Religion or Science

Image As I learn more about Science I tend to move away from religion. Religious text are very wrong about our natural world like Earth/Sun and Universe so if these books have no clue about our natural world then how we can accept the same to understand Supernatural powers like God.

Also one another question arises
Is there any God or its just a delusion, a man made concept or just God of Gaps.

Also what about Evolution vs Creationism?
Evolution is widely accepted now and almost 100% Scientist back it. On the other hand Creationism is universal in all religions.


3 thoughts on “Religion or Science

  1. Science keeps discovering, re-discovering its own thesis and findings. So in fact science itself is evolving and is not conclusive.

    You need to specify what all do you include in religious books. Through the history of mankind the most suffered aspect are the original languages and their vocabulory. So the undersatnding and definition of religious books is important. Religions also keep evolving like science because there are more concerned with lifestyles of certain times.


  2. Religious text are very wrong about our natural world like Earth/Sun and Universe. Can you provide example to support this statement if have read a book on Indian astronomy and it has many things that are close to facts on sun, earth & universe. Also what is your motto behind writing such an article I don’t see anything useful in it, looks like the intention is to confuse people. If you check the facts there were many cases where science was also wrong.


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