Parashurama and Bhishma

Parashurama and Bhishma, two of the greatest warriors of the epics, shared an interesting history together as guru and student. Bhishma was a Kuru prince, and Parashurama instructed him in the martial arts as a boy. Their conflict began years later, with the beautiful princess Amba. Along with her sisters Ambika and Ambalika, princess Amba had been abducted by Bhishma in a misunderstanding between two kingdoms. Now, with her honor tainted, no man would take her for bride, and she was condemned to remain destitute. Bhishma himself was unable to marry due to his bhishana pratigya, or vow of celibacy, and allegiance to Hastinapur. Amba then sought the help of Parashurama to kill Bhishma.

Taking pity on her plight, the avatar agreed to fight his former student on her behalf. The battle lasted twenty-three days, by the end of which, both warriors were bloodied and filled with arrows. Bhishma had knowledge of the divine deadly weapon Prashwapa, which had the power to put a foe to sleep, and of which Parashurama was unaware. When he was about to use the celestial weaponry, all Gods rushed to Bhishma and asked him to hold his hand, as it would humiliate his guru. Out of respect, Bhishma acquiesced.

Pitrs then appeared and obstructed the chariot of Parashurama, forbidding him from fighting any longer. The spirit of Parashurama’s father, Jamadagni and his grandfather, Rucheeka, spoke to him:

O son, never again engage in battle with Bhishma or any other Kshatriya. Heroism and courage in battle are the qualities of a Kshatriya, and study of the Vedas and the practice of austerities are the wealth of the Brahmans. Previously you took up weapons to protect the Brahmans, but this is not the case now. Let this battle with Bhishma be your last. O son of the Bhrigu race, it is not possible to defeat Bhishma.
—Mahabharata 188:5

In the end, the Gods showered praise on Bhishma, and he sought the blessing of Parashurama as his guru. The avatar then acknowledged that his former student was truly invincible, telling Amba:

Using even the very best of weapons I have not been able to obtain any advantage over Bhishma, that foremost of all wielders of weapons! I have exerted now to the best of my power and might. Seek the protection of Bhishma himself, thou hast no other refuge now.
—Mahabharata 189:1

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45 thoughts on “Parashurama and Bhishma

  1. yeh kya ho raha hai bhai, ghora aur Ghaas milke kare timepass.

    guys look here is , sachin in the company of a Krishna devotee. if you have to do that , why did you indulge in Krishna hate speeches.

    unique character display indeed.

    dear one among many son of Bharat desh,

    i read one of your post where you mentioned studying books dating back to 12 century BC.

    if you like discuss those in thise forum ie the greatest warrior of all time ,

    than many doubts regarding KMG book will be somewhat sorted .

    you will find like minded person in sanjay also.

    but i have a strong suspicion .

    sachout bhai, i doubt sachin and son of bharat desh are two separate person. their writing pattern is almost the same.

    and none of the post relates to the theme of the blog.

    if my doubt is correct than sachin will have a very very busy time debating with all of us as two separate individual.


    1. I guarantee you that I am not sachin. I accidentally posted a comment on karna in this page which I didn’t realize until mr. Rock replied since then the discussions are going on. You are right comments are not related to the article, so will stop responding on this thread.


      1. Dear Son of Bharat Desh…. I request you to post your comments on the other category of this blog viz. “Greatest Warrior of All Time” , which is the hottest discussion blog of this website & where you will get many funny bloggers with their funny comments…. You will be having lots of fun on hearing their comments….

        @ Smarty,

        Smarty, I dont need to hide my identity to deal with you guys….. You can be rest assured that i am not posting as Son of Bharat Desh….


    2. Smarty,

      Sachin can never……… And I mean never……. Say that he is a Krishna devotee.

      So rest assured son of bharat desh is not sachin


        1. Hello rock
          I will join the other group over the weekend we will continue the discussion over there I don’t want to spoil the purpose of this page


  2. @ The Rock,

    Your statement-“R u trying to say that Arjun won that fight?”

    My ans- No, I am trying to say that Bhills attack was not a war But it was an act of Dacoity only…..

    Just like bhima killing 23 Brothers of Duryo during Bhishma’s commandership, does not prove that Bhima defeated Bhishma 23 times, similalry, Bhills killing or kidnapping Yadava women does not prove that Arjun was defeated there….

    Had Bhills fought a head-on battlefield war with Arjun & had they injured injured/killed Arjun or made Arjun run away from battlefield, then only it would have been termed as a defeat for Arjun…. But none of such things happen in that Dacoity attack….

    So Bhills dacoity attack was not even a proper war, so how does the question of win or defeat come here ??


  3. @ The Rock,

    Your funny posts are the culprits which make me laugh, so why are you blaming me ?? Blame yourself for my laugh…..

    Your statement-“I punctured your definition of defeat. U didn’t reply to that post , okay?”

    My ans- WHAAAAAAAAT…. ?? When did this happen ?? I can Smell that the Rock is lying here…. Can you give me your “that” Punctured Post again….

    Your statement-“Smarty have given this logic: Sonia Gandhi with Indian army soldiers (assume she is pm) , some naksalis come and kidnap her and go off. CNN and BBC will report Indian soldiers won they did not retreat. They were brave.”

    My ans- Childish example…. firstly those were Yadava women & not Sonia Gandhi or Yudhishthir, whose protection was of utmost priority for Arjun….

    Secondly, by this rubbish logic of yours, during Mb war, Protection of each warrior of kaurava’s side was the duty of commander Bhishma(& then Drona & then Karna), but still Bhima killed some 23 brothers of Duryo during Bhishma’s commandership, so does it prove that Bhishma got defeated 23 times by Bhima ?? Childish logic… Grow up Rocky….

    And Arjun vs Bhills was not at all a war, but it was an act of Dacoity, where the Dacoits came & looted whatever they could in a short time & then ran away but still Arjun saved half of the people’s lives….. And the fact is that none of the dacoits could even touch Arjun(leave alone harming him) & Arjun did not back off from that war, but it was the Bhills who ultimately RAN AWAY from Arjun….. So this no way classifies as a defeat for Arjun…..

    Anymore childish claims Rocky ??

    Dont claim anything rubbish in your HAWA-MAHAL, otherwise you will be forced to eat your own words…..


    1. Mr. Rock. you are saying i didn’t prove anything … what did you prove so far … instead of passing some baseless comments … i didn’t see any proof from you … before asking me for proofs … you show me something concrete.

      You lack of knowledge is shown one more time … you are saying people in dwapara yuga were physically more capable from kali yuga … dwaparayuga ended the day war started. So age factor showing on arjun after that is completely sensible statement, you just need some common sense to understand it ….


      1. Hello, imho kaliyuga started the moment Krishna died.
        Arjun was originally of dwapar yuga and not kaliyuga

        And dwapar yuga people were physically capable . Proof: those warriors fought with relative ease even when hundreds of arrows were struck in their bodies. Karna continued fighting when arrows were struck in his forehead.

        If this is not physical capability , then what is it? U won’t find such people in kaliyug

        Arjun attacked karna, bhurisravas, jayadrath etc. from behind


        R u trying to say that Arjun won that fight?


        1. can you provide some proof to your baseless arguments that arjuna attacked karna and jayadrath from behind … i know he did attack bhurisravas from behind on command of sri krishna. and if you understand the concept guru, sishya. you will realize why arjuna did that, because according to bharat khans rules and sashtras if you accept some one as your guru your guru’s wish will be your command. i am sure you will not accept or understand this concept … because the hero you admired cheated one guru and ill treated another guru (drona), so i am not surprised if you say something against it.

          and kaliyuga entered on the day the war begun … it is just that dharmaraja didn’t allowed kali to take over and later parikshit object kali again to take over … and your claim that arjuna attacked karna and JAYADRATH from behind is the most ridiculous comment i have heard so far … you really ROCK (in a negative way) MR.ROCK.

          Certain words that you use are not inline with Bharath culture and tradition standards … if great people leave this world then that should be termed as “they left the body” … here in your comment you mentioned it is “when krishna died”, but it should be said as ” when krishna left his body”. Please consider this as a suggestion .. and not as a blame or complaint.


    2. People who lived long and participated in mahabharat war

      king “Bhurishravas” … yes he lived long life, i agree but do you know the full story of this king, he hated “sini” very much because he had to face defeat in this and so he did tapasya for mahadev and when he came in front of him he asked mahadev to give him strength to kill sini and mahadev said he is dead already then he asks boon to kill sini son who also died and then he asks for boon to kill sini grandson and mahadev said he cannot grant that but he gave him boon to defeat satyaki .. grandson of sini. he had to live to fulfill this boon .

      Bhagadatta he is son of narakasura a demon so it doesn’t make any sense to compare his life span with that of a human.


      1. i missed a line here … bhurishravas was son of somadatta it is him who did penance to mahadev and because of that boon he was blessed with a son(bhurishravas) who can vanquish satyaki in a battle. i will provide proof for this little later. from office i cannot open certain sites


  4. @sobd

    First , u remember bahlika ? He didn’t have any boon nor,was the best warrior. Yet he fought and survived. For quite a period

    I assumed u haven’t read,Mb because u don’t know about nishad family.

    What shud I think of this?

    Arjun was an opportunist and attacked everyone from behind. Not karna

    U haven’t countered any statement of mine

    U haven’t proved your virat war claim, u haven’t proved that karna attacked abhimanyu from behind, u don’t even know the niahad family


    First do something about your textual,asthma.

    your hyena giggles would be much impressive then

    I punctured your definition of defeat. U didn’t reply to that post , okay?

    So don’t live in your hot air balloon world.

    Smarty have given this logic: Sonia Gandhi with Indian army soldiers (assume she is pm) , some naksalis come and kidnap her and go off. CNN and BBC will report Indian soldiers won they did not retreat. They were brave.

    Similarly Arjun won? Uhuhuh


  5. Sobd statement-He is as useless as your comment

    The Rock says- oh yeah? Then what are nakul and sahdev?

    By this comment u r actually showing your woes u have against him .


  6. This just doesn’t feel right. parshwapastra was an astra to make people sleep? in battle, I don’t know if its in line with dharma to force someone to sleep. It seems that using this stupid ‘sleep’ spell, arjuna later won the Virat war.

    Parashuram himself had given away all his weapons and their knowledge to Mr.Dronacharya , so this battle is basically parashuram without all his divine knowledge and weapons, and yet bhishma was only able to win the war by putting his master to sleep!


    1. Sir, Arjuna didn’t use this weapon to win a war. He had used it to end it. Arjuna used virat war to show virat war to show dhuryodhana and his brothers what will happen if they opt for war. So he defeats each and every warrior on kaurava side. Once he achieves what he wants, he uses this weapon to end the war.

      Regarding your other doubt whether it is legal or not using this weapon. It is absolutely legal if you use this weapon just to make the opponent unconscious for sometime. No one is supposed to use it to capture or kill the opponent. If it is illegal bhishma or Arjuna would have never used it.


        1. Mr. Smarty,

          That was very smart … this blog is about mahabharat heroes and not about some stupid computer games … so i was talking about ‘Arjuna’ of mahabharata.


          1. i was talking about computer programmes , games i never mentioned . anyway why do you have to changed profile to post your views.

            everything appears stupid for a person who have less interest on that particular subject,

            Mahabharata appears stupid to many , i hate romantic movies i call them stupid.

            but all these are successful in there respective areas.


      1. Sobd statement-Arjuna used virat war to show virat war to show dhuryodhana and his brothers what will happen if they opt for war

        The Rock says- oh yeah??

        Give lines from Mb to prove this claim of yours..


    1. Oooohhh,SOBD

      Yes it was such a good joke I was rolling on the floor laughing.

      By your statement u appear to be a karna hater and hence by default consider pandav to be gods.

      Let me remind u that ur pandavas deliberately killed a nishad family, jst to protect there own lives while getting out of lakshagriha.

      My views are further supported by the fact that in brc,mahabharat nishads were shown to be partner in crime to purochan and in star plus Mb, they weren’t even shown.

      Hence tv shows have saved the pandavas imgs.


      1. There is nothing great about karna to hate him. He is as useless as your comment. We don’t need brc to save IMG of pandavas, Sri Krishna was on their side because they always had clean image


      2. I don’t judge events based on saas bahu vali serials. I read books and from 12th – 14th centuries if you go to some old libraries you will find and if you can read and understand read Sanskrit versions of Mahabharata. Don’t tell people stories from serials nishads story was created by some karna supporters like you who need some reason to blame pandavas, because they don’t see anything great by their hero.


        1. So r u claiming that u have travelled to 12 or 14 century ?

          What if I give the lines and prove it by them the true deed of pandava?

          I will b using kng translation, if that is okay.


          1. MR. Rock,

            i thought you are a grown up .. but with this comment i realized that you are kid we don’t have travel in to centuries for reading books. if you read my comment properly i mentioned that “i read books from 12 – 14 centuries and also i mentioned if you visit some old libraries”, For your sake i am explaining it further, i mean to say that i read books written by poets and authors from 12th – 14th century, and the reason behind it is that beyond this point muslim rule in india has grown stronger and they started to destroy some of hindu literature. especially ancient ones. and if you read history of india. British introduced christian missionary education in 1813 and by 1820 it has become stronger and to make even stronger they have funded some authors and changed truth that was in our epic’s. So i don’t trust any version of our Epic’s beyond 14th century. I hope i made you understand what i mean by comment.

            and if you think it is need to travel to 12 – 14 century for reading book of that time … i suggest you to start saving your pocket money so that you can buy Time Machine.


        2. So u r saying that there is not even a strory ……ok not story…. Mention of nishad family in Mb?

          If your answer is yes then applaud from my side


          1. i don’t believe your story of nishab. with dharmaraj around no one dare to do such act. and dharmaja will never accept killing innocent people to save his life. if you understand dharmaja character properly you will realize it by yourself.

            and i am sorry i don’t need applaud from you, because i am supporting good and righteous characters, and i feel it is my responsibility.


      1. I am not sachin. And ego is found only in karna and his hardcore fans. It is not found in Krishna and his followers.


        1. Ha..ha…ha… What a reply dear Son of Bharat Desh….!! You truely are the Son of Bharat Desh, because you value the characters of MB on whom we Indians should be proud of & you very well differentiated between the fake warriors(like Karna) & the real warriors(like Arjun)……

          I would invite to join the other discussion of this blog i.e. “Greatest Warrior of All Time” where more interesting discussions are going on & we need True Sons of Bharat Desh like you there as well….


          1. Also sachin let me remind u that real warriors don not seek reasons to run away and do not lose to people like babruvahan and also to decoits


            1. true mr. rock, they will only loose to kids like abhimanyu will attack them from behind in fear of death. and they also run away from battles.


              1. yes, true warriors cut off arms from behind and attack from behind, and prove that karna attacked abhimanyu behind, in whole mb it was arjun who used to attack from behind and not karna. and true warriors first go to fight a battle and seeing a astra chicken out and run away with an excuse.

                sorry sobd looks like u havent read mb that is y u do not remember nishads and arjun;s oppurtunist character


            2. if you referring to arjuna… arjuna lost to decoits was true but his age was 128 and was near to the age of death. He doesn’t have a boon that bheeshma got from his father(iccha maran). And yes he lost to babruvahana as a result of curse from vases. but if you notice the difference arjuna accepted these truths and lived in the path of good until he died. he didn’t showed them as reasons for taking side of adharm. That is the difference between 2 warriors and that is exactly the reason why arjuna was loved by krishna and why karna had to face insults, defeats and finally death.


            3. Rocky, you are again Talking in air….. Prove from KMG that Arjun lost to babruvahan and to decoits or dont talk in air….


              1. still not satisfied? how many times would i have to spoonfeed u the passages
                @sobd age was not a factor bhishm and drona and bahlika fought kurukshetra with ease


                1. @Rock this only shows how good you are in ignoring the facts. Age does matter for human beings bheeshma had boon of icha maran and could maintain his because of his oath to protect hasthinapur. Drona was 93 or 96 when he fought in the war who knows what would have happened 30 years later.

                  and regarding your other comment i would like to have more clarity about your opportunist comment on arjuna … i would also like to know how intelligent you really are in understanding events of mahabharata. You also mentioned that i didn’t read mahabharata … if i really didn’t i wouldn’t have stayed on countering your baseless and common sense less comments …

                  Sorry to be critical in the last sentence but you assuming that you are only one who knows mahabharat prompted me to say that.


                2. Spoon feeding…?? Ha..ha…ha…ha…. Look who is talking…. Rocky, i hope you remember that it was you who was needed to be spoon fed with the standard definition of DEFEAT, which you had never read before in your textbooks…..

                  And none of your passages which you posted shows that Arjun got defeated by Dacoits or by Babruvahan….. Also, you havent been able to prove that arjun backed off from an ACTIVE battle….
                  So stop talking in HAWA-MAHAL(again)…..


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