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Laxa Grah part 4

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The mansion was on fire. All of a sudden Bhim jumped from the seventh floor to the ground, very easily. Seeing Bhim, Pulochan ran but Bhim was faster than him. Bhim caught up with Pulochan and grabbed him.

Bhim – You wanted to burn us. Now I am going to burn you and see how you like it.

Pulochan started yelling for mercy, but Bhim wouldn’t let him go. Bhim came to the mansion carrying Pulochan.

Bhim – Agnikaka ( Vayoodev and Agnidev were sons of Aditidevi so they were brothers ) take your first bhojan from me, but do not harm my mother and brothers.

Saying that, Bhim threw screaming Pulochan in the fire. Pulochan was burned immediately. All of a sudden, Bhim remembered that my mother and brothers are still inside the mansion. Bhim thought that without my family, why would I want to live? Bhim took few steps back and made a huge jump on top of the mansion. Bhim ran inside the mansion looking for his mother and brother. Everywhere the fire was burning and the lakh ( wax ) was bursting in flame.

Bhim knew that this might happen so he had memorized where his brothers and mother slept and he ran in that direction. Bhim kept on going from floor to floor, finding his brothers and picking them on his shoulders. Bhim found his mother also and placed her on his shoulder. The Pandavs were all coughing, because they could not breath properly. Bhim kept on running all over to find a way out of the mansion but now there was fire all over. There was no escape because fire had blocked all the windows and the main gate. From the top fire particle kept on coming down and harmed the Pandavs. The Pandavs were hurt in many places all over the body. Even, Bhim who was very strong fell unconscious by inhaling too much smoke. The Pandavs all became unconscious, in the burning mansion.

From Dwarka, Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakts were in trouble. Krishna saw how great Bhim was carrying all his family on his great shoulders and risking his life to save them. Krishna, also saw the greatness of Shadev. Shadev was a trikalghnani, who knew past, present and future, but still he was quiet. Baghwan Krishna had asked him not to tell anything, unless someone ask for it. Shadev had asked Krishna that I will not tell, but help us when we are in trouble. Shadev, even though hurt badly, believed in Krishna and did not say anything.

Krishna refreshed all the Pandavs and placed strength in Bhim. Bhim got up and took his brothers and mother on his shoulders. Krishna also made Bhim remember that when in trouble consult with Shadev for directions.

Bhim ( screaming ) Shadev, why are you quiet? Show us the way.

Shadev – Motabhai, where you are standing, hit the floor and there is an under ground tunnel.

Bhim smashed his foot and broke the stone cover and saw an under ground tunnel that Vidurji had the servants dig up. Bhim placed his brothers and his mother in that tunnel. Shadev was placed last and Bhim just dropped him in the tunnel. Last, Bhim got in the tunnel.

Shadev – Motabhai, why did you drop me?

Bhim – Why didn’t you tell me about this tunnel before?

Shadev – Motabhai, you didn’t ask me so I couldn’t tell you.

Bhim – Yes, you are right. Please, forgive me. ( even though Bhim is older, he asks Shadev for forgiveness )

Pandavs with their mother moved forward in the tunnel. Agnidev saw this and came in the tunnel and blocked both openings. This time, Bhim approached Agnidev.

Bhim – Agnikaka, let us go. Let one mother and five sons go and I will give you a hundred sons of one mother.

Agnidev still did not move from the entrance. Bhim said the same thing two more times. This time, Agnidev showed himself to Bhim.

Agnidev – Bhim, you have spoken three times so I want three hundred sons of three mothers and I will let you all go.

Bhim started thinking that I know hundred sons of Ghandarikaki and because they tried to kill us, soon I will have to fight and kill them. But, where will I find the other two hundred sons of two mothers. At this time, in order to be safe let me just agree, later I will figure out something.

Bhim – Agnikaka, let us go and I will give you three hundred sons of three mothers.

Hearing this statement from Bhim, Agni disappeared. Now the way was cleared. The Pandavs came out of the tunnel and took a bath in the river. They were burned in many places and their clothes were  also damaged. The Pandavs saw a boatman approach them.

Boatman – Vidurji has asked me to stay here and help the ones that come out from this tunnel. Come with me and take these simple clothes that he has given me. I will take you on the other side in my boat.

The boatman took the Pandavs on the other side of the river and dropped them. Pandavs went inside the jungle, while the boatman started to go back.

Krishna thought that it will be a threat for the Pandavs if Duryodone knows that they have survived. To keep this secret, Krishna sent the boatman to Vaikunth and turned the boat over. Only the boatman had seen the Pandavs escape so Krishna sent him to Vaikunth so no one will know of Pandavs survival.


Laxa Grah – part 3

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Pulochan welcomed the Pandavs and carried all the yatra items inside the mansion. Pulochan showed the Pandavs  the mansion. The Pandavs were impressed with the way the mansion was built. Great paintings and decorations were everywhere. The mansion was filled with beautiful furniture.

Kuntiji – Bhim, see how your brother Duryodone is taking great care of us. Look at the way, he has built this mansion for us and you were saying bad things about him.

Bhim – ( didn’t want to argue ) yes mother, you are right.

Bhim was alert and he thought that why didn’t Duryodone send other servants. There is only one servant in this great mansion and he seems to be too nice.

Pulochan – Princes, there are food items which Maharaj Duryodone has sent. You can use it to cook for yourselves. I will be outside, if you need anything, let me know.

Kuntiji took some of  the items and cooked for all of them. Bhim kept on watching Pulochan and when he left, he gathered his brothers.

Bhim – I will not say anything bad about anyone, but listen to me. Let us all sleep separately, at different places. Everyday, we must change the place where we are sleeping. Keep alert  and watch for one another at all times.

Yudhisteer – Bhim, you are right. There is no harm in being alert. We will all follow your ideas.

At night, the Pandavs  picked different floors to sleep. Bhim took a vow that as long as we are in this mansion, I will sleep at daytime, when my brothers are awake. At night, I will guard my brothers and mother and watch Pulochan all the time.

At middle of the night.

Bhim was hiding and watching Pulochan. Pulochan got up and went outside. Bhim followed Pulochan and hid behind trees. Pulochan looked around to make sure that he was alone and went behind trees. Pulochan took shower by the river,  made an animal sacrifice and stood on one leg.  Next, Pulochan took a religious mala ( necklace ) and kept on repeating a mantra. All of a sudden Agnidev appeared and was very angry. ( In Ramayan, when Agnidev appeared, to give the kheer to Dasrathraja, he was gentle. Dasrathraja had called Agnidev by performing a religious yagna, performing puja, and giving daan. Pulochan had called Agnidev by black magic so Agnidev was very angry. )

Agnidev – You have called me. Give me my bhojan? You promised me that you will give me five men and one woman. Where are they?

Pulochan – Agnidev, let me see to make sure they are all there. Than I will give you your bhojan. In return, you have said that you will give me a boon.

Pulochan went by the window and saw only Kuntiji sleeping. Pulochan looked inside but could not find anyone else. ( Bhim had told them to sleep by hiding in places, behind furniture not on bed.) Pulochan was upset and came back in the jungle.

Pulochan – Agnidev, forgive me. I do not see all of them together. Next time, I will not fail you.

Agnidev – Next time when you call me, I want my bhojan otherwise I will take you. ( This way, Agnidev would get rid of evil men and protect good people )

Agnidev disappered and Pulochan went back to sleep. Bhim saw all this by hiding. Now, Bhim knew that Duryodone wanted to kill them. Few days passed, but Duryodone and his brothers did not come. Everyday, Bhim made sure that his brothers slept at different places. When the rest of the Pandavs and Kuntiji went outside of the mansion, than Bhim slept in the jungle and stayed up at night. Pulochan looked inside the mansion, but always found Bhim or others missing so he could not call Agnidev.

After few days.

Bhim – Motabhai, what happened to our wonderful brother, Duryodone? Why didn’t he come yet? tomorrow is Shivratri and he is still not here. He was the one that wanted to come here to wash his sins on Shivratri.

Yudhisteer – Maybe, there is too much work for him.  He will come by tomarrow.

Kuntiji – Bhim, there is something wrong. You are not talking much to anyone. Tell me what is it?

Bhim – Mother, Duryodone wanted to come here, but why didn’t he come yet? Why is there only one servant, when we could have many? Why is he gone at daytime, and at night he moves around in this mansion? Tonight is Shivratri, and still Duryodone or his brothers are not here. Let us all leave from here after the festival.

Kuntiji – Bhim, do not be silly. ( What many fans think about him, but let us all think by getting all the information about Bhim ) Your brother, Duryodone will come today. Duryodone has spent so much money for us to perform this yatra. We cannot leave.

Pandavs enjoyed the festival, took a bath in the river and prayed to Lord Shiva, during day time and late at night. Pulochan was not there, but in the jungle, performing black magic to get ready. Pulochan knew that he couldn’t wait too longer so today he will have to do something. Pandavs came back to their mansion. At that moment, a beggar woman with her five sons approached the mansion.

Beggar woman – Bhen, we came for the Shivratri festival from far away. Now it is night time, we have no place to go. Will you give us shelter for tonight?

Kuntiji was very kind and let the beggars come in immediately. Kuntiji told them to sleep on the first floor, and she went on the second floor. Bhim told all the beggars to cover themselves all over with blanket and do not remove the blanket if they hear someone walking ( Pulochan ).Bhim got on the last floor on the roof and started to watch for Pulochan by hiding. Pulochan came inside the mansion and saw the six beggars sleeping. ( They were covered by blankets and it was dark so he could not see them well with just a lamp ) Pulochan was glad, thinking that these were the Pandavs and their mother. Pulochan went outside and performed all the vidhis for calling Agnidev. Unknown to Pulochan, Bhim was watching from the top of the mansion.

Agnidev was summoned and was very angry.

Agnidev – Pulochan, you did not call me for few days. Why? Now, let me have my bhojan.

Pulochan ( bowing ) – In that mansion, sleeps five men and one woman. They are yours, my lord. After that, give me a boon.

All of a sudden, there was fire all over on the mansion. The beggars were burned immediately.


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Laxa Grah Part 2

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Vidurji went back to Hastinapur with servants and told Duryodone about the completion of Laxa grah. Duryodone went to see the Pandavs and fell on their feet. At that time Bhim was not there.

Duryodone ( crying ) – What have I done? I have committed a great sin. I have given my brother Bhim poison. I must be punished for my sin.

Kuntiji – Son, everything is all right. Bhim has been saved so you do not have to worry. You are thinking about your mistake, and that is good.

Duryodone – No, I want to die for committing such a sin. If you want to save me, you can accompany me on a yatra to Varnavat for Shivratri festival. Our family will go there and there I have heard that a sinner can wash his sins.

Yudhisteer – You have a great idea, brother. We will all come. I am so glad to see that you have changed. Everyone deserve to perform good deeds.

Duryodone – I am glad to see that all of you agree with me. But, where is Bhim? I hope he also comes and I would like to ask for his forgiveness.

Yudhisteer – What are you saying, brother? All of us will come, if Bhim doesn’t like it, he can stay home.

Duryodone – Give me permission to go home and get ready.

Kuntiji – You can’t go like that, you have to take bhojan.

Bhim just comes in and sees Duryodone. Duryodone bows to him and starts crying.

Duryodone – Bhim, my brother, what have I done to you?

Bhim – I am not your brother. Why are you here?

Kuntiji – Bhim, your brother is very upset for what he has done to you so he has came for forgiveness.

Bhim – Get him out of here, otherwise, I am going to beat him. Duryodone is never going to be good.

Yudhisteer – Bhim, you do something to Duryodone and I will let go of my life. Duryodone is trying to repent for his mistakes so we should help him, not go against him.

Kuntiji – Yudhisteer is correct, we are all going on yatra for Shivratri. Duryodone is here to take us along.

Bhim – Mother, do not go with Duryodone. It is probably another plan to kill us all. You do not need a chariot or elephant for yatra. I will carry all of you on my shoulders and take you on yatra. Come with me, but do not go with him.

Kuntiji – Now you are committing a sin by talking bad about Duryodone. We are all going with him on yatra.

Bhim sat outside, while Duryodone and the rest of Pandavs with their mother ate bhojan. Yudhisteer never ate without Bhim sitting beside him, but today he favored Duryodone and ate with him. After bhojan, Duryodone left. Pandavs also got ready for yatra and got on the chariot. Bhim thought that if I am with my mother and brothers, I can help. If I stay here, I will be safe but why do I need to live without my family. Bhim also followed his brothers.

Bhim – Mother, you said that I committed a sin, by talking bad about Duryodone so I would like to come also to repent for my sin. Bholenath will forgive me.

Kuntiji – Bhim, if you want to come, remember do not creat any problems.

Pandavs met Duryodone and his brothers outside of Hastinapur. Duryodone as planned, prepared chariots carrying food items and clothes. Kuntiji saw all this and showed it to Bhim.

Kuntiji – Bhim, see how your brother has everything planned for yatra.

When Duryodone saw Bhim, he was glad because now all the Pandavs will die in the Laxa grah. Vidurji was also there and stayed next to Bhim. Vidurji explained to Bhim that if a house is on fire a rat can get out by digging a tunnel.

Vidurji – Son, do not be upset, but stay alert. You are the one that is alert out of all. Control your sleep because the one who has conquered sleep sees all. The one that sleeps is not alert and loses.

Bhim – Kaka, thank you for your advice. I will stay alert.

As planned by Duryodone, Sakuni came all of a sudden.

Sakuni – Duryodone, we still have so much work that needs to be done. We need as much help as possible so first finish your work and than go on the yatra.

Duryodone – ( to Yudhisteer ) There is some work that I must do, once I complete it I will follow you with my brothers any day. I have built a mansion for all of us at Varnavat. You will see that it it the biggest mansion over there by the river. There is also a servant there named Pulochan who will serve you.

Yudhisteer – Brother, you can go. But, as soon as your work is done, come as fast as you can.

Duryodone and his brothers return to Hastinapur, while Pandavs continue on their yatra to Varnavat. Finally, Pandavs came to Varnavat and saw the great mansion by the river. Pulochan came out, bowed to them and welcomed them.


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Laxa Grah ( Wax Mansion ) Part 1

Duryodone – Mama, we must get rid of Pandavs somehow. Before it was only Bhim, but now they are all great warriors. We gave Bhim poison but he was saved. What can we do?

Sakuni – Before, my plan was just for Bhim, but now watch how I will get rid of all five Pandavs and their mother. I have a rakshsas friend named Pulochan, who is the student of Maya Danav the great Architect.

Duryodone – Mama, invite Pulochan and get rid of Pandavs. I will reward him greatly by giving him some nagars. ( town )

Sakuni wrote a letter to Pulochan ” Friend, I know that you need help. Come to Hastinapur and meet me. We have some work for you to perform, complete it and you will be made a king of few nagars.”

Pulochan read the letter and told his wife that I will be away for few days and came to Hastinapur. Pulochan was welcomed by Sakuni and Duryodone.

Duryodone – You are my Mama Sakuni’s friend so that makes you my mama. I will make you a King, just finish this simple assingment.

Pulochan – Bhanej ( nephew ) what do you want me to do?

Duryodone – Mama, I have five enemies. They are going to steal half of my land. Just finish them by treachery and you will be a King.

Pulochan – I am the student of Great Maya Danav. I can build a Lakha grah made out of wax. Give me one thousand servants and show me where to build the mansion. Only in few days, I can have the mansion built. ( Maya Danav had built the whole city of  Indrapresht  in few moments. Pulochan needed few days to build a mansion so we can figure that he was only a beginner student. )

Duryodone – Great, Pandavs are too trusting so I can send them where ever I like.

All of a sudden Vidurji sees the four ( Pulochan, Duryodone, Sakuni, Dushasan )conversing. Vidurji also recognizes Pulochan and decides to join them to help Pandavs.

Vidur – Duryodone, half of your land is lost to Pandavs. Who knows if they are Pandavs? I do not trust them.

Duryodone – Kaka, I am glad that you are also on my side. I plan to burn them in Laxa grah. I need a person that I can trust to watch all the servants perform work properly. Why don’t you go with them and make sure the job is done?

Vidurji agreed to help Duryodone. Vidur thought that by helping Duryodone, I can help Pandavs. Vidurji left with Pulochan and thousand workers to Varnavat. Pulochan checked the land and found a good spot. The river was also very close to the place.

Pulochan – ( to servants ) All day dig as much dirt as you can. I will be meditating in the jungle. In the evening, I will come.

The servants, with Vidurji ate and started to perform work. All day the servants kept on digging dirt. At evening they saw Pulochan approaching. Pulochan sat down cross- legged and  started to repeat a mantra. The dirt all of sudden started to form a base for a mansion. Walls, steps, and rooms were being built for the first floor. All the dirt that was piled was used up in building the first floor.

Pulochan – ( to servants ) tomorrow, dig more dirt.

As soon as Pulochan went back to jungle, Vidurji gathered all the servants.

Vidurji – ( to servants ) All of you, will you do me a favor?  Please, keep this secret in mind and help me.

Servants – Vidurji, you have always treated us fair. Tell us what you need and we are ready to give our lives for you.

Vidurji – They are building a Lakha Grah to kill our Pandavs. All of us must do something to save them, otherwise they will be dead. Help me, and I will make sure that all of you get a great reward.

Servants – Pandavs have always been kind to us. We will do whatever we can to help them. We do not even want a reward.

Vidurji explains the situation to all the servants. They all create a plan to save Pandavs. The next day, when Pulochan is gone in the jungle, the servants start digging a tunnel behind the mansion for the dirt. The servants dig all day and pile the dirt. At evening, when the servants knew the time for Pulochan to return, they cover the tunnel entrance.

Pulochan sits cross-legged and repeats a mantra. Second and third floors are formed by the mantra. All the dirt is used up so Pulochan leaves for the jungle. Next day, servants again dug as much as they can to completed the tunnel. Many of them went inside the tunnel to dig further. The next day, Pulochan built fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floor.  By evening time, the servants completed the tunnel leading to a river. Servants covered the opening with trees and the other end was dug under the mansion all the to stone floor. Next day, Pulochan used maya to make decorations, colors, windows and gates of the mansion. Pulochan also used a mantra to turn the mansion into wax at many places so it would burst in flame when ignited. The mansion waw very beautifully built inside and outside.

Pulochan – What do you all think about this mansion?

Vidurji – Looks great. You are a great magician. We will all be leaving now that our work is complete.

Vidurji told all the servants that go back to Hastinapur, do not say a word to anyone about this and I will give all of you  great rewards. Than Vidurji went by the river and saw a boat man sitting in a boat and praying. Vidurji approached him and gave him a ring to complete work. Vidurji also gave him some simple clothes and said that in few days you will see five men and a woman come here, just take them on the other side and do not say a word to anyone.

Boat man – I will take them on the other side. I am a bhakt of Baghwan like you. I do not want any reward for helping good people.

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