Quiz on Mahabharata/Ramayana

We can ask questions on Mahabharata and Ramayana to share our knowledge. Please use comments section of the same. 





14 thoughts on “Quiz on Mahabharata/Ramayana

  1. What could be the exact date of Mahabharata? Many Indian scholars believe 3101 BC to be the year of Mahabharata war on the basis of planetary positions and the age of kaliyuga given in the puranas. Some historians also believe that Mahabharata war took place in the begining of 9th century BC on the basis of archaeological researches. I think that 9th century BC is more authentic date of Mahabharata war. Had Mahabharata happened before 1000 BC, Indra would have been the supreme god. But lord Vishnu is the supreme god in Mahabharata. So I think that Mahabharata war happened in brahmnical period(1000-600 BC). I would like to know what our blog friends think about this.


    1. Would you like to tell me about Karna’s wives?? Vrushali, Supriya n Ponvurini???
      how they meet? their family life, etc.
      Thank a lot =)


    1. King Bahlika.The badepapa of great Bhisma.
      He fought against pandavas in Kurukshetra war as he was defeated by Karna during digvijay yatra.

      Somdatta was his son & Bhurisravas the grandson.


      1. Nice knowledge man. You are the only one I have seen to answer this. All noobs say BHISMA is the eldest. And when I say abt Bahlika, they say there’s nothing mentioned about him in BR CHOPRA SERIAL. LOL 😛


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