Greatest Mace Warrior of all time


5 thoughts on “Greatest Mace Warrior of all time

  1. 1st-Hanuman 2nd-Balram 3rd-Suyadhan, then comes Bheema. Actually Bheema is nothing in mace fighting infront of Suyadhan. Had he been not given the boon to have 10000 elephants power he would have been killed by Suyadhan at the first day. It is his strength which ultimately saved him from Suyadhan’s mace excellency. After all god was on the side of Pandavas. I am not on side of Suyadhan but I am just saying about his superior mace fighting excellency over Bheema.


    1. Jai Hari. I fully agree with mr prasad. Even bhima and duryodhana acknowledged Lord Balrams greatness and went for training under him. What makes Shri Balram a very unique personality is that in the entire mahabharata he is the only person who can confidently say that the kauravas and pandavas are equally dear to him. When Bhima hit the foul blow on duryodhanas thigh he repramanded bhima and was all set to punish him although bhima had a blood relation with him ( Kunti was a sister of Vasudeva Balramjis father ) and duryodhana was not related to him in any way. he was a man who valued principles more than relation ships.


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