspired with great fear. Hundreds of jackals with tongues blazing like fire and terrible yells, began to cry. And, O king, the (Kaurava) warriors beholding the yelling Rakshasas, became exceedingly distressed. Those terrible Rakshasas with fiery tongues and blazing mouths and sharp teeth, and with forms huge as hills, stationed in the welkin, with darts in grasp looked like clouds pouring torrents of rain. Struck and crushed with those fierce shafts and darts and lances and maces and spiked clubs of blazing splendour; and thunder-bolts and Pinakas andAsanis and disci and Sataghnis, the (Kaurava) troops began to fall down. The Rakshasas began to pour upon the warriors of thy son long darts, and treacle and Sataghnis, and Sthunas made of black iron and twined with strings of jute. Then all the combatants became stunned. Brave warriors, with weapons broken or loosened from their grasp, or deprived of heads, or with fractured limbs began to fall down on the field. And in consequence of the failing rocks, steeds and elephants and cars began to be crushed. Those Yatudhanas of terrible forms created by Ghatotkacha with the aid of his powers of illusion pouring that thick shower of mighty weapons spared neither those that were terrified nor those that begged for quarter. During that cruel carnage of Kuru heroes, brought on by Death himself, during that extermination of Kshatriyas the Kaurava warriors suddenly broke and fled with speed, crying aloud, ‘Fly, ye Kauravas! All is lost! The gods Indra at their head are slaying us for the sake of the Pandavas!’ At that time there was none that could rescue the sinking Bharata troops. During that fierce uproar and rout and extermination of the Kauravas, the camps losing their distinctive features, the parties could not be distinguished from each other. Indeed, during that terrible rout in which the soldiers showed no regard for one another, every side of the field, when looked at, seemed to be empty. Only Karna, O king, could be seen there, drowned in that shower of weapons. Then Karna covered the welkin with his shafts, contending with that celestial illusion of the Rakshasa. The Suta’s son, endued with modesty and achieving the most difficult and noble feats, did not lose his senses in that battle.
    Then, O king, all the Saindhavas and Valhikas affrightedly looked at Karna who kept his senses in that fight. And they all worshipped him, while they looked at the triumph of the Rakshasa. Then a Sataghni equipped with wheels, hurled by Ghatotkacha, slew the four steeds of Karna simultaneously. These. dropped down on the ground, on their knees, deprived of life, teeth, eyes, and tongues. Then jumping down from his steedless car and seeing the Kauravas flying away, and beholding his own celestial weapon baffled by the Rakshasa illusion, Karna, without losing his senses, turned his mind inwards and began to reflect on what he should next do.
    At that time all the Kauravas, beholding Karna and that terrible illusion (of the Rakshasa) cried out saying, ‘O Karna, slay the Rakshasa soon with thy dart. These Kauravas and the Dhartarashtras are on the point of being annihilated. What will Bhima and Arjuna do to us? Slay this wretched Rakshasa at dead of night, who is consuming us all. They that will escape from this dreadful encounter to-day will fight with the Parthas in battle. Therefore, slay this terrible Rakshas now with that dart given thee by Vasava. O Karna, let not these great warriors, the Kauravas, these princes that resemble Indra himself, be all destroyed in this nocturnal battle.’ Then Karna, seeing the Rakshasa alive at dead of night, and the Kuru army struck with fear, and hearing also the loud wails of the latter set his heart upon hurling his dart. Inflamed with rage like a wrathful lion and unable to brook the assaults of the Rakshasa, Karna took up that foremost of victory-giving and invincible darts, desirous of compassing the destruction of Ghatotkacha. Indeed, that dart, O king, which he had kept and adored for years for (achieving) the slaughter of Pandu’s son in battle, that foremost of darts which Sakra himself had given to the Suta’s son in exchange for the latter’s ear-rings, that blazing and terriblemissile twined with strings and which seemed to thirst for blood, that fierce weapon which looked like the very tongue of the Destroyer or the sister of Death himself, that terrible and effulgent dart, Naikartana, was now hurled at the Rakshasa. Beholding that excellent and blazing weapon capable of piercing the body of every foe, in the hands of the Suta’s son, the Rakshasa began to fly away in fear assuming a body gigantic as the foot of the Vindhya mountains. Indeed, seeing that dart in Karna’s hand, all creatures in the sky, O king, uttered loud cries. Fierce winds began to blow, and thunders with loud report began to fall on the earth. Destroying that blazing illusion of Ghatotkacha and piercing right through his breast that resplendent dart soared aloft in the night and entered a starry constellation in the firmament. Having fought, using diverse beautiful weapons, with many heroic Rakshasa and human warriors, Ghatotkacha, then uttering diverse terrible roars, fell, deprived of life with that dart of Sakra.
    Final conclusion karna was mopping the floor with ghatotkacha regularly just has I have mopped sachin and defeated him. Later on ghatotkacha destroyed one chariot of karna and started fighting soldiers and killing them. This scene we see with bhima also. After getting booted away by karna he starts fighting oridinary soldiers its like police officer is fighting with some big don don thrashes him and police officer runs after petty goondas hence police officer undefeated here is the bhima karna passages
    O monarch, that once more took place between Karna and the son of Pandu in battle, became, O
    king, exceedingly fierce and awful and fraught with a loud din.. Then Bhima, boasting of his
    prowess in battle, covered Karna in that encounter, O king, with showers of winged shafts in
    the very sight of thy sons. Then Karna, that warrior acquainted with the highest of weapons,
    filled with wrath, pierced Bhima with nine broad-headed and straight arrows made entirely of
    iron. Then Karna, filled with rage, grasped his strong bow and pierced Bhima with ten arrows
    whetted on stone and equipped with kanka feathers. Deeply pierced by Karna, that great bowman
    and foremost of all persons endued with might then took up a terrible shaft capable of piercing
    through the body of his antagonist. That shaft, cutting through Karna’s armour and piercing
    through his body, passed out and entered the Earth like a snake into ant-hill. In consequence
    of the violence of that stroke, Karna felt great pain and became exceedingly agitated. Indeed,
    he trembled on his car like a mountain during an earthquake. Then Karna, O king, filled with
    rage and the desire to retaliate, struck Bhima with five and twenty shafts, and then with many
    more. With one arrow he then cut off Bhimasena’s standard, and with another broad-headed arrow
    he despatched Bhima’s driver to the presence of Yama. Next quickly cutting off the bow of
    Pandu’s son with another winged arrow, Karna deprived Bhima of terrible feats of his car.
    Deprived of his car, O chief of Bharata’s race, the mighty-armed Bhima, who resembled the Wind-
    god (in prowess) took up a mace and jumped down from his excellent vehicle. Indeed, jumping
    down from his car with great fury, Bhima began to slay thy troops, ( Here we see bhima
    realizing he cant prevail over karna and infact was bested by karna here attacking others now perfect case of khisyaani billi khamba noche battle karna ka saath tha to karna se ladho. Theek hai arjun ne maarne ki pratigya lee thee to use defeat karke send him packing like karna did to yudhi. Nirdosh sainik ko maarne ka kya matlab hai)


  6. Chetanya Sachin is worthless skunk then every time bhima defeated in group attack by karna
    He will pretend as if Bhima was at that time having sex with sachins mother.
    Below is bhimas aukaat.

    Approaching that multitude of elephants and getting into the midst of that fastness which was inaccessible to a car, the son of Pandu, desirous of saving his life, refrained from striking the son of Radha. Desirous of shelter, that subjugator of hostile cities viz., the son of Pritha, uplifting an elephant that had been slain by Dhananjaya with his shafts, waited there, like Hanumat uplifting the peak of Gandhamadana. Karna, however, with his shafts, cut off that elephant held by Bhima. The son of Pandu, thereupon, hurled at Karna the fragments of that elephant’s body as also car-wheels and steeds. In fact, all objects that he saw lying there on the field, the son of Pandu, excited with rage, took up and hurled at Karna. Karna, however, with his sharp arrows, cut off every one of those objects thus thrown at him. The Suta’s son, however, with his sharp shafts, repeatedly caused the distressed Bhima, to lose the sense. But Karna, recollecting the words of Kunti, took not the life of the unarmed Bhima.


    Karna further give proof of his superiority as sanctioned by dhritharashtra Sanjay conversation

    When I heard that Karna even though he had got Bhima within his power allowed him to escape after only addressing him in contemptuous terms and dragging him with the end of his bow, then, O Sanjaya, I had no hope of success.

    Here again Karna shows his greatness
    “Filled with wrath, he then pierced BHIMSENA with thirty shafts. With a broad-headed arrow, O sire, he next cut off the standard of Sahadeva, and with three other arrows, that chastiser of foes afflicted Sahadeva’s driver. Within the twinkling of an eye he then deprived the (five) sons of Draupadi of their cars, O bull of Bharata’s race, which seemed exceedingly wonderful. Indeed, with his STRAIGHT SHAFTS casting those heroes to TURN BACK FROM THE FIGHT, the heroic Karna began to SLAY the Pancalas and many mighty car-warriors among the Cedis.

    bhima undefeated as Sachins mother was getting screwed by bhima when karna was defeating that battlaion


    1. Niraj, i know you enjoy fucking your own mother… so why do you waste your time in showing your DUKKAR face here… Go & enjoy your fucking….

      P.S. : Bhima fucked Karna, Niraj & Niraj’s mother as well on umpteen times….


      1. actually that was sachin mother who bhima fucked bhima had a second experience after sachins mother had taken my blowjob and the birth of sachin took place. but a donkey could also be in contention in line after sachin. after sachin fucked his own mother that whore took a donkeys blow job as well.


  7. @ Sandip,

    Your statement-“1. Karna fought MB war without Kavach and kundala. which he donate to Indra.”

    My ans- So what ?? Karna even with Kavach and kundala got thrashed by Drupad(Gurudakshina war), Arjun(Swayamwar/Viraat war), Bhima(during Rajsuya Yagya), Gandharvas(Gandharva war) …..

    But, in exchange of Kavach/kundal Karna got Vasavi, because of which only Karna used to dream of killing Arjun, otherwise Karna never had the capabilities to kill Arjun….. And if Karna hadnt got the Vasavi, then even Ghatotkach would have churned Karna on day 14…..

    Your statement-“2. Only Kunti`s son to know all pandavas were his brothers.”

    My ans- Inspite of knowing this fact, Karna still wanted to kill his brother-Arjun, just to prove himself as better than Arjun….. What a Selfish brother….!! Karna had the option of leaving the MB war & returning the Angdesh to Duryo, but he didnt….

    Your statement-“3. He gives his words to kunti he were not kill any pandava other than Arjuna.”

    My ans- So what ?? Did karna kill Arjun ???? Nope … And Even Bhima/Satyaki SPARED Karna’s life because of Arjun’s vow to kill Karna, otherwise Karna would have been dead on Day 14 only (either at the hands of Bhima or Satyaki)

    Your statement-“4. Fought a War with 2 curses from brahmins.”

    My ans- Although its a Supernatural point…. But talking supernaturally, Karna also had the HELP of Ashwasen Snake & Takshak during his final battle with Arjun, still the end result: Arjun killed Karna…..

    Your statement-“5. Fought without the guidance of Shri Krishna.”

    My ans- Very funny…. Who needed the guidance of Krishna ?? Arjun thrashed Karna thrice in Viraat war, Swayamwar war etc without the guidance of Krishna…..


    1. bhima that galli ka kutta who karna dragged on battle day 14 ? no dude bhima did not conquer karna of anga during rajsuya yagna arjuna played his brahmin card well in draupadi swaymavar. Virat yudha in question welcom to the supernatural. Shalya parva section 62 arunas chariot burns leaving him a lost boy in short pants as usual. Sanjay reading here dont worry about sachin not coming back. ha ha khota sikka vaapas aaa hi jaata hai.


  8. After reading all this comments i am not able to decide who is great warrior but there are some questions are in my mind….
    1. Karna fought MB war without Kavach and kundala. which he donate to Indra.
    2. Only Kunti`s son to know all pandavas were his brothers.
    3. He gives his words to kunti he were not kill any pandava other than Arjuna.
    4. Fought a War with 2 curses from brahmins.
    5. Fought without the guidance of Shri Krishna.


  9. Statement – Guys, for those who think that Karna was the best warrior, then please see the below ATUAL EVENTS of Karna’s valours:

    Answer – Guys, for those who see only one side of the coin deliberately see my answers below on accusation on Karna. I am also quoting ACTUAL EVENTS & FACTS:

    Accusation 1. Gurudakshina war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke from Drupad……!!

    Answer – Karna’s presence in the war itself is questionable. Why would he pay Kuru princes’ Gurudakshina? Fact of the matter is he is mentioned to be defeated in just one sentence which could be a clerical error also. Same Drupad and Panchalas were subjugated by him alone during his digvijay rubbishes his so-called defeat in Gurudakshina war. How can Kauravas with Karna and army face defeat from A LONE Drupad but just four Pandavas without any army defeat Drupad with entire Panchala army….? Can I be wrong if I smell glorification here at the expense of Karna…???

    Accusation 2. Draupadi Swayamwar war: Karna backed off from a fight with Arjun, hence defeated…..

    Answer – Karna did not back off from Arjun but from Brahmin who did not disclose his true identity. Karna was already cursed by Brahmin Parasurama and another Brahmin so inviting further wrath of some other Brahmin was not advisable. Moreover he backed off only after matching him shot for shot.

    Accustaion 3. Gandharva war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke, leaving Duryo in Danger…… what a coward & cheat friend….!!

    Answer – Karna fought and died fighting from his friend Duryo’s side against his own brothers. Karna did fight Gandhravas and made mockery of them to an extent that Chitrasen had to resort to cheapness of illusions to alienate Karna from the fight. Karna left field only when the mob of Gandhravas destroyed his chariot thanks to the illusion. He did not resort to celestial weapons in the fight at all. On the contrary, Arjun used celestial weapons liberally in fighting friendly Gandhravas who delivered him Indra’s (his father) message as soon as the fight was over…..????

    Accusation 4. Viraat war: Karna RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke 3 times…… And on the 4th time, Karna was made naked by Arjun(after Uttar striped off Karna’s clothes)……. And it was Arjun’s Mercy that Karna lived to see another day…. what a pity….!!

    Answer – If we exclude all IMPRACTICAL aspects in MB then we are forced to exclude Virat war also because no SINGLE person can fight and survive a war with thousands of bowmen in an open chariot. If we exclude Glorification aspect also then again Virat war has no standing since it appears to be highest of glorification in entire MB. However, if we still accept Virat war as true then Karna was already without his divine Kavach and Vijaya bow. This is established by the fact that Arjun hit him in chest to make him swoon and had broken his bow. Such things happening to celestial weapons and armours do not make any logic or sense. On the other hand Arjun was freshly rejuvenated and better equipped with celestial and divine support after his return from Swarg where he acquired all these supports. Karna alone was not stripped in Virat. If Arjun had the guts he should have stripped him when he was conscious like Jayadratha was made fun of. Karna also spared Arjun’s life when he preferred to take out wheel of his chariot instead of killing unconscious Arjun. Karna had that much dignity which Arjun lacked.

    Accusation 5. In MB war: Karna got defeated & RAN AWAY doom dabaa ke some 4 to 5 times from Bhima, 2 times from Arjun, 1 time from Abhimanyu, 1 time from Satyaki, 1 time from Ghatotkach…… what a poor warrior….!! Karna’s life was Spared by Bhima, Satyaki etc because of Arjun’s vow…..

    Answer – Retreating is part of war proceedings. Even Yudi has been mentioned to retreat despite of having warriors like Bhima, Satyaki, Arjun etc. in his team. Obviously that does not mean Yudi got defeated in Kurukshetra war. Final defeat is either surrender or death. Neither happened to Karna till his unfair killing. It is well documented how Karna made Bhima dance with his bow who had to run behind heaps of dead elephants to save his life. Same accused Karna countered and repelled the multiple attacks of more than 15 warriors including Arjun at a single point in time.

    Accustaion 6. And in 17th day final battle, Arjun killed Karna in a fair one-on-one battle…..

    Answer – ha…ha….ha….ha…ha…ha…ha….One can only laugh at this non-sense understanding because no one can attack or defend oneself while taking out wheel with both hands. Just prior to his unfair and coward killing by Arjun he made Arjun see stars in broad day light. Karna was gracious enough not to kill unconscious Arjun instead he gave priority to taking out wheel so that a balanced and fair fight could continue….Thanks Krishna who saved Arjun from his Nagastra as well otherwise Arjun would have already been RIP.

    Statement – So it is clear that Karna was beaten by even tom/dick/harrys like Gandharvas/Drupad etc, hence this proves that Karna was just an Ordinary warrior & nowhere close to Arjun in warrior status…..

    Answer – So it is clear Karna was beaten by circumstances beyond his control. Digvijay where he conquered India alone and donated his victories to Duryo, Duryo’s marriage to Bhanumati, Defeat of Jarasandh, donating his divine Kavach knowingly, promise to Kunti of sparing four Pandavas’ life, sparing lives of Yudi, Bhima, Nakul and Sahadev etc are testimonials of his great prowess and character which is beyond some intelligent minds. Indra, Krishna and Kunti meeting him in private with special offers and pleas certify that they all knew his potential. Even Bhishma and Parasurama acknowledged him as among the greats….

    Statement – Bottomline: Arjun was the best…..

    Answer – Bottomline: Arjun became best with all support coming from all quarters BUT Karna became a force to reckon with which was at par with Arjun despite of diminishing support – divine or human, at his end ….!


    1. Karna’s defeat during Virat war was only because Arjun’s sacrifice during the exile.He got a boon as a blessing from Lord Shiva that he will be unconquerable in Battle.Arjun also had his new celestial weapons from the Gods.His penance in the forest paid off and that was the reason Arjun single-handedly defeated the Kaurava stalwarts such as Bhishma,Kripa and Drona as well as Karna.Without his penance and Shiva’s blessings,do you really think he could have achieved this feat?If you still dont agree with my logic then why did he have to resort to cheating and using deceit in order to triumph over the same Kaurava Warriors at Kurukshetra?Now,obviously these kaurava warriors didnt do any penance to plese Gods in order to triumph over Arjun?
      Besides,had Karna done the same kind of Penance,then most probably he would have got boons and obtained celestial weapons from the Gods such as Indra’s Shakti.or else the Sun God Surya would have given him another celestial weapon.
      What do you think Karna would have done?


      1. @ Chetanya,

        Although your points of Boons to Arjun from Shiva are Supernatural(hence invalid), but still your “WOULD HAVE’s” & “COULD HAVE’s” have no value in front of actual results….. And the ACTUAL RESULTS are Arjun vs Karna= 7:0 in favour of Arjun…. And nobody stopped Karna for doing Penances, so mere giving EXCUSES of Karna’s defeats wont make him a great warrior…..

        Also, Arjun defeated Karna at Draupadi Swayamwar war, where Arjun had no boons of Shiva or any celestial weapons of Devlok……

        Further, Bhima vs Karna = 4:0 in favour of Bhima….

        Karna even got defeated by Drupad, Abhimanyu, Satyaki, Gandhrvas, Ghatotkach etc, & you are comparing him with the great Arjun…?? Huhhhh…..

        It was Karna’s Luck that he got Vasavi (in exchange of Kavach-kundal) from Indra, otherwise if Karna hadnt got the Vasavi, then even Ghatotkach would have churned/killed Karna on day 14…..


        1. Chetanya. Sachin is on old idiot and a worthless bastard debated upon and defeated on umpteen occasion. Arjuna played his barhim card at draupadis swayamvar bhima was booted away on umpteen occasion in group attacks. Proof already given to Sachin. If you want I can give you those proofs. Drupad was conquered by karna during his Vijay yatra. Karna was repulsed twice by Abhimanyu but then equalled him and cut his bow in fair fight after which he fell like a pack of cards. When karna did not use divine weapons yes satyaki repulsed him but when he used brahmastra Satyaki was pissing in his pants just like arjuna in front of karnas Bhargava astra. Karna vs ghatotkacha Karna was hammering ghatotkacha after which he attacked innocent soldiers and hence karna to protect ghatotkacha had to use vasavi


  10. was Abhimanyu also not a child when karna participated in killing him. Abhimany not only defeat Karna but mad him run away from battlefiled


    1. read the passage of KM Ganguly carefully. karna did not run away from battlefield yes twice he was repulsed and then he equalled abhimanyu. After that he cut the bow of abhimanyu in a fair fight ( that too has been proven from relevant passages of K.M. Ganguly.) I invite you to the greatest warrior of all time section of this blog. Karna haters are having some difficulty you might just be breath of fresh air for them


      1. Niraj,
        I don’t know what to say. In many mahabharat versions example mahabharata by ramesh menon. It is said that Karna attacked Abhimanyu from behind and broke his bow.


        1. Mr. Vamsi Krishna
          I am indeed grateful to you. You have solved the case of the false allegation against Karna with CID like efficiency. Even ACP Pradyuman would have saluted you. So it is Ramesh Menon who is the culprit.


            1. I had quoted K.M. Ganguly to prove my point not mrityunjay which i agree is a glorious nonsense.
              Its K.M. Gangulys translation of MB which makes it clear that the bow was not cut from front mirityunjaya totally irrelevent


        2. Dear Vamsi Krishna,
          You are absolutely right that Abhimanyu defeated Karna & made him run away on 13th day war….

          Also, Karna could break the bow of a Abhimanyu only because Abhimanyu was attacked jointly by Kripa, Ashwattama, Dusshashan, duryo, Shalya, Karna etc…. hence when Abhimanyu was busy with fighting with these multiple kuru Maharathis then only Karna could break the bow of Abhimanyu……

          Otherwise in one-on-one fight between Abhimanyu & Karna, Karna at best could only run away by pressing his tail in between his legs, leave alone breaking the bow of Abhimanyu…..

          And Karna lovers think that Karna breaking the bow of Abhimanyu in a joint attack is equivalent to Karna winning the MB war….


          1. Lets visit abhimanyu
            Sanjaya said, ‘Phalguni’s son once more pierced Karna in the car with a barbed arrow, and for angering him still further, he pierced him with fifty other shafts. The son of Radha pierced Abhimanyu in return with as many shafts. Covered all over with arrows, Abhimanyu, then, O sire, looked exceedingly beautiful. Filled with rage, he caused Karna also to be bathed in blood. Mangled with arrows and covered with blood, the brave Karna also shone greatly. 2 Both of them pierced with arrows, both bathed in blood, those illustrious warriors then resembled a couple of flowering Kinsukas. ( here 2 things are sanctioned karna and abhimanyu were in dvandva yudha at this particular battle ie one against one . Karna and abhimanyu both wounded each other )
            Soon after we see parkram of abhimanyu.
            Abhimanyu then slew five warriors., named Satrunjaya, and Chandraketu, and Mahamegba, and] Suvarchas, and Suryabhasa. He then pierced Suvala’s son. The latter piercing Abhimanyu with three arrows, said unto Duryodhana, ‘Let us all together grind this one, else, fighting singly with us he will slay us all. O king, think of the means of slaying this one, taking counsel with Drona and Kripa and others.’ The Karna, the son of Vikartana, said unto Drona, ‘Abhimanyu grindeth us all. Tell us the means by which we may slay him.( Here we see karna making a consultation with drona.) ‘ Thus addressed, the mighty bowman, Drona, addressing them all, said, ‘Observing him with vigilance, have any of you been able to detect any defeat in this youth? With shafts well shot, you can, however, cut off his bow, bow-string, the reins of his steeds, the steeds themselves, and two Parshni charioteers. O mighty bowman, O son of Radha, if competent, do this. Making him turn back from the fight (by this means), strike him then. With his bow in hand he is incapable of being vanquished by the very gods and the Asuras together. If you wish, deprive him of his car, and divest him of his bow.’. Hearing these words of the preceptor, Vikartana’s son Karna quickly cut off, by means of his shafts, the bow of Abhimanyu, as the latter was shooting with great activity. He, of Bhoja’s race (viz., Kritavarman) then slew his steeds, and Kripa slew his two Parshni charioteers. The others covered him with showers of arrows after he had been divested of his bow. Those six great car-warriors, with great speed, when speed was so necessary, ruthlessly covered that carless youth, fighting single-handed with them, with showers of arrows. Bowless and carless, with an eye, however, to his duty (as a warrior), handsome Abhimanyu, taking up a sword and a shield, jumped into the sky. Displaying great strength and great activity,
            ( here abhimanyu had already defeated and infact killed 5 of his opponents. Consultation was made and the karna cut the bow. AFTER THE BOW GOT CUTWHICH KRITAVARMAN KRIPA AND THOSE SIX WARRIORS ARE MENTIONED AND JOINT ATTACK TOOK PLACE. AT THE TIME KARNA CUT THE BOW IT WAS NOT A JOINT ATTACK )
            Its arjuna who cut bheeshmas bow unfairly and bhurishravas arm from behind. Bhima the scumbag of a warrior who hit duryodhana a foul blow proving what a worthless clown he was.


            1. In any case a maharathi does not need a bow to launch a counter attack. ashwatthama proved that. he charged an ordinary grass blade with brahma weapon and fired it at pandavas. I don’t know why karna haters keep coming up with these stupid illogical accusations. It was funny and amusing at first but now it has become a little boring and irritating.


          2. Please refer multiple books for better and perfection in knowledge about historical and mythological stories. Because thare are thousands of stories for one small concept that take birth from imagination of different of different mentality..


            1. Dear Suraj, Please visit the other part of this blog viz. “Greatest warrior of all time” to discuss in this topic…

              Also, may i know, which & how many mythological books have you read till date ??


              1. And what have you extracted with whichever you have read Sachin….?? Except distorting and ridiculing them by making your own stories…!!


      2. Karna was not a novice that he didn’t know how beneficial it could be in duel if cuts the bow of his opponent. If Karna was able to cut Abhimanyu’s bow in a fair fight, why then he consulted Drona and asked him the means to defeat Abhimanyu ? When Karna cut Abhimanyu’s bow, just then Kritaverma and Kripa killed his charioteer and steads. Thus they didn’t give him time to recover. And this also prove that at that time Abhimanyu was facing many warriors. Otherwise from where did Kritaverma and Kripa come into picture within a second ?


        1. kritverma and kripa were in close by vicinity. their coming in just after wards so that abhimanyu does not get time to recover is not a real puzzle. it happens in modern day wars as well. One officer opens the flood gates then multiple soldiers jump in to strengthen the advantage. Since its already proven that even without bow also a maharathi can be very very lethal and karna being well versed in astra vidya must be knowing that even without bow abhimanyu can fire divine weapons hence he while fighting with him and after wards approaching drona did not take the bow very seriously. Drona was observing not fighting abhimanyu. He had more time to notice the fighting style of abhimanyu and hence was in a better position to judge the course of action.


    2. where in ramesh menon it is written that karna broke the bow of abhimanyu from behind?
      i was looking for it , but i couldn’t find that one.

      can you post that for me, kindly ?


    3. go and get it correct first karna never run from battlefield he was brave than anyone present out there please don’t spread rumours when you don’t know anything about karna


    4. SUch a noob you are, u have absolutely no knowledge about Mahabharata.
      Vrishasena was the youngest warrior to participate in the war, he was 14 and abhimanyu was 16,
      Karn cannot be blamed for abhimanyu’s unfair killing when Drona was the commander in chief and duryodhan, the resembling head…..
      Abhimanyu was undefeated on 13th day only because of the boon from the MOON god, that he will live only for 16 years, and there will be a day when no Maharathi would be able to defeat him.
      Also, Karna never fled, he was just not able to defeat Abhimanyu.


      1. Dear ayan bandyopadhyay, Can you show the relevant passages from Vyas MB to prove your point…. Otherwise please dont talk in air…

        Abhimanyu clearly defeated Karna on day 13 & made him run away….


  11. Nobody could have matched to Karna in the whole mahabharata provided if he had not supported draupadi’s vastraharan & not attacked abhimanyu from behind.
    Unfortunately this two loop holes lead to his death. Arjuna has committed many sins, was a backstabber,a cheat no doubt like krishna but luck favoured him.

    The most astonishing & remarkable thing what keeps him unique is his loyalty towards his friend duryodana. If he had forsaked duryodan as per advice of krushna & stood for pandavas, nobody would have remembered him till today.

    To support a good friend is greator than any dharma.


  12. Well, for my part, my opinions of Karna had been shaped by the classic Mrityunjaya. And since I am speaking from that point of view, I believe that Karna did whatever he did, in his ignorance, his angst and loyalty. He was a really great and enigmatic personality, someone to be revered, dwelled upon and discussed about.
    From my own independent point of view, I believe that each human possesses his own flaws and advantages. Karna was the divine son of the Sun-God and still possessed flaws–this should be a great lesson, that even great people can come down to savage humanity in the face of cruel circumstances. He was just a misguided, tortured person, who could never get a firm hold over his individuality.


  13. The question is here one have done the other could have done.
    During Draupadis swayanvar when all the mighty Warriors have failed to even lift the Bow and some have fail to fix the string including the mighty Jarashandha and Salya. Both Karna and Arjuna have done that with ease. So its quite obvious that Both Karna and Arjuna were stronger to Jarashandha. Only human bieng who was stronger to Them was The Mighty Bhimsen. Even Arjuna was stronger to Duryodhan since Duryodhan failed to string the bow. And Stringing the bow doesn’t require any special skill its pure raw power. And strength can’t be taught its in the blood.
    And coming to the context of discussion.
    Karna was stopped by Draupadi, And Arjun have completed the task. So Karna couldhave but Arjun already have done that.
    (2) Thereafter Karna and Arjuna had a brutal fight .Both Breaking the antagonist Bows and Arrows. But Karna left the battle in midst. Reason He was scared, yes scared of defeat? Scared of death?
    No He was scared of bieng cursed. Once burn twice shy.Karna was already cursed by two brahmins on two seperate occassions. But before leaving He asked the Brahmin(Arjun) ,only person who has the ability to break his bow was Arjun,so are you Arjun. But the Brahmin replied
    as No,becs he was instructed by Vidur not to reveal his indentity.IF Karna would have known that than fight would have continued.
    So, Karna couldhave but Arjuna have ,so you have to give the benifit of doubt to Arjuna’s superiority here.


    1. Its common knowledge that Karna respected brahmins. Remember when Indra came to take the kavach he too was disguised as a brahmin. Mahabharata record Krishna praising Karna saying that Karna is abiding by devtas and brahmins. Arjuna was disguised as a brahmin at the swayamvara hence Karna was not fighting to kill. According to kshatriya dharma killing a cow, a brahmin a woman is a sin.


  14. where was karna’s greatness when he killed abhimanyu together with seven other maharathis and full army? abhimanyu defeated all kaurav maharathis including karna in one to one battle. if vrishasen was a child so was abhimanyu.
    where will you keep abhimanyu in the list of great warriors who in the age of only sixteen defeated all maharathis so badly that they had to break all rules to kill him.


    1. Where was Arjuna’s greatness when they killed Bhishma, where Arjuna hid behind a transexual. Where was his greatness when they killed Drona, tricking him into dropping his weapons and meditating? Or when Krishna tricked Jarasandha into lowering his weapons and Arjuna killed him?
      Abhimanyu was killed unfairly, just as Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Shakuni, and Duryodhana were killed unfairly. To save their troops, both sides lied, cheated, and acted unethically.


  15. In Gujarati version, Karna had two sons, Vrisketu and Chandraketu. On the circular maze, Chandraketu dies by Abhimanyu using Kal jawr arrow. Vrisketu is thrown far away by Abhimanyu using vayoo arrow. When Vrisketu is thrown away, he lands by Hastinapur, where the servants bring him to Dhristrast. Vristketu had served the king well so he does not let him go back to the battle and this way Vristketu is saved.
    When, Pandavs find out that Karna was their elder brother they accept Vristketu and take care of him as their son. In Aswemeg parva, Vrisketu, accompanies Arjun on his quest to follow the horese.


  16. Shri Gandharva. The second half of my question is still unanswered. Does
    the Gujrati version mention any son or sons of Karna getting killed in battle ?

    best regards
    Niraj Sharma


  17. @niraj
    see karna had grandsons with him so his grandsons will do the last rites for his sons, and then have you every heard of a grand mother doing a last rite for a grand son, or an uncle doing last rites for his nephew(when his nephew got sons ) .
    so only it is like that


  18. Jai Shri Krishna.
    This is similiar to KMG mahabharata. Every event in mahabharata seems to have differant versions of the episode. KMG says Karna died instantly his head cut off. The Gujrati version says that Krishna interacted with Karna. Infact a temple in Surat is also mentioned to this effect.
    Coming to Karnas sons I could not find any mention of Karnas sons in the Gujrati version mentioned in this blog both on day 16 and day 17.
    Rajajis version also does not mention any son of Karna getting killed. Finally I leave it to Kunti. When Yudhishthira completed the last rites of all warriors and asked have I completed everybodies last rites. Kunti says no there is ONE more. Its Karna. This I feel gives me reason to believe that none of Karnas sons got killed otherwise Kunti would have said 2 more or 3 more or 5 more. After all the sons of Karna too are her grandsons and require last rites like Karna. I need more details on the Gujrati version to reach to a conclusion about the sons of Karna

    best regards


    1. Karna had nine sons (not acc. to Gujrati Version). Their names were:
      Sudaman- slayed in Panchaali Swayamvar
      Vrishasena- slain by Nakul in Kurukshetra War
      Shatrunjaya- slain by Arjuna in Drona Parva
      Dwipata- slain by Arjuna in Drona Parva
      Sushena/Bhanusena- slain by Bhima
      Susharma- slain by Nakul
      Satyasena- slain by Nakul
      Chitrasena- slain by Nakul (in some versions Prativindhya, Yudhistir’s son)
      Vrishaketu- last survivor, but dies in the battle of Ashwamedha Yagna organized by Yudhistir after MBH war, Arjuna commanded the forces. Slain by Babruvahana)

      I got this info from here:http://www.indiastudychannel.com/sites/243/Forum-5813-MARITAL-LIFE-OF-KARNA-DURYODHAN-AND-DUSSHASAN.aspx

      This is also given in Mrityunjaya book written by Shivaji Sawant on Karna’s life. The author had to research for 30 years to write the book. I highly recommend it.

      You can get the English version here: http://www.flipkart.com/mrityunjaya-death-conqueror-8171890024/p/itmdyu3gmrytbpqy


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