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Draupadi Swayamver part 11

Drupad Raja left to prepare for the marriage, after making sure that these were Pandav brothers. Ladies sang and danced by the Swayamver hall. The Pandavs came accompanied by Kuntiji, Krishna, Balram, Bhisma, Dorna, Kripa, Vidur, Ashwattama, Kubhar family and Yadavs. They were all greeted by Drupad Raja. Marriage ceremony was performed by both kul gurus, Dornik and Kripa acharya.
First, Draupadi married Yudhisteer, then she went in the fire and came out, purified. ( Because, Draupadi had appeared from fire, it wouldn’t harm her ) Then Draupadi married Bhim and went in the fire again to reappear to marry Arjun. This way Draupadi married all the Pandav brothers. Pandavs and Draupadi bowed to all the elders to receive their blessings. After the marriage, everyone had bhojan.
When everything was over, Drupad Raja gave many villages to the Pandavs as Kariavar. Drupad Raja gave thousand servants and two Akshoni army to the Pandavs.
Drupad Raja – ( to Kunti ) If I have not given anything, please let me know.
Kunti – No, you have given us many things, we do not want any more.
Drupad Raja – ( to Pandavs ) If I have not given anything, please let me know and ask.
Yudhisteer, Arjun, Shadev and Nakul – No, Father, you have given us lots of things. We do not want anything more.
Bhim – Father, I do not want anything else. Just give me this divya mace. That is all I want.
Drupad Raja – That is all you want. You are a strong warrior that have lifted that mace. That mace was given to my grandfather, who was strong just like you, by the Devas. None of us can lift it so it has just been left alone for long time. I am glad that I have finally found a warrior that can lift that mace but you must defeat the great Jai Mangal elephant to get that mace. Jai Mangal elephant has been untamed and none dare to approach it.
Bhim – Father, show me where that elephant is and I will tame it.
Druapad Raja – We will take you to a fort, where Jai Mangal is locked inside. No one can go in, our servants throw food from the top of the fort.
Everyone followed Bhim to the fort and climbed outside to see Bhim fight the elephant. Jai Mangal was just like Bhim, much stronger than other elephants and was undefeatable. Bhim climbed the fort and jumped inside. Jai Mangal rushed at Bhim to kill him but Bhim stopped the elephant using his great strength. Bhim pushed the elephant back and jumped on it. Feeling the weight, Jai Mangal struggled to throw Bhim down, but Bhim was very strong and was able to keep the elephant under his control. The elephant ran all over, but Bhim was able to sit on it and was not thrown down despite all the struggles.
The elephant was finally tamed and Bhim brought it outside the fort.
Drupad Raja – You have lifted the mighty mace and tamed the great elephant that none of us could perform. Both of them are yours to take.
Bhim – Father, I thank you for that.
Now that the marriage was over, everyone were about to leave. Drupad Raja gave gifts to all the Kings, Princes, and Warriors. The Rishies did not accept anything but left giving Drupad blessings. Krishna did not receive any gifts, which made Bhim upset.
Drupad Raja – Son, please do not be upset with me. I have found out that Krishna is the great Lord Laksminath. How can I give him gift of wealth, when he is the owner of all? Because of him, I was able to give gifts to everyone. I know that I did not possess all this wealth, but he has helped me and I was able to perform all this due to him and Vyassji.
Bhim was satisfied after hearing this. Everyone had left after receiving gifts. Krishna and Balram with Yadavs also left for Dwarks. Pandavs with two Akshoni with all the Satya men also started to march toward Hastinapur. The staya men were the first to travel toward Hastinapur, followed by Pandavs.
In this version, the Pandavs lived by Khandav forrest. After Bhim had been poisoned, Pandavs had left Hastinapur and lived in one of the nagar near Khandav forest. The Satya men went towards Hastinapur, while Pandavs went toward the Nagar near Khandav forrest.
The spies brought all the news to Duryodone about all this. After the Swayamver, Duryodone and the rest had started to march toward Hastinapur very slowly. Along the way, there came a passage between hills. Duryodone saw that a person must pass through these hills in order to get on the other side. The passage was many guas long and can even hold an entire army in between.
Duryodone – Mama, Pandavs must pass through this passage in order to get to their nagar.
Sakuni – Duryodone, why don’t we surprise them here and kidnap Draupadi from them.
Let the satya men go first, otherwise they will interfere taking Pandavs’ side. After that we will surprise attack the Pandavs once they enter this passage and defeat them.
Duryodone – Karna vira, once the Pandav army has entered this passage, you can block it on one side. I will be on the other side and we will defeat and destroy them. Take half of the army and hide in the jungle, block the passage once they all enter it. I will be waiting on the other side with the other half of the army. Baghdatta, Shuserma, Jaidrath, Sakunimama and Bhuriserva will stay with me.
Duryodone created this battle formation to trap Pandavs. They all lay hidden and let the Satya men pass through without interference. After this they all divided into two groups and waited for Pandavs to enter the passage.
Pandav army was marching slowly with Bhim sitting on Jai Mangal elephant on the front. The army was about to enter the passage, when Bhim sensed danger.
Bhim – ( to the army ) get the weapons ready. Something tells me that we are going to have a battle.
Kuntiji – Bhim, what are you saying?
Bhim – Mother, we are not on a Yatra. We are traveling to our Nagar and can be attack along the way. Let us all get ready.
Yudhisteer – Mother, let Bhim handle this. All the time, he has been sensing danger and we are alive because of that. The one that is awake can live, while the one that is sleeping will be slain.
Bhim created a formation, placing himself in the front.

Draupadi Swayamver part 10

At the time when the fish fell in the water, Duryodone and all his men got up with weapons in hand. They all started to walk toward Draupadi inorder to kidnap her. Dharm Raj Yudhisteer has held one of Bhim’s hand tightly so Bhim will not do anything, but Bhim thought that if I don’t get up, these men will kidnap Arjun’s wife. Bhim freed himself from Yudhisteer’s grip and ran by the pool. Bhim stood infront of the Kaurav kumars.
Duryodone – Mama, that is Bhim that is blocking our path.
Sakuni – Let us get out of here for safety.
All of a sudden Bhim saw Burisrava, Jaidrath, Baghdatta and Shusarma trying coming closer to Draupadi from behind. Bhim ran and caught all these warriors and threw them back. Bhim also ran forward knocking Duryodone and his brothers along with Karna and Sakuni back. Then Bhim jumped on the elephant and caught Draupadi and placed her on his shoulder. With Draupadi on shoulder, Bhim ran out of the hall to Kubhar’s house.
When Bhim reached Kubhar’s house, he called for his mother.
Bhim – Mother, look what I have brought?
Kuntiji thought that Bhim must have brought a food item. Kuntiji was very busy performing her tasks so she did not want to come out.
Kuntiji – Bhim, all brothers share that item together.
Bhim – Mother, what have you said? Today in the Hall, Arjun has performed Matsya Vedhan and won the Princess. The Kauravs were going to kidnap the Princess so I have brought her home.
Kuntiji started to cry thinking what have I done. All of sudden Bhim remembered that I must go back to the hall where Arjun might need help. Bhim ran back to the hall at a great speed.
In the hall, all the Kaurav warriors had gotten up. Karna had taken an arrow and placed a yahoo mantra along with Mohestra mantra and shot the arrow up to throw Arjun down. The arrow hit Arjun and knocked him out of the scale. Baghwan Krishna made Arjun fall very lightly so he will not get injured. When Arjun fell unconscious, all the Kauravs and their soldiers started to beat him but Brahmins also got up.
The Brahmins, even though not warriors fought against Kauravs. Baghwan Krishna called his Sudharsan Chakra, while Balram called his Haal ( plow ). Both brohters rushed where everyone were fighting. But, Bhim came and saw the battle, between Karuavs and Brahmins. Bhim saw that he needed a weapon to fight and saw the 12 guas pole. Bhim with great strength took the pole out of the ground and rushed and at Kauravs. Brahmins were about to lose, when Bhim joined the battle. Kauravs saw Bhim coming with the pole and ran out of the Hall, Sakuni being the first one.
Baghwan Krishna along with Balram made sure that there was no more fights or arguments. Five satya men also came forward with weapons to stop the battle. Arjun and othere wounded Brahmins were taken care. Yudhisteer, Shadev and Nakul joined and all the Pandavs along with others started to walk toward the Kubhar’s house.
Kuntiji – I thought that Bhim must have brought some food item and I told him to share it among his brothers.
All the Pandavs were confused about this situation. Druapad Raja came and heard about this and became upset.
Drupad Raja – One man can have multiple wives but how can one woman have multiple husbands?
Vyassji and Baghwan Krishna came and calmed everyone.
Vyassji and Krishna – Druapad, first ask your daughter about this. Listen to what she says.
Drupad Raja – Five men are going to marry you, daughter.
Draupadi – Father, I am going to have five husbands according to my boon and curse so do not worry.
Drupad Raja was glad to hear this from Draupadi. Baghwan Krishna and Vyassji told everyone about Draupadi’s past life.
Drupad Raja – How will I be able to marry you to all five husbands? After marring one, you will need to be pure again.
Draupadi – Father, I appear from agni so create a agni kund at the time of marriage. Once I marry one husband, I will go in the agni kund and appear again to be pure. This way I will marry all five brothers.
Drupad Raja- Krishna, how can I believe that these are the Pandav brothers?
Krishna – Let us all go to the Palace and follow my instructions. They are all handsome men but by their qualities I will prove that they are Pandavs.
Baghwan Krishna and Drupad Raja along with the Pandavs went to the palace. At the palace, Krishna asked the Pandav brothers to look around until the marriage preparitions. The Pandav brothers went in the palace and started to look around. Yudhisteer came to the throne room, where he started to help the ministers in administrations while the rest of the brothers went to explore different areas. Baghwan Krishna pointed at Yudhisteer.
Krishna – Drupad Raja, that is Yudhisteer, who will one day be an Emperor. Yudhisteer is helping others rule the kingdom properly. He is the great Dhram Raj.
Bhim found a room with great maces so he stayed in that room while his brothers went to different rooms. Krishna pointed at Bhim and started to explain to Drupad.
Krishna – That is the mighty Bhim who had taken the great pole out and fought against the Kauravs. He is mighty and brave.
While checking all the maces, Bhim found a divya mace that weighed 10,000 maans. Bhim thought that I will ask this mace for dowry. Krishna and Drupad follwed the rest of the Pandav brothers. Arjun stopped at a room filled with bows and arrows where he started to test them. Krishna showed this to Drupad.
Krishna – That is the mighty archer Arjun. You have already seen how great he is when he performed the Matsya vedhan.
Shadev saw a room filled with books so he started to read them. Krishna pointed this out to Drupad Raja.
Krishna – That is Shadev who is trikalghani. He is filled with wisdom.
Nakul went in to the room where clothes and jewelry for men were placed. Nakul started to wear different things.
Krishna – That is Nakul, who is the handsomest man. His interest is wearing nice clothes and jewelry to make himself look great. Now do you belive that these are the Pandav brothers.

Draupadi Sawyamver part 9

Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakt Arjun is in trouble. Baghwan Krishna controled the wind to lower it and the fish that was spinning too fast started to spin very slowly now. ( Pandavs brothers were powerful, but the battles with adharm was even greater task for them, the adharmi warriors were even greater but with the help of Lord Krishna they are able to win. Baghwan Krishna shows us by these examples that when Dharm is weak and Adharm is stronger I come to destroy Adharm. )
Arjun prayed to Ganesh and Govind, then took an arrow out of the quiver. Arjun looked down in the pool and saw the reflection of the fish and figured the calculations.
On the arrow, first Arjun placed shakti mantra so the arrow would be strong. Then Arjun placed vayoo mantra so it would shoot the arrow all the way up, the arrow would not drop. Finally, Arjun placed Brahmaji’s mantra on the front of the arrow, Baghwan Sri Vishnu’s mantra in the middle part of the arrow and Baghwan Shanker’s mantra on the end part of the arrow. Arjun also place Dharm Raj Yudhisteer’s punya on the arrow and after careful calculation shot the arrow.
The shakti mantra made the arrow go straight and it did not shake. The vayoo mantra made the arrow shoot up like rocket. Brahmaji’s mantra made the arrow find the eye of the fish and went right through the eye. After this task the part of the arrow with Brahmaji’s mantra broke off the arrow. Next, Baghwan Sri Vishnu’s mantra started to work and the arrow turned and flew downward cutting the tail. Then the arrow part with Sri Vishnu’s mantra broke off the arrow. Last, Baghwan Bholenath’s mantra took over and made the last piece of arrow turn and hit very hard in the center of the fish which made the fish drop in the water pool below.
In the hall, there were great cheers and music was played by dhols, shanks and dhunduvies. From the sky, Devs also played music and cheered. Devs rained flowers on Arjun.

Druapadi Swayamver part 8

The sixth arrow also placed kadas on hands, kundals on ears made of diamonds. This arrow also gave Arjun a Jamo ( pants ) made of shining jari. Indra shot the seventh arrow with Gorastra mantra and made Arjun brighter. Arjun was amzed with all this and bowed to Baghwan. Everyone saw this and wondered who this great person is.
Baghwan Krishna saw this and thought that Arjun is now greatly dressed but there is no tej( shining ) in him while Draupadi being ansh avatar of Mataji is shining greatly.
Balramji – Jughdar ( Krishna ) this is amazing. The swaroop of this man changed greatly from a jungle person to a Dev. I wonder who this great person is.
Krishna – Motabhai, remember your words to give your punya if I show you a Pandav kumar. This great person is none other than Arjun.
Balramji – Krishna, do not joke. How can I belive that this is Arjun? Pandavs have died in Laxa Grah. If this is Arjun, than where is mighty Bhim?
Krishna – Motabhai, look behind the Brahmins. Do you see that big person? That is Bhim.
Balramji was glad that Pandavs had survived.
Balramji – Krishna, you are great. Here, I am going to give my punya to Arjun as I have promised.
Balramji gave his punya to Arjun and Arjun shone brighter with great tej. Baghwan Krishna got up and came where five satya men were sitting. The satya men welcomed Krishna.
Satya men – Krishna, tell us who is that great person that is on the pole?
Baghwan Krishna – Remember your promise. That is your kuver ( prince ) Arjun. Now give your punya to him.
Satya men – How can we belive that Oh, great Baghwan?
Krishna – Becareful, do not let anyone see you. Look on the Brahmin side and do you see that big man, that is Bhim, your other Kumar.
The satya men got up, one by one and saw Bhim. All of them were very happpy to see that their Pandavs are still alive.
Satya men – Devkinandan, you are great. Here is our punya.
All the punya made Arjun shine even brighter than everyone else except Draupadi in the hall. Draupadi and Arjun became equal in brightness.
Draupadi had asked Baghwan to give her a husband greater than her. At this time both of them were equal. Bagwhan Krishna approached Dhroom Rishi.
Dhroom Rishi – Devkinandan, when I look at all these five men, I can see that they are no ordinary men. They must be great men in disguise. I just got up from phadmasan and I saw that they are the great Pandav kumars. What have I done to them? They have given me great help before and I treated them like servants.
Baghwan Krishna – Great one, do not weep but help them out and give your punyas to them in blessings.
Dhroom Rishi gave his punya to Arjun and at the same time Baghwan Krishna also placed some of his own punya in Arjun. Arjun was shining greatly, even greater than Draupadi now. Arjun shone like Surya dev himself. Everyone cheered for the great warrior. Draupadi was amazed at this wonderful sight. Everyone came thinking that will Draupadi marry me, now Draupadi is asking her friends and dassies that will this great person marry me after the task, I hope he does not refuse.
Dassies – Great Princess, you were right. He is a hidden fower in the mud that just shone now. Let us all pray to Baghwan that he will accept you as a wife.
Arjun’s shining fell on the pool which made the hall shine brighter than before. Arjun took the bow from his back and wondered that how can I place a string on it? There is nothing for support. If I lean it on the pole, than I will fall back. If I place the bow on a scale, it will go down and I will lose the balance.
Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakt was in trouble so he sent his Sudharsan chakra in very small form that none can see. Arjun saw the chakra by his feet and leaned the bow on it. By bending it properly Arjun placed the string on it and made a thundering noise. Everone were amazed to see this.
Duryodone – Karna vira, he even bent the bow that you said that only few men could succeed.
Sakuni – But, now he has to shoot three targets with one arrow. How will he do that? I think that he will fail.
Duryodone – Mama, I think he might be successful but if I cannot have Draupadi, no one will. Karna vira, let us all plan. If he is successful, you can shoot him and kill him. Mama, let all my brothers and our loyal kings know about getting ready. We are going to kidnap Draupadi. This way I can marry her.
Karna took another bow and got ready to shoot Arjun. Sakuni went around telling all the Kaurav brothers, Jaidrath, Shusarma, Burishrava, and Baghdatta to get their weapons ready for Draupadi haran. All these warriors got all their weapons ready for attack.
Dhroom Rishi saw the Kauravs getting their weapons ready so he gathered his students.
Dhroom Rishi – I think that Kauravs will attack Arjun. The Pandavs have lived with us and Arjun has gotten up from our side so it is also our responsibility to protect him. Let us let all the Brahmins know that even though we are not Kshtria, we will also die protecting the Pandavs.
The students passed the message to all the Brahmins and they also got ready. Some of the Brahmins got their sticks out, others got their kamandals out while other got their bhasmas out to throw at Kauravs in their eyes.
Drupad Raja had an elephant bring Draupadi for marriage. The elephant came and stood by the pool with Draupadi getting varmala ready.
All the great brahmins looked at Arjun and discussed that this warrior was dressed in rags but now changed his form into a wealthy and tejasvi person. Since we do not know his name, let us call him ” Dhananjaye ” All of them cheered for Dhananjaye.
Arjun saw the fish on top and it was spinning so fast that it looked like a circle. The timing calculation was even tough for Arjun to figure out. Arjun prayed to Baghwan Krishna.
Arjun – Great lord, Govind, Murlidhar. You have always watched us. Without you we can never be successful. You have saved Bhim from poison, you have saved us from Laxa grah, you have given strength to Bhim to fight Hidamb, you have given me strength to accomplish success so far. Please, have pity on me, Lord and help me.

Druapdi Swaymaver part 7

Arjun – All I ask for is a bow and quiver to perform the task.
Drupad Raja asked the servants to bring bows and quivers. Servants brought over thirty differnt kinds of bows and placed them infront of Arjun. Arjun checked all the bows.
Arjun – None of these bows can help me perform the task. If you want me to perform this task, give me tools according to my ability.
Drupad – What type of weapons can I get you?
Arjun – The great bow that rests on the shoulder of Karna Raja and the divya arrows that are in his quiver. Bring me those weapons and I will perform this task.
Drupad Raja approached Karna for weapons.
Drupad – Mighty one, please give us your weapons. Take my suffering away from me.
Karna – I cannot give you weapons without the permission of Duryodone Maharaj.
Drupad approached Duryodone and bowed to him.
Drupad – Great King, I need the weapons of Karna and only with your permission I can have them. Please, let us use them then they will be returned to you after the task.
Duryodone – I am not going to give you anything. Now, go away from here.
Baghwan Krishna gets up and approaches Drupad.
Krishna – What is the matter?
Drupad – The one that has gotten up is asking for great weapons that only Karna has but Duryodone Maharaj is not giving them to us.
Krishna – I will make sure that you get the weapons but agree with everything that I say.
Krishna approached Duryodone and Sakuni.
Krishna – Duryodone Maharaj, why are you not giving the weapons to Drupad?
Duryodone – If I cannot marry her, no one will. That’s why I am not going to help at all.
Krishna – You are missing a chance to win Draupadi. If all these great warriors were unable to perform this task, how can a brahmin from jungle perform it. Give the weapons on one condition that in case this person does not succed, you will get Druapadi.
Duryodone – How come I didn’t think of such a good idea? Yes, the weapons can be given in excange for the promise to give me Draupadi in case this person fails to perform the task.
Drupad Raja wrote the promise on a copper board and gave it to Duryodone, while Karna gave the weapons.
Duryodone- If great warriors cannot perform this task, how is this jungle man going to perform it. Draupadi will be mine now.
Sakuni – Duryodone, lets watch him climb, he will fall in few moments.
Arjun prayed to Krishna that Oh great lord, you have saved us so far, please think of me as your servant and help me perform this task. Arjun bowed to everyone and kept on praying as he moved to perform the task. Arjun jumped from the board and started to climb up on the pole. Draupadi is just watching Arjun’s every movement.
Dassi – Princess, why do you look at this jungle person? Why were you not interested in those great Kings that tried to perform this task?
Draupadi – You do not understand. Some of those Kings like Jarasandth, Shisupal and Duryodone were too proud and did not bow to anyone but look how humble he is. Inside of him, he is filled with great personalities. He must be a great man hidden among the jungle people.
Arjun kept on climbing with great speed and reached six guas length. Arjun grabbed the rod and started to rest.
Duryodone – Mama, you said that he won’t be able to climb the pole. He has reached six guas on the pole.
Sakuni – Duryodone, he lives in the jungle and he has climbed trees that’s why he was able to climb the pole but how will he place his feet on that scale? If he places one foot in one the other scale will go up.
Arjun also thought about that, how will I place my feet on the scales? Placing foot on one will make the other go up then it will not be possible to put the other foot on the other scale. Arjun prayed to Baghwan Krishna asking for help. Baghwan saw that his bhakt is in trouble.
Baghwan has said that I will help dharm win, and no matter how strong adharm is but adharm cannot win. Baghwan Krishna had taken strength out from adharm even though they were capable of performing this task. Baghwan Krishna is placing strength in dharm to make him stronger.
Baghwan Krishna placed strength in Arjun making him stronger. With strength, Arjun climbed little above the scales and jumped on them, with equal balance on both scales. Other spectators cheered when Arjun performed this task.
Duryodone – Mama, look he even landed on the scales properly.
Karna – Now, he must bend my bow, which only few men have been able to do.
Sakuni – Yes, Duryodone, I don’t think he will be able to bend Karna’s great bow.
Baghwan Krishna saw that almost everyone except brahmins were dressed greatly so why is my bhakt dressed in rags. Draupadi is dressed in sola sanghar while Arjun is not dressed properly. Baghwan Krishna called Naradji and asked him to deliver the message to Indra.
Naradji went to Swarg and delivered Krishna’s message to Indra.
Naradji – The son that you gave Kunti is going to perform a great task. Will you let him be dressed in rags or as a father will you dress him properly?
Naradji disappeared from swarg. Indra Raja gave everyone command to get ready and get in their vimans. 33 corore Devas got in their vimans and headed toward Panchal. Only the great and satya men were able to see the Devas in the sky. They all thought that why did all the Devas come? On this pole, this must be a great man in disguise. Some said that must be a Dev, others said that Brahma, Vaikunthrai or Kailashrai, must be one of them. The adharmi did not see the Devs, they thought that this must be a jungle man on the pole.
Indra took his bow and placed an arrow on it. Indra shot first arrow which took off Arjun’s turban and threw it down. Everyone in the hall laughed at this. Indra took the second arrow and shot it which placed a crown on Arjun’s head. Indra shot third arrow which and placed mukhvas in Arjun’s mouth to make it sweet. Indra shot fourth arrow which turned the rags that Arjun was wearing into great Surval. ( man’s dress )
Indra took fifth arrow and placed a great shining kavach on Arjun. Indra took a sixth arrow and with it placed a great necklace on Arjun’s neck.