Abusive language in comments 

Please stop using abusive language and personal attack on each other. You all are mature enough to discuss differences in civilized manners. 
This is last warning. Violators will be banned and all comments will be deleted.


2 thoughts on “Abusive language in comments 

  1. Sachin goes vulgar again his post – Gandharvas didnt allow Duryo & co. to enter inside their territory, AND KICKED THE BUTT OF KURUS & CAPTURED DURYO…… And still Dhritrashtra/Bhishma could not avenge this act of Gandharvas ……
    He can also use the phrases like lost boys ghughu Prasad. If some lady is watching this post – kick the butt would look offensive. Your warning has effect only on me not on Sachin.


  2. Sri Dhruv Mr. Sachin made this personal attack on me Miyaan, Thodi to sharm karo, kuch bhi bakwaas karte ho….

    This qualifies as a personal attack. Remember big wars don’t start with atom bombs outright. It starts with elementary cross fire on the border. As per your above commitment kind act accordingly.


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