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If you have any suggestions/articles for blog then please share the same. Email your articles on

And if you like to be a permanent Author for this blog then tell me in comment section.
And if you are interested to write as author on this blog as well as on TheKarna.Com then also let me know.



5 thoughts on “Suggestion/Articles for Blog

  1. Dear Dhruv,

    In all your blogs, the comments are oscillating from hardcore REALISTIC thoughts which are 100% based on so-called scientific proofs and rationale thinking to the fantasies, gueswworks and myths. this makes the blogging quiet divergent where bloggers tend to loose the topic of dicsussion. Hence, I suggest that we should hit the main cause of this disparity i.e. how far science is true as far as our past is concerned? do we have other branches of knowledge to put the things in right perspective? Why do we tend to brush aside the things we have never seen or believe in if our science does not have any proof in regard to their existence? Why do we always give scientific assessment so much of importance when we know that there are many a things which science is unable to answer? To summarise can we separate blog for converging science with other non-scietific knowledges which might help all os us understand many misunderstood things in our life.


  2. Dear Dhruv,

    The present page of the topic ‘greatest warrior…’ is taking too long to load now. Please create a second page of this topic. Thanks.


  3. I would like to make Karna’s fan fic after I improve my English (tenses).
    Thanks to make this blog, Dhruv. I can learning to make some English comments in here ˆ⌣ˆ


  4. Sorry out of topic.
    Hmm,, Actually I fell shame because my English bad, but I need your help guys..

    I want to read some Mahabharata n Karna life story. I want to read Mrityunjay, Yajnaseni, Yugandhar, Parva, comic The Sixth by Karan Vir, etc.
    Could you give me a hand, tell me a trustworthy on line books shop in India which sell those books in English version n can send it to Indonesia???

    My fight to get those books…

    First, I talk it with my friends n she said “Why don’t you go to India Embassy in Jakarta (Indonesia)? They glad if someone interesting about their culture. Maybe, they have those books in their library n you can borrow it. Or maybe they will give it for you, free.”
    So, I asked Google about India Embassy in Jakarta. And called them. A girl answer my phone n she can speak Indonesia °\(‾▿‾)/° but she advise my to visited Jawaharlal Nehru … (Institute, Foundation, Office *sorry I forget). I asked Google about Jawaharlal Nehru … in Jakarta. But that site is empty. I means there are no informations in that site except address n telephone number. I make a called again, a man answer n he can’t speak Indonesia. I think he was busy, so I end the call (⌣́_⌣̀”)

    Second, I tried to buy on line. So I opened But it’s too expensive. I mean, Mrityunjay more than US$ 200 n not include delivery/shipping cost from US to Indonesia!!! OMG… I will bankrupt ƪ‎​​‎​(-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)ʃ
    So, could you tell me a trustworthy online books shop in India? Because India is nearly to Indonesia than US. We are Asian ˆ ⌣ˆ Maybe, the delivery cost would be cheaper.

    Third, there are some India people go to Yogyakarta to studying. I think to make a friend with them. And maybe they will give me a hand and beg their family in India to send those books to me. And I can paid them with Rupiah (Rp) Indonesia currency \(^o^)/ I don’t need Rupee (Rs) or US$. But I don’t know how to start. I means, what I must say when I meet them. “Hi,, I’m Adisty. Would you like to help me buy some books? I will paid you, double. With Rp because you studying in Indonesia…” –I think is not good–

    Fourth, I must praying harder n read Holy Al-Quran everyday. Everything is possible for God.
    O My Lord, My God, My Grace, My Almighty, Allah SWT اَللّهُ please heard my wish. Give my opportunity to have n read those books, before those books are out of printed or not printed again. Everything is possible for God. So, please give me Your miracle (or credit card, ƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑƗƚɑ ) before Mayan doom day 21 Dec 2012. Amen.

    Actually, I have a money to buy those books. But cash. I don’t have credit card because I don’t like to buy something with credit. You see the collapse economic of US n Europe today? One of the main reasons is because credit card. But we must have a credit card to buy something on line.
    I think I must consulting with some Indonesian Bank. Or borrow my friend’s credit card.

    A fight to read some Karna books which written by some India Marathi.

    Why Gramedia only translated n printed Palace of Illusion. Why they not translated n printed Mrityunjay, Yajnaseni, Parva, etc (̾˘̶̀̾̾ ̯˘̶́̾ ̾̾̾’̾̾)̾

    So guys, please tell me trustworthy online India books shop who sell those books in English version. Maybe, they sell those books cheaper than

    ‎​° • · ♥·♡ ΤНÄИΚ ЧÖÜ ♥·♡ · • °
    -(ˆ▽ˆ)/ -(ˆ▽ˆ)- \(ˆ▽ˆ)-

    The books I want to read:


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