Rate the Look & Feel of “Karna the Great” Blog


5 thoughts on “Rate the Look & Feel of “Karna the Great” Blog

  1. Karna is only one person who make “Digvijay” without any help from Duryodhan,Bhishmpitamah,Ashwadhaman and other kuru yodhas.
    it proves the Karnas greatness. Arjun make “Digvijay” with help of his 4 brothers.


  2. Hi Dhruv

    Let me just say thanks for creating this blog. It is great to be able to express our thoughts on Danveer Karna and the other great warriors of the past without having our morality questioned. I say this because I’m actually a fan of Duryodhan the greatest student of Lord Balram as well as Danveer Karna who is in my opinion perhaps the greatest warrior of all time (the other being Bhishma pitamah).



    1. @Prahalad
      Welcome 🙂
      Its a free world so I think everyone have right to share his view without offending someone with bad words.
      And its good to have some Suyodhana’s fan. I am also thinking to start a blog on Suyodhana.


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