History a mystery

Whether Mahabharata is actual history or only a myth is unknown.And if it’s actual history then there are lots of chances that winner of Mahabharata distorted the facts.And main reason of this doubt is that names of Kauravas are changed to show them in bad light.I think if someone is bad then you need not to change his/her name as his acts will define his characters.So it seems writer of Mahabharata purposely changed the name as well as characteristics of characters.
Please share what you think on this.

2 thoughts on “History a mystery

  1. In my opinion Mahabharata is a history and not a fiction. A fiction can not give so much detail. Mahabharata seems to be the history of later vedic era.

    It seems that descendants of pandavas have tried to glorify pandavas a bit but they have not changed the core of mahabharata. I don’t think that Vyasa was a biased person. Had Vyasa been a biased person, he would not have written about the merits of kaurava warriors. It is also true that some authers have also tried to glorify Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Duryodhana etc.

    I think that Arjuna defeating all kaurava warriors in virat yudh is an interpolation in Mahabharata. How could Arjuna alone defeat the whole kuru army ? Stories of Karna’s kavach-kundal, Bhima’s strength of ten thousand elephants, Bhishma’s iksha mrityu, Drona’s brahmadand, Ashwatthaman’s narayanastra and Duryodhana becoming invincible on 18th day also do not seem to be true. Mahabharata is an exaggerated account of a war. Figures have been exaggerated too much in mahabharata. How a person can absorb thousands of arrows ? All the duals were similar to the dual between Indra and Vritra and all the top warriors were able defeat even devas.


  2. Mahabharata is no doubt a true history. But I dont think that all the incidents reported have actually happened.

    I also agree with you that winners of mahabharat and their descendants changed the story a lot.

    I doubt because the performance of Karna is the most inconsistent. If we rate him based on his performance either on day 14 or day 15, then we cannot place him anywhere in the top 30. If we rate him based on the performance of day 16 or 17, he has to be in the top 3. How can there be so much of difference in just 2 days?

    If we compare the prowess of Pandavas and Kauravas, the might of Nakula and sahadeva is maintained somewhere between Duryodhana and Dushasana.
    That means all 99 brothers are inferior to the weakest of pandavas. How can this be so? Bhima and Arjuna are portrayed as though they can never be defeated and are superhuman.

    All pandava warriors are glorified as being capable of defeating everyone single handedly like Abhimanyu, Satyaki, Ghatotkacha, Bhima etc. I wonder why the war took 18 days and such a heavy loss on pandavas’ side.


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