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Bheema’s Dharma and Yudhisthir’s Dharma

In the latter part of Agyatvas. Kitchaka proposed draupadi for marriage and she refused it. So Kichaka brought her to the palace of Virat and he insulted Draupadi in front of whole assembly. Bhima intentionally gets up with rage to save Draupadi. But Yudhisthir forced him to sit down. Then kitchaka leaves draupadi after insulting her.

In above incident ,Yudhisthir seems very intelligent while Bhima seems angry.

According to politics Yudhisthir was Right, But according to Vedas Yudhisthir was wrong. Because “To Save his wife’s dignity from others” Is One of the main principles of Vedas. Vedas tells us that every Husband should save his wife in any difficult condition. Husband must sacrifice his Body, Mind and Money if necessary to save the dignity of his wife. But Yudhisthir didn’t take any action to save draupadi

If Bhima had killed Kitchak with the permission of Yudhisthir then Pandavs identity will be revealed. And then they have to go for vanavas again. Otherwise draupadi might have to lose her dignity

So Yuddisthira had two choices

1] Save draupadi and accept vanavas again

2]Be seated, watch draupadi getting insulted and get his Kingdom back after the completion of agyatvas.

From which, Yudhisthir choose the second choice. Yudhisthir remained silent for all time. He didn’t do anything to save Draupadi. Yudhisthira had already made every Pandava to pursue for vanavas, just for following his dharma. It means that Yudhisthir was ready to pursue vanavas for his dharma, But he was not ready to pursue vanavas for protecting his wife(Protecting one’s wife is also dharma). While on the other hand Bhima was ready to take vanavas again for draupadi.

This incidence is not about Intelligence of Bhima. It is about Love of Bhima for Draupadi. Bhima never loves his enemies But he always loves his friends , brothers , mother and wife. And he was ready to take any risk for them. This thought is very important for Indians. That we have to love our people and we should keep our mind away from loving or caring for enemies. Because if we love or care for our enemies, they will harm us even more. For example when Jayadratha was caught trying to kidnap  draupadi, bhima wanted to kill him but  yuddithira cared for him and let him go. But what happened in the end, Jayadratha was the main reason for the death of abhimanyu. Abhimanyu would have been saved if jayadratha was killed in the first time itself. So loving friends and family helps us but loving or caring the enemies will harms us.

 Written By,

Tejas Umbrajkar.


Bhima vs Hidamb part 2

Hidambsur keeps on asking for immortality and weapon to conquer Vishnu and Shiv. Devi Mataji knows that Hidabmsur is evil and does not give him anything. Now, Mataji saw that Pandavs were also in the jungle so she thought that let me bring them here somehow and they can defeat Hidambsur. Since, Hidambsur is praying to me, I cannot kill him, but Pandavs will.
One day, when Hidambsur is praying, Devi Mataji appears before him.
Mataji – You have worshipped me and I am happy. What would you like?
Hidambsur – Mataji, make me ammar, and give me your trishul which will help me conquer the three worlds.
Mataji – In order for me to give you my trishul and make you ammar, bring me people who have 32 laxans ( qualities ).
Hidambsur – Where can I find such people, who have 32 laxans?
Mataji – By the lake, there is a hut. Inside the hut, there are five men and one woman.
They all have 32 laxans, and one of them has ( Bhim )36 laxans. Bring all of them here and I will do what is best for you.
Hidambsur – I will bring all of them here. Than I will be ammar and ruler of three worlds.
Saying this Hidambsur left the temple. Hidambsur used his magic to fly and soon came by the lake, where he saw the hut. At that time, Bhim was with Hidamba. Since it was a night-time, everyone were sleeping. Hidambsur came closer and saw this so he grew in size and took the hut in his palm. Than Hidambsur flew on top of the mountain with the hut. Hidambsur placed the hut inside a castle and placed guards all around it. Hidambsur also used a mantra to make the mountain slippery so no one can climb it. Hidambsur looked inside the hut and saw that there were four men and one woman so he knew that one of them is missing. Hidambsur sent his Rakshases all over to find the missing man, but since Bhim was in Hidamba’s mansion, they could not find him.
Next day, Bhim came by the hut to take his brothers and mother, but found the hut gone.
Bhim looked for his family all over the forrest but could not find them anywhere. Bhim sent his Rakasases all over the jungle but they were not able to discover his family. Bhim was very sad and told Hidamba about this incident. Hidamba knew that this act was performed by her brother but did not tell Bhim.
Hidamba – Nath, we do not know what happened to them. Maybe another Raksas took them and ate them. There is nothing we can do now so let us just live as family. You have me, the jungle, servants and Ghatotkach. Otherwise let us go to Hastinapur with our Rakasas army and together we can fight your cousins, the Kauravs and get your kingdoms back.
Bhim – No, I can fight them on my own, but without my mother and brothers what use do I have for kingdoms. I cannot live now. We have searched for them all over but cannot find them anywhere. Now I wish to take agni samathi. Ghatotkach, prepare a fire, I will enter it and die.
Ghatotkach prepared a fire for Bhim. Hidamba took Ghatotkach and went inside the mansion. Bhim started to pray before entering the fire.
Ghatotkach – Mother, father is going to take agni samathi. What are you doing here? Why are you not stopping him?
Hidamba – You are a child and you will not understand. He is probably just pretending. Your kakas and Dadi are taken by your Mama who will sacrifice them to Chatrisvari Devi Mata. From Devi Mata, your mama will get great boon which will help him defeat everyone and he shall rule the universe. Your Mama will make you a great King. For your good I am not saying anything.
Ghatotkach grew big and grabbed Hidamba with one hand and with the other hand he took a sword. Ghatotkach brought Hidamba where Bhim was praying and getting ready to take agni samathi.
Ghatotkach – Father, instead of finding my kakas and dadi why are you taking agni samathi? My mother knows where they are so let us ask her. I do not want to be a king, I want my family. Both side of the family are important but once married than the husband’s family becomes more important.

Bhim – Son, you are great. You have helped me and given me wisdom. Let us all work together and find them. Hidamba, tell me where is my family?
Hidamba – Nath, even though you are a great warrior, I don’t think you can defeat my brother. He is very powerful and now he will get great weapons and boons from Mataji.
Bhim – I do not care if I die, but I want to find my brothers and mother.
Ghatotkach – If my mama is powerful, let me come also and I will do what I can to help.
All three of them got ready and started walking towards Makanio mountain. The mountain was 12 guas tall and Hidamb had placed a mantra on it. Bhim tried to climb it but slipped.
Bhim – Hidamba, how do I climb this mountain?
Hidamba – My brother has placed a mantra on it and no one can climb it. My brother can leap and get on the mountain, that’s how powerful he is.
Hidamba enlarged herself becoming very tall. Her hair also grew very long. Hidamba by magic made her hair go up the mountain and wrapped around a boulder. Ghatotkach grabbed Hidamba’s hair and started climbing the mountain. Bhim also followed his son. Both of them landed on top of the mountain. Ghatotkach grabbed Hidamba’s hair when he got up the mountain.
Ghatotkach – Father, one of us must watch over my mother. She might still warn her brother. You stay here, while I will go and fight against my Mama.
Bhim – No, son, let me go and fight against him. You are still too young.
Bhim left and saw Mataji’s temple. Bhim went inside and bowed to Devi Mataji. Mataji appeared before Bhim.
Mataji – Your mother and brothers are here. Your brother in law has brought them here. Hidamb keeps on asking me to make him ammar and my trishul to conquer three worlds. But, if I give anything to him, he will perform adharm that’s why I have brought you here. Go in that castle and meet your mother and brothers. Than come back here and help me destroy Hidamb.
Bhim saw the Vajra castle and jumped to get inside. There, Bhim saw his mother and brothers. They hugged Bhim and were glad to see him.

Bhim vs Hidamb part 1

All the Pandavs except Bhim were very tired and could not even walk further in the jungle. Seeing this, Bhim carried his mother and brother and kept on walking deeper in the jungle. Bhim walked over 125 guas carrying everyone on his shoulders. Finally, Bhim stopped and rested. The Pandavs were burned in many places so the flies started to get on their bodies all over.
Bhim got up and uprooted some trees. By breaking their branches, Bhim built a hut, where all the Pandavs finally rested inside. Bhim also covered the roof and doorway with long leaves. After taking some rest, Bhim went outside and brought fruit, roots and water using leaves.
Shadev brought medicine leaves and used them to heal everyone. The Pandavs prayed to Baghwan and lived a normal life for six months. Everyday, Bhim would go out and bring fruits and roots for food. One day, Bhim saw that fruits were low in the jungle so he went deeper into the jungle. As he went deeper, he saw huge quantity of many new kinds of fruits.
Bhim started to climb trees and gathered fruits. In this jungle, there were Rakshases and they saw Bhim taking fruits. The Rakshases gathered and came where Bhim was.
They were surprised that this man is not running like other men. The Rakshases started to scream and came closer to Bhim, but Bhim just stood there.
Rakshas – Who are you? How dare you enter our jungle? Your death is here to get you.
Bhim – I have not taken anything from any of you. All I have taken is fruits from the trees for food.
Rakshas – Don’t you know that you have entered the Hidamba Jungle. Our Queen is the mighty Hidamba and she owns this jungle. You are a thief for stealing our fruits.
Bhim – I am not afraid of death and I will fight all of you.
All the Rakshases discussed and thought that let us take him to our queen and let her decide his punishment.
Rakshas – Come, we will take you to our Queen.
Bhim – Why? All of you want to kill me. All of you can try, but none of you will be successful.
Rakshas – No, just meet our Queen.

All the Rakshases gathered around Bhim and they all started walking. Along the way, if Bhim saw any fruits that he liked, he would take it and eat it. The Rakshases saw this but didn’t say anything thinking that he will run away.
Hidamba is sitting on a swing tied to a great tree outside in the garden. The Rakshases told her about bringing a man. Everyone looked down, but Bhim kept on looking at Hidamba.
Hidamba – Why are you looking at me like that? Whatever I ask you, answer me.
Bhim – Ask and I will answer.
Hidamba – Where did you come from?
Bhim – Outside of this jungle.
Hidamba – What nagar are you from? Who is your Mother and Father?
Bhim – You are a woman, I am a man. First, you answer me. Are you married or single?
Hidamba – I am not married.
Bhim – I am willing to marry you.
Hidamba – Control your tongue. I would not even keep you as a servant.
Bhim – I am not afraid, I can defeat you and your Rakshases.
Hidamba – Listen, if you want to marry me, show me your strength. Push my swing and if you are strong, I will consider.
Bhim – Why don’t you invite me to sit with you on the swing. Than I will do what you say.
Hidamba – You dare say that. Even my Raksases are afraid of me. Come and sit on the swing and I will swing it with such a force that you will beg to get off.
Bhim sits on the swing hard and it breaks. Hidamba by magic creates another swing and sits on it. Bhim goes on the back of the swing and swings it very slowly.
Hidamba – Is that all you can do? I thought that you were stronger/
Bhim – Get ready.
Bhim pushes the strength with such a force that Hidamba is thrown up in the sky.When Hidamba is coming down, almost unconscious, Bhim jumps and grabs her.
Hidamba – Swami, now I know how strong you are. I accept you as my husband.
Naradji appeared saying Narayan. Bhim and Hidamba bowed to him. Naradji got both of them married and left. Hidamba and other Rakshases brought many types of food for Bhim to dine.
Hidamba – You are my lord. My body, mind and this jungle are yours.

Hidamba – Swami, please tell me where are you from? Who is your Mother and Father? Do you have any family?
Bhim – I am a Kshtria and Hastinapur is my Desh. I have four brothers and a mother who was a Queen. My father Pandu was a King. We have quarrels with our cousins, Kauravs and they tricked us in a blazing mansion. We survived and came to your jungle. My mother and brothers are not too far away from here and for them I came to get fruits.
Hidamba – Why don’t you bring your family here?
Bhim – I will ask them, but now let me take some of this bhojan and give it to them.
Bhim and some of the Rakshases carried bhojan to the hut. Kunti and the other Pandavs sees this.
Kunti – Bhim, I was worried about you. Who are they?
Bhim – I have made some friends and they brought bhojan for everyone.
Everyone eats the bhojans.
Bhim – If I don’t come than my friends here will come and bring you bhojan so do not worry.
Kunti – Where did you get this bhojan, here in the jungle?
Shadev – ( laughing ) Today is a special day for Bhim?
Bhim thought that Shadev might tell them so he showed him an angry face. Soon they all departed. Everyday, Bhim would go in the jungle and spend time with Hidamba, than come back with bhojan for his family. After few days, Hidamba became pregnant.
Hidamba used magic and gave birth to a son in ten days. The son was very strong and handsome. ( In Gujarati version, Ghatotkach is shown as very handsome, not fat and bald. )
Bhim named him Ghatotakach because of the shiny body. Ghatotakach was able to grow big and small by using magic. Bhim still didn’t tell his brothers or mother that he was married and had a son.
Deeper in the jungle, there is a great mountain named Makhaniyo. On this mountain lives Hidambsur, brother of Hidamba. He is very powerful and rules the other part of the jungle. On top of the mountain, there is a Chtrisveri DeviMata’s temple. Hidambsur
prays to her all the time and makes sacrifices.

Intelligence of Bhima

All these facts and extracts are from K M Ganguli mahabharat

Intelligence of Bhima” is a very controversial Topic. Many people think that Bhima as silly and angry warrior in Mahabharat Let us talk about Bhima’s intelligence.
At the time of the princes graduation tournament of Kauravas and Pandavas. Karna interfered in the tournament and excelled arjuna by accomplishing all the feats done by arjuna in a better way, then karna challenges Arjun for a fight. Actually Karna is stronger than arjuna at that incident. So, avoiding the fight between Karna and Arjuna is a very improtant thing for the well wishers of arjuna. Drona tries to avoid the fight by saying that, “Arjuna is a prince but Karna is not a king and So, he can’t fight with arjun”. But Duryodhana donates Anga to Karna and then Karna becomes the king of anga. So finally the fight was about to start & then Karna’s father Adhiratha comes there for giving his blessings to Karna. After this incident, Bhima understood that Karna is son of Adhirath (who is a charioteer). Then Bhima says that, “Son of a charioteer cannot fight with a prince ”. Nobody notices this thing except Bhima. And finally fight is avoided and arjuna was saved indirectly by bhima. This incident tells how intelligent Bhima was . He realizes the current situation and succesfully saved Arjun using his intelligence.

At the time of the Wax palace incident. Bhima gave drinks to six beggars. The reason for giving drinks to beggars is that bhima had planned to escape from wax palace.

After drinking all six beggers went to sleep. Then Bhima kills Purochana because he did many bad deeds. Finally Bhima sets fire to the wax palace. Then One lady begger & her 5 sons died in that incident. Then Bhima escapes from wax palace with Kunti & remaining Pandavas. Six people were killed in wax palace. Hence, Duryodhana thinks that Pandavas & Kunti were killed in that fire accident. That’s what Bhima actually wants. So Duryodhana stops his further attempts to search and kill the Pandavas.

You people may think that Bhima was very cruel that’s why he killed that 6 beggars
“See, Many soldiers were always killed in a war to save their king. To save our leaders many soldiers were killed in 1962 for Nehru during war of             India-china.  Also many soldiers were killed in 2nd world war to save Sir Winston Churchill. It means that to save respected personalities we have to sacrifice the lives of ordinary personalities. That’s what Bhima had actually done. Life of Kunti & Pandavas is definitely more important than life of beggars right”
After escaping from the wax palace, Bhima lifts all his brothers and mother single handedly and runs into jungle with so much weight in his shoulders. Finally Bhima stops, to bring water.Then He brings water to Kunti and others. All pandavas including “Undefeatble Arjun” and “Clever Yudhisthir” were taking rest in this critical situation, but “Silly and Angry Bhima” is the one who gave protection to everyone. Then he kills Hidimba even after the fatigue he had undergone . Actually Bhima needs rest but he didn’t take rest even for a single moment because he has to protect his mother and brothers. This is what real heroes would do.

See, how intelligently Bhima plans and executes everything but still we are calling him “silly and angry”

At the time of Draupadi Swayamvar. All the kings have started to fight against Arjuna. Arjuna didn’t know what should he must do at that moment. Even Yudhisthir remained in his seat. Arjun needed help at that time, but Yudhisthir didn’t realize that.

Bhima realizes Arjun’s difficulty & he starts fighting against all kings by taking one tree in his hand. Bhima uses that tree as a mace. Arjun saw Bhima’s might & then he also starts fighting fiercely. Finally all kings are defeated by both the brothers.

See how intelligently Bhima realizes everything and he always helps Arjuna in difficult situations. Upto Draupadi Swayamvar incident Arjuna was always saved by Bhima. After that during kurushetra and several other occasions Krishna always comes and saves Arjuna. It means that Bhima is very intelligent & an important person in Mahabharat.

At the time of Draupadi Vastraharan, Only Bhima tried to avoid the dice game, but Arjun and Yudhisthira were opposing him from the beginning . Both of them took the dice game as challenge against Duryodhana. It is written in vedas that “Playing with dice is bad thing”. Even Yudhisthir once said, ‘Deceitful gambling is sinful. There is no Kshatriya prowess in it. There is certainly no morality in it.’

And still “clever Yudhisthira” was playing the dice game and ” valiant Arjuna” was blindly supporting him. Bhima is the only person who was opposing that game.

Actually Bhima’s act is perfect according to vedas and Yudhisthira’s ideals, Still we are calling Bhima as “silly and angry”. And we are supporting Yudhisthir’s act of playing the dice game and betting their common wife .

What Krishna said at Vana Parva is , “I would have prevented the game from taking place, by showing its many evils. And if those who wait at his court, professing to be his friends but in reality his foes, had supported him, then I would have slain them all, along with those gamblers”

That is what bhima tried to do.He tried to avoid game and finally warns Yudhisthir by saying that “Sahadeva bring some fire”. And also takes a vow to drink the blood of dussasana

See how many similarities between Bhima’s thinking and Krishna’s thinking, Still Bhima is called “silly and angry ”.


At the time of of Draupadi Vastraharan, Bhima said,’Shall I, O king, slay, without loss of time all these foes assembled together, even here, or shall I destroy them, O Bharata, by the roots, outside this palace? Or, what need is there of words or of command? I shall slay all these even now, and rule thou the whole earth, O king, without a rival.’ But Yudhisthir and Arjun opposed him.

Many of you think that the words said by Bhima are not proper and the act of Yudhisthira and Arjuna is the corrent one . But actually Bhima’s thinking is good even at this inciden .

If Bhima starts fighting against kauravas only Duryodhana, Dusshasan, Karna and Shakuni …etc will stand for fight, Because all other warriors were not supporting Duryodhana’s act and so Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, Ashwathama may not interfere in the fight. But if they interfere then they will support the Pandavas side, because all of them were opposing Duryodhan’s act. If Bhima and remaining Pandavas start fighting they will easily tackle Duryodhan, Dusshasan and Shakuni….etc but only Karna can be a Challenge to them. But logically all pandavas can unitedly defeat single Karna, and also some other warriors may support pandavas in this fight

Pandavas will win that war because, they have done some great acheivements like
1] Bhima and Arjuna have already defeated all kings at Draupadi Swayamvar.
2] Bhima had already killed many Rakshasa’s like Bakasur,Hidimb etc.
3] Bhima had already killed jarasandha.
4]Bhima had already defeated Karna once in Digvijay.
5]Bhima had already distroy complete army of Nagas.
But Duryodhana have not done any great achievements like pandavas. So it is quite obvious that united Pandavas will dominate the Duryodhan and his Allies.

At Udhyog Parva Krishna said to Yudhisthir ‘ While the match at dice was in progress, the wretched Dussasana of most wicked soul, seizing that weeping lady by the hair dragged princess Draupadi, Duryodhana repeatedly called her-cow, cow! Restrained by thee, thy brothers of terrible prowess, bound also by the bonds of virtue, did nothing to avenge it. O grinder of foes, even censure is death. Death is even many times better than a life of blame.’

It means Krishna also supports act of Bhima indirectly. Even Hastinapur could have been won by killing a few persons at that incident. Instead of having a huge massacre of killing 40 lakh soldiers to win back hastinapur in kurushetra. Many warriors like Drona, Bhishma, Shalya etc were also killed in the war, this also could have been avoided if bhima was allowed to fight at draupadi vastraharan. Finally if bhima killed the kauravas at draupadi vastraharan many lives which were killed in kurushetra could have been avoided and the wives and children of the warriors who fought in kurushetra would not have become widows and orphans

So, Bhima’s thinking was right in this incident also. These warriors and their families would have been saved if Yudhisthira didn’t stop Bhima at this incident

Mahatma Gandhi was quiet when pakistan and india was spilt up after independence and the result is that even today we are fighting for some issue against Pakistan, this fighting will go on forever and ever. The paskistan issue is quite a small problem for us now. One day Pakistan will wage a nuclear war against us we might have to do a heavy sacrifice to win that war but if we wage a war against Pakistan(for the Mumbai terror attacks ) in the current situation we may win it with a small military casualities. Our country is always patient because we are taking Yudhisthira and Mahatma Gandhi as our Idol and treating Bhima as only “Silly and Angry ” warrior

In 1947 many Hindu womens were raped by Pakistan people, still we were begging for peace to Pakistan. So, we should fight for the insult given to our women. But we forgot the words of lord Krishna and we also forgot the “warrior feelings” of mighty Bhima and we remain unmoved like Yudhisthira . That’s the reason for those 10 terrorists to attacks Mumbai and kill 200 people.

Think guys ,Is it fair to forget the words of Krishna and the warrior feelings of bhima ?

But still we are telling that Bhima is “silly and angry ” ,
Are we doing the right thing


In vana parva Bhima tried to encourage Yudhisthir and to prepare him for war by saying, “What do we gain by living in the asylum of ascetics, thus deprived of virtue, pleasure, and profit? It is not by virtue, nor by honesty, nor by might, but by unfair dice, that our kingdom hath been snatched by Duryodhana.O king, in the woods, like that of any wild animal, is what a man of weakness alone would submit to. Surely, no man of might would ever lead such a life. This thy course of life is approved neither by Krishna, nor Vibhatsu, nor by Abhimanyu, nor by the Srinjayas, nor by myself, nor by the sons of Madri. Afflicted with the vows, thy cry is Religion! Religion! Hast thou from despair been deprived of thy manliness? Cowards alone, unable to win back their prosperity, cherish despair, which is fruitless and destructive of one’s purposes. This, O king, grieveth me more than death in battle. If we all die in fair fight without turning our backs on the foe, even that would be better than this exile, for then we should obtain regions of bliss in the other world. Or, if, O bull of the Bharata race, having slain them all, we acquire the entire earth, that would be prosperity worth the trial. Our kingdom wrested from us, if we engage in battle, our deeds when known to the world will procure for us fame and not slander. And that virtue, O king, which tortureth one’s own self and friends, is really no virtue.O son of Kunti, as thou art powerful, grind thou with thy might thy weak enemies, like Indra grinding the Asuras; and snatch thou from Dhritarashtra’s son the prosperity he enjoyeth. There is no mortal that can bear the touch of the shafts furnished with the feathers of the vulture and resembling snakes of virulent poison, that would be shot from the Gandiva. And, O Bharata, there is not a warrior, nor an elephant, nor a horse, that is able to bear the impetus of my mace when I am angry in battle. Why, O son of Kunti, should we not wrest our kingdom from the foe, fighting with the aid of the Srinjayas and Kaikeyas, and the bull of the Vrishni race? Why, O king, should we not succeed in wresting the (sovereignty of the) earth that is now in the hands of the foe, if, aided by a large force, we do but strive? There is no virtue higher than fighting, for every Kshatriya!”

Bhima tried to tell Yudhisthira about what is written in scriptures, but Yudhisthira didn’t understand it because Yudhisthira is not ready for war.

Yudhisthir replies, “O thou of mighty arms, it is even so as thou hast said. But, O thou foremost of speakers, listen now to another word I say. Whatever sinful deeds, O Bhima, one seeketh to achieve, depending on his courage alone, become always a source of pain. But, O thou of mighty arms, whatever is begun with deliberation, with well-directed prowess, with all appliances, and much previous thought, is seen to succeed. The gods themselves favour such designs. Hear from me something about what, proud of thy might, O Bhima, and led away by thy restlessness, thou thinkest should be immediately begun. Bhurisravas, Sala, the mighty Jarasandha, Bhishma, Drona, Karna, the mighty son of Drona, Dhritarashtra’s sons–Duryodhana and others–so difficult of being vanquished, are all accomplished in arms and ever ready for battle with us.”

This reply of yuddisthra indirectly shows that he is afraid of the kaurvas and especially karna was his worst nightmare(this information was told by yuddi many times ). Many of you think that Yudhisthira was right and Bhima’s was thinking in wrong in this incident

But actually same thing is told by Krishna to Arjun in Geeta.
[ adhyay 3, phrase no 4th and 5th].

After Bhima’s suggestion Krishna himself comes there and says, “O king, so unstable and waiting at present on the foe, I shall restore to thee, depriving thy foe of his very life. I shall, O chief of the Kurus, assisted by Rama and Bhima and Arjuna and the twins and Akrura and Gada and Shamva and Pradyumna and Ahuka and the heroic Dhrishtadyumna and the son of Sisupala, slay in battle in course of a day Duryodhana and Karna and Dussasana and Suvala’s son and all others who may fight against us. And thou shalt, O Bharata, living at Hastinapura along with thy brothers, and snatching from Dhritarashtra’s party the prosperity they are enjoying, rule this earth.”
But Yudhisthira didn’t agree to what Krishna said

Bhima’s thinking is matching with Krishna’s thinking here too


In the vana parva Jatasura comes to pandavas in Brahmana attire and stays there for a few days . When jatasura was in this disguise every one completely believed him including yuddisthira . Indeed Yudhisthir was trying to keep jatasura happy by doing all the necessary services to him. Yudhisthir didn’t realize that jatasura is an asura and he is not a true Brahmana. Finally one day Jatasura kidnapped Yudhisthir, Draupadi, Sahadeva and Nakul , then he tried to flee but he was caught in the middle by bheema and bheema says these words

“I had ere this found thee out for a wicked wight from thy scrutiny of our weapons; but as I had no apprehension of thee, so I had not slain thee at that time. Thou wert in the disguise of a Brahmana–nor didst thou say anything harsh unto us. And thou didst take delight in pleasing us. And thou also didst not do us wrong. And, furthermore, thou wert our guest. How could I, therefore, slay thee, who wert thus innocent of offence, and who wert in the disguise of a Brahmana? He that knowing such a one to be even a Rakshasa, slayeth him, goes to hell. Further, thou canst not be killed before the time cometh”

So, this means that bheema was the only person who learnt the true identity of jatasura at the first time itself but he didn’t kill because of the following reasons

1) He was in the attire of a brahmana
2) He was a guest
3) He didn’t do any harm to them( at the first time )

After telling these reasons bhima fights with jatasura .In that fight bhima with his superhuman strength killed jatasura and saved yuddithira, draupadi, nakul and sahadev

Here again we come to know Bhima’s Intelligence because he realized the truth before everyone and he is capable to taking the right decision too.


At the time of Ghosh-yatra incidence….Kauravs and Karna went in Jungle to meet Pandavs. But actually there intention was not good. They planned to meet Pandavs  to show them Power and Money. Real intension of Duryodhan is to make Pandavs jealous of his power and money. But it is fortunate for Pandavs ,that Kauravs wadge war against Gandharvs and they lost that war. Karna saved himself, but other were cought by Gandharvs. Finally  Kaurav soldiers askes help to Yudhisthir.

Then Bhima says,”It is very fortunate that our enemies are vanished by third party. Our work is done by Gandharvs ,so they are now our friends. Even Duryodhan comes here to make us jealous of his Money and Power , So he didn’t deserves our help. No need to help enemies (Kauravs) by fighting against friends (Gandharvs).”

But as usual Yudhisthir and Arjun forced Bhima for war. Then Pandavs wadge war against Gandharvs and defeat them. Pandavs rescue Duryodhan and his brothers from Gandharvs.

After completion of Vana- vas and Agyat- vas of Pandavs , Duryodhan didn’t gave back Indraprastha to Pandavs. For that Yudhisthir wadge war against Kauravs. Pandavs won this war, but they have to sacrifice with lives of nearly 40 lakhs soldiers , lives of great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkach etc.

This big loss of Kurukshetra can be stopped . If at Ghoshyatra incidence, Yudhisthir follows Bhima’s instuctions, then Kauravs will be eliminate by Gandharvs there only . So Yudhisthir will get back Hastinapur long before the Kurukshetra and without any war too.

Bhima was following, one simple logic during this incidence. That logic is “Our Enemy’s enemy,  is our Friend”. Duryodhan always hated Pandavs and considered them as enemy. So Bhima also consider, Kauravs as enemies. During Ghoshyatra, Gandharvs becomes enemy of Kauravs . So according to Bhima’s logic, Gandharvs are friend of Pandavs. Bhima don’t want to break friends  (Gandharvs) by wadging war against them, for saving enemies (Kauravs).

But Yudhisthir didn’t understood this simple logic and leaves simple chance to stop final battle of Kurukshetra.

Even nowdays we forget Bhima’s logic . We forget that, our enemy’s enemy is our friend.

In 1962 China wadge war against India. China was communist country, While USA was against communism. So USA was enemy of China in 1962. According to Bhima’s logic USA can be our friend in 1962. And Great thing is that, USA also was ready to supply weapons to India, without any cost. It means USA was following “Enemy’s enemy is our friend”. But unfortunately India forgets this simple logic and India declines help offered by USA. India was waiting for help of Russia. But Russia was also communist country at that time, so Russia didn’t helped India. And finally India lost that battle because they declines help of USA.

India declines help of USA because we forget Bhima and his intelligence.

This is very serious loss for us and for our country too.


After Ghoshyatra incidence … One day Jayadrath kidnapped Draupadi and ran away from Pandavs. Pandavs realizes the situation and then Yudhisthir ordered Bhima-Arjun to cought Jayadrath. Bhima-Arjun defeats all army of Jayadrath . Then defeated Jayadrath leaves Draupadi, and ran away from Pandavs to save himself. Bhima also went behind Jayadrath and finally cought him. When Bhima prepares himself to kill Jayadrath, Arjun comes at that spot and…..Then

Arjun said, “Don’t kill him!!!  Yudhisthir didn’t ordered to kill this wicked-soul. Let us take him to Yudhisthir.”

Bhima replied, “Oh!!!…… you silly Arjun and your big brother are always ready to stop me, while I am doing some good job”

Bhima replied again, “What you will achive ,after saving this wicked-soul (Jayadrath) from me ?…….That Yudhisthir will definitely leave this Jayadrath …So, Let me finish this wicked-soul now here !!! ”

Arjun replied, “No Bhima….Don’t kill him….Let us take him to Yudhisthir….Yudhisthir will decide his future!!!”

Finally as usual, Jayadrath was taken to Yudhisthir and Yudhisthir leaves him.

Yudhisthir forgets one simple principle…that is, “Don’t leave enemy, without giving him punishment. Otherwise that enemy will definately try to harm you afterwards”

According to Vedas, Jayadrath only deserves punishment of death. But Yudhisthir leaves him alive. Yudhisthir forgets simple principle which is shown above.

Then, that Jayadrath becomes main reason in death of Abhimanyu. Even Arjun’s life come in denger because of that Jayadrath . Shree Krishna himself broke the rules to kill that Jayadrath only. And finally that wicked-soul got killed by Arjun. It means Yudhisthir made big mistake by leaving Jayadrath. Because finally Jayadrath got killed only, but he made big damage to Pandavs before death. As usual Yudhisthir made big mistake only because, he neglects Bhima and his thoughts.

Even Prithviraj Chauhan leaves Md.Ghauri after defeating him 21 times. But in 22nd battle Md.Ghauri defeats Prithviraj and this time Ghauri didn’t leave Prithviraj. It means Prithviraj suffers badly only because, he leaves his enemy alive. Similarly Abhimanyu got killed only because, Yudhisthir leaves Jayadrath alive.

Now only Pakistan attacks on India in 1947,1965,1971 and 1999. But every time we leave Pakistan, after achiving victory. If India lose against Pakistan in future, then they may behave like Ghauri or Jayadrath. It is possible that Pakistan will not leave India, if they won against India.

Still, we are behaving like Yudhisthir and forgetting Bhima. Are we doing right??


In the final stage of agyatvas. Kitchaka proposed to draupadi for marriage but draupadi refused him by saying that she is married to a gandharva, but kitchka continued to trouble her. Draupadi even threatened kitchaka by saying that her gandharva husband might kill him if they found kitchaka troubling her but still kitchaka kept on troubling draupadi. Then he even insulted Draupadi in front of whole assembly. Draupadi was scared of kitchak, so she asked bhima to help her. If bhima kills kitchaka in public then his identity will be revealed and pandavas will be sent to vanavas again. So bhima devised a master plan by which he can save draupadi from kitchaka without revealing his identity.

Bhima said to draupadi , “Go to kitchaka and talk to him casually, ask him to meet you privately at the Dance class tonight. I will be hiding there and I will kill him, when he arrives at dance class. And also make sure that nobody notices your conversation with kitchaka ”

Draupadi had done everything according to bhima’s plan. Finally Kitchak arrives at the dance class, and Bhima was already hiding there. Bhima grabs kitchak like a lion grabbing a deer and kills him in brutal way. Bhima intentionally kills kitchak in a brutal way, so that everybody will think that the murder was done by the gandharva husband of draupadi for taking revenge of draupadi’s insult.

On the next day, kitchaka was found dead and everybody thought that the murder was done by gandharva, until now everything was working according to bhima’s plan. But then kitchak’s Brothers caught draupadi and they were trying to push her into the pyre of kitchak’s body. Draupadi started crying and was asking for help to everyone. But nobody was ready to save draupadi. Bhima heard this sound and he realized the situation. Then Bhima dressed himself like a gandherva and he jumped out from kitchen’s window. Bhima climbs on a tall tree and he tries to locate Draupadi. When he find out draupadi’s location, he quickly runs towards her. Finally bhima reached. When the brothers of kitchak saw bhima in the guise of a gandherva , They thought that this gandharva must have killed their brother and so they jointly attacked bhima. Bhima pulls out out one big tree  and starts fighting against them. Finally bhima killed all the brothers of kitchaka and saved draupadi again.

This is how bhima saved draupadi without disclosing his identity. This incident is a very good sign of his intelligence.



Tejas Umbrajkar

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Additional Incident

Here is an incident from the teachings of Swami Vivekanada glorifying Bhima

Once a poor brahmin came to Yudhishthira. He was poverty stricken. He asked Yudhishthira to help him by providing food to his family and helping him. Yudhishthira already had a hectic day in his court at Indraprastha and was very tired. He told the brahmin. Brother come after 2 or 3 days I will see how can I help you. The disappointed brahmin went away. On the way Bhima saw him and asked him what is the matter. The brahmin told Bhima his story and his meeting with Yudhishthira. Bhima smiled and took the brahming to the palace gates and picked up a drum and started beating the drum and shouted my brother is greater than GOD he is the new master of the universe. Yudhishthira came out and saw what Bhima was doing. Being a devotee of GOD Yudhi got angry with Bhima and said what are you shouting how can I be superior to GOD ? Bhima replied. Brother you have conquered death and death is your slave. Doesnt that make you superior ? Yudhishthira asked. How can you say that I have conquered death. Death can come to me or for that matter anyone any time. Bhima replied. Brother You told this brahmin to come after 2-3 days.
This means you know your life span and since you have commanded death not to come to you within the next 2-3 days you have postponed the oppurtunity to help this poor person. Infact you have also mastered his death so that he cannot die and death will remain at his service also at your command so that when it will come only after he has taken your help and enjoyed the full benefit of your help which you intend to give him. Yudhishthira realised his mistake and marvelled at Bhimas hidden way to teach him a lesson that dont postpone oppurtunity to do good deeds who knows you may not get an oppurtunity to do them becoz of lifes unpredictibility. Yudhishthira immediatly helpled the brahmin and thanked Bhima for opening his eyes.