Glorification of Relatives of Pandavs

There are high chances that actual history if any is there not written in Mahabharata. As already mentioned in , and why I am reiterating on same is because when I look at Mahabharta all I can see is glorification of relatives of Pandvas. From Yudi, Arjuna, Bheema, Bheesma and even Karna because he was related to them. Even names of Kurus were changed from Su to Du. This clearly shows that how history is changed as changing name from Su to Du already make everyone think in negative side. May be Suyodhana was right king and righteous heir but he lost the war so he lost his true identity. May be Karna was an ordinary charioteer of Suyodhana but after end of war Pandavas come to know true identity of Karna and they glorified him. I could be right or could be wrong but its a reasonable doubt.


9 thoughts on “Glorification of Relatives of Pandavs

  1. MB is story of Pandavas hence their glorification. Karna’s character is portrayed in incomplete, unfair & very confusing manner. There r sudden appearances & disappearances of Karna during many mentions. Karna won kings of whole India for Duryo. This achievmnt of his mentioned in just one section but four Pandavas military expedition in single region each have been detailed in full 15 pages. Nobody questions Pandavas marrying single lady or participating in dice game or Yudi’s staking brothers & wife or Arjun killing innocent forest dwellers or Draupadi & Pandavas insulting Karna for his caste…..all these facts of MB confirm MB is Pandavas centric if nt glorifying them.

    Pages & pages hv bn devoted to detail Pandavas convsersations with rishis, brahmins etc & travelling movements but not to detail their cousins & half-brother Karna’s life & families. In fact there is huge discrepancy of 27 names of Kauravas between English & Sanskrit versions.


  2. All this because of people who are publishing their version of Mahabharat are actually biased.

    I think the electronic media is really showing Characters of Mahabharat in bad light. The Mahabharat show that is being broadcast on Star Plus is written by some idiot. It shows some events which are not there in actual Mahabharat written by Sage Vyas.

    Duryodhan is showed as out n out negative . Karna is shown jealous . Ashwatthama a villain , Dhritarashtra a stupid autocrat , Pandavas are shown as impolite and rude.

    It really pains to see warriors like Arjuna , Ashwatthama , Karna , Duryodhan and Drona are shown in bad light.


  3. (1)Then those princes–Karna, Duryodhana, Salwa, Salya, Aswatthaman, Kratha, Sunitha, Vakra, the ruler of Kalinga and Banga, Pandya, Paundra, the ruler of Videha, the chief of the Yavanas, and many other sons and grandsons of kings,–sovereigns of territories with eyes like lotus-petals,–one after another began to exhibit prowess for (winning) that maiden of unrivalled beauty. Adorned with crowns, garlands, bracelets, and other ornaments, endued with mighty arms, possessed of prowess and vigour and bursting with strength and energy, those princes could not, even in imagination, string that bow of extraordinary stiffness.
    “And (some amongst) those kings in exerting with swelling lips each according to his strength, education, skill, and energy,–to string that bow, were tossed on the ground and lay perfectly motionless for some time. Their strength spent and their crowns and garlands loosened from their persons, they began to pant for breath and their ambition of winning that fair maiden was cooled. Tossed by that tough bow, and their garlands and bracelets and other ornaments disordered, they began to utter exclamations of woe. And that assemblage of monarchs, their hope of obtaining Krishna gone, looked sad and woeful. And beholding the plight of those monarchs,
    In the above it can read clearly,
    after the failure of all the monarchs , karna took participation. And also karna has been addressed as prince , karna was always addressed as Suta’s son.

    (2) Who can encounter Karna, the son of Radha, in fight, except Rama or Drona, or Kiriti, the son of Pandu? Who also can encounter Duryodhana in battle except Krishna, the son of Devaki, and Kripa, the son of Saradwan? Who also can overthrow in battle Salya, that first of mighty warriors, except the hero Valadeva or Vrikodara, the
    p. 380
    son of Pandu, or the heroic Duryodhana? Let us, therefore, desist from this fight with the Brahmanas. Indeed, Brahmanas, however offending, should yet be ever protected. And first let us ascertain who these are; for after we have done that we may cheerfully fight with them.’

    if karna had indeed failed, such comments wont be passed.

    (3) ‘Then there arose a confused murmur amongst the spectators approving of Duryodhana’s speech. The sun, however, went down, but prince Duryodhana taking Karna’s hand led him out of the arena lighted with countless lamps. And, O king, the Pandavas also, accompanied by Drona and Kripa and Bhishma, returned to their abodes. And the people, too, came away, some naming Arjuna, some Karna, and some Duryodhana (as the victor of the day). And Kunti, recognising her son in Karna by the various auspicious marks on his person and beholding him installed in the sovereignty of Anga, was from motherly affection, very pleased. And Duryodhana, O monarch, having obtained Karna (in this way), banished his fears arising out of Arjuna’s proficiency in arms. And the heroic Karna, accomplished in arms, began to gratify Duryodhana by sweet speeches, while Yudhishthira was impressed with the belief that there was no warrior on earth like unto Karna.'”

    you yourself rates Yudi as a Maharathi.


  4. Dear anand you mean to say karna failed to lift the string the bow like everyone else.

    but what will you say about these. Here two jarashandha’s were also present at draupadi swayamavar.

    the name karna was a common name of our olden days.

    “Dhrishtadyumna said, ‘Duryodhana, Durvisaha, Durmukha and Dushpradharshana, Vivinsati, Vikarna, Saha, and Duhsasana; Yuyutsu and Vayuvega and Bhimavegarava; Ugrayudha, Valaki, Kanakayu, and Virochana, Sukundala, Chitrasena, Suvarcha, and Kanakadhwaja; Nandaka, and Vahusali, and Tuhunda, and Vikata; these, O sister, and many other mighty sons of Dhritarashtra–all heroes–accompanied by Karna, have come for thy hand. Innumerable other illustrious monarchs all bulls among Kshatriyas–have also come for thee. Sakuni, Sauvala, Vrisaka, and Vrihadvala,–these sons of the king Gandhara–have also come. Foremost of all wielders of weapons–the illustrious Aswatthaman and Bhoja, adorned with every ornament have also come for thee. Vrihanta, Manimana, Dandadhara, Sahadeva, Jayatsena, Meghasandhi, Virata with his two sons Sankha and Uttara, Vardhakshemi, Susarma, Senavindu, Suketu with his two sons Sunama and Suvarcha, Suchitra, Sukumara, Vrika, Satyadhriti, Suryadhwaja, Rochamana, Nila, Chitrayudha, Agsuman, Chekitana, the mighty Sreniman, Chandrasena the mighty son of Samudrasena, Jarasandha, Vidanda, and Danda–the
    p. 373
    father and son, Paundraka, Vasudeva, Bhagadatta endued with great energy, Kalinga, Tamralipta, the king of Pattana, the mighty car-warrior Salya, the king of Madra, with his son, the heroic Rukmangada, Rukmaratha, Somadatta of the Kuru race with his three sons, all mighty chariot-fighters and heroes, viz., Bhuri, Bhurisrava, and Sala, Sudakshina, Kamvoja of the Puru race, Vrihadvala, Sushena, Sivi, the son of Usinara, Patcharanihanta, the king of Karusha, Sankarshana (Valadeva), Vasudeva (Krishna) the mighty son of Rukmini, Samva, Charudeshna, the son of Pradyumna with Gada, Akrura, Satyaki, the high-souled Uddhava, Kritavarman, the son of Hridika, Prithu, Viprithu, Viduratha, Kanka, Sanku with Gaveshana, Asavaha, Aniruddha, Samika, Sarimejaya, the heroic Vatapi Jhilli Pindaraka, the powerful Usinara, all these of the Vrishni race, Bhagiratha, Vrihatkshatra, Jayadratha the son of Sindhu, Vrihadratha, Valhika, the mighty charioteer Srutayu, Uluka, Kaitava, Chitrangada and Suvangada, the highly intelligent Vatsaraja, the king of Kosala, Sisupala and the powerful Jarasandha, these and many other great kings–all Kshatriyas celebrated throughout the world–have come, O blessed one, for thee. Endued with prowess, these will shoot the mark. And thou shalt choose him for thy husband who amongst these will shoot the mark.'”


  5. Regarding changing the name of Suyodhana……

    Both Suyodhana and Duyodhana names come in Mahabharata. Yudi, Bhima, Arjuna….all have many names that come alternatively in Mahabharata. The word Duryodhana doesn’t have any negative meaning.


  6. I too believe that Duryodhana was the righteous heir of the kingdom and one of the great administrators that India ever had. Pandavas had also done some mistakes. They were not pure like butter. But these allegations on pandavas and specially Arjuna and Krishna seem to be too harsh. Arjuna recaptured the kuru territories from naga tribe. Burning the jungle to build a city was a normal phenomenon in those days. Most of the cities have been build by burning and cutting jungles. Why blame Arjuna and pandavas only ? Blame Dhritarastra and kurus who gave a jungle area to Yudi.

    Victors may try to change the History in their favor but they can not change much of it. Had it been possible then we would have never been able to know about the atrocities done by mughals and other victorious tribes.

    Vyasa glorified both kauravas and pandavas in Mahabharata. For him all the kings and warriors were equal to Indra in might and glory. Yudi was not the real grand son of Vyasa but Duryodhana was.


  7. I agree with you on Duryodhana but beg to differ on Karna. Even I believe Duryodhana as the righteous heir of the kingdom and an apt administrator. After he lost the war, Pandavas inserted some stories to show Yudhistira as the legal heir.

    Duryodhana attempted Laksha Gruha but Pandavas also had a similar mentality. Before escaping from laksha palace, they burnt a woman with her 5 children. They were innocents and guests. This puts Duryodhana superior to Pandavas in cruelty as he never injured his guests.

    Another instance is Khandava vana burning where we see Arjuna and Krishna mercilessly killing all the birds and animals of that forest to appease the hunger of so called fire God. There were many birds that tried hard to escape from it but Arjuna did not allow any one of them to escape. We all find fault with Aswathama who killed panchalas and mathsyas on 18th night but even he killed only his foes but Pandavas exterminated khandava forest in dwellers for constructing their city.

    Regarding Karna, I don’t think that he is a pandava. That story also seems to be created by Pandava well wishers to dissuade Karna from fighting for Duryodhana. But it did not work but the story continued. I think Karna was born to some surya vamshi kshatriya/sun god but not to Kunti. I don’t see any glorification of Karna. All that I see is only his image being tarnished. A mother cannot be so much indifferent to her son. Kunti never felt for karna throughout her life. So, it seems that she along with Krishna, Vyasa and Bhishma conspired the theory and revealed it to Karna.


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