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Five Arrows of Bhisma

As the Kauravas were losing the battle, Duryodhana approached Bhishma one night and accused him of not fighting the battle to his full strength because of his affection for the Pandavas. Bhishma, greatly angered, immediately picked up five golden arrows and chanted mantras declaring, “Tomorrow I will kill the Pandavas with these five golden arrows.” Duryodhana, not having faith in Bhishma’s words, asked Bhishma to give him custody of the five imbued golden arrows saying that he would keep them with him and return them the next morning.

Long before, when Pandavas were in living in the forest, Duryodhana once came to the forest to flaunt his material opulence in contrast with the Pandavas who were living in exile due to his wicked usurption of their kingdom, thus displaying his venom and hubris. He placed his camp on the opposite side of a pond where the Pandavas used to stay. Once, while he was taking bath in that pond, the heavenly princes, named Gandharvas, came to take a bath.

Duryodhana could not tolerate this; he had a fight in which the Gandharvas captured him. On the request of Yudhisthir, Arjuna saved Duryodhana and set him free. Duryodhana was ashamed, but being a kshatriya, he asked Arjuna what benediction or boon he would like. Arjuna replied that he would ask for the boon later when he needed it.

It was during that night that Krishna reminded Arjuna of his unsatisfied boon and told him to go to Duryodhana and ask for the five golden arrows. When Arjuna came and asked for the five golden imbued arrows, Duryodhana was shocked, but knowing full well his honour and duty as a kshatriya declared, “I will give you the five golden arrows. But can you please tell me who told you the five golden imbued arrows existed in the first place?” Arjuna replied with a smile, “Who else other than Shri Krishna could have advised me?” Afterwards, Duryodhana honourably kept his word and gave the five golden arrows imbued with a lifetime of austerity and power by Bhishma. Later, Duryodhana broke his customary manner and conceded to himself privately, “All of the rishis say Krishna is the Supreme God, maybe they are right.” Being shocked and convinced by Arjuna’s knowledge of the very existence of the five golden arrows, Duryodhana secretly got on his knees and said a quick prayer to Krishna.

Duryodhana again went to Bhishma, informing him of all that happened and requesting another five golden imbued arrows. To this Bhishma laughed and replied, “That is not possible, child. The will of the Lord is Supreme and undeniable. I have already spent the merits of my lifetime of celibacy and austerity in those five arrows, a potency strong enough to end all the five Pandavas. However, Krishna, being the Supreme Lord has foreseen this, knowing past, present, and future as He alone can, and has thus arranged for you to voluntarily give up the five golden arrows, imbued with the power and potency of my lifelong austerities. I cannot imbue another five arrows, having spent all of the merits of my austerities. However, tomorrow I shall fight like a lion, and this time, either I will kill Arjuna or I will make Lord Krishna break His promise of not picking up any weapons during the war.” On the next day there was an intense battle between Bhishma and Arjuna. Although Arjuna was very powerful, he was no match for Bhishma. Bhishma soon shot arrows which cut Arjuna’s armour and then also his Gandiva bow. Arjuna was helpless before the wrath of the grandsire.

As Bhishma was about to kill Arjuna with his arrows, Lord Krishna threw down the chariot reins and jumped off the chariot onto the battlefield, lifted a chariot wheel and charged Bhishma. Arjuna tried to stop Lord Krishna, but the Lord said, “In order to protect my devotee, I must break my own promise.” However, this is actually a double entendre. Krishna, one who was a perfect Yogi and in control of senses including anger, lifted the Chariot Wheel in order to respect and uphold Bhisma’s promise and word, as the latter promised he would make Krishna yield weapons.

Eventually, however, Arjuna convinced Krishna to return to the chariot and put down the wheel, promising to redouble his determination in the fight. All the while Bhishma stood with folded palms and tears in his eyes, awed by the beauty of the wrath of the Lord and the intense love that God bears for his friends, so great that He is willing to endure the censorship of ignorant foolish men. Later the Lord told Arjuna how he could bring down the old grandsire, through the help of Sikhandhi. Using Sikhandhi as a shield, Arjuna shot arrows at Bhishma, piercing his entire body. Thus, finally, Bhishma gave up the fight, focusing his life force and breath, sealing the wounds, and waiting for the auspicious moment to give up his body.

Its said that once Bhishma fell down pierced with arrows he was feeling thirsty. Duryodhana went to fetch water, but Arjuna shot an arrow at the ground and water came pouring out directly into Bhishmas mouth. Its actually river goddess Ganga coming to satisfy the thirst of her son Bhishma.

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Duryodhana’s policy

Duryodhana’s policy “Not even a needle point of land to the enemy”

Well we all know this famous incident which happens before the kurushetra war, when Krishna asks duryodhana to give at least five villages to the pandavas and to make peace, duryodhana replies that he won’t give even a needle point of land to them. So, if we analyze this statement we can get two conclusions,

Before you read both the conclusions I want to make one point which is “I’m not considered about who is the right full owner to the kingdom. I’m only considerd about the policy of duryodhana is it right or is it wrong?.”

A) One conclusion is that duryodhana’s decision was wrong which is why he died in the war, and he is a miser and egoistic, so only he refused to the offer made by Krishna.

B) The other conclusion is that duryodhana’s decision is right, he is not a miser as he is known for his charity and he also donated a part of his kingdom anga to karna, So donating five villages is not a big thing for duryodhana. Duryodhana took that decision just because he believed that dying for his country is better than giving a part of his country to the enemy

So it is your choice to come to one of these conclusions after you have read the following example.

Sino-Indian war(1962)

China attacked India in the Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai chin region with a troop strength of around 80,000.While India stationed only 10,000 troops in that area the rest of the Indian troops were distributed around India, then the Chinese had the advantage of the ridges, so geographically the Chinese had a superior position at an higher altitude, while the Indian troops had the disadvantage by being in the lower altitude.

So, the Indians being greatly outnumbered and also due to the geographically disadvantages, the Indian army lost their position temporarily. Now the Chinese army marched down from the ridges, then they occupied a large part of our the Indian territory and as they came down from the ridges, geographically they have an inferior position. At this juncture only Indians got ready for war, as the previous attack was a surprise attack. Now India sent a huge backup to the battle field, these back up included a huge infantry, army vehicles and aircrafts also India asked help from USA, which was also in the way in the form of aircrafts.

At this particular juncture the Chinese used a cheap trick, knowing that they will surely lose if India strikes them with her full strength, as the backups by India were on the way to the battle field, the Chinese gave a cease fire. Then India being a peaceful country accepted the cease fire and the backups which were on their way to the battle field are sent back. Because of the cease fire given by the Chinese both the sides had used only infantry, no tanks or aircrafts were used in this fight. If they were used then the result of the war would have been in favor to India

The region marked  with red color are those where china attacked india. Then aksai chin region once  belonged to india but now are occupied by china due to the  Sino-indian war.

The whole world knows that if India had fought back, then it would be a victory for India and then huge part of the Indian Territory could also have been retrieved, Because of the following reasons

1) India’s own back up which was on the way to the battle field

2) As Chinese marched down from the ridges and occupied a part of our territory they had a geographically inferior position than Indian troops

3) Back up from USA was also on the way to help India in the form of aircrafts

But India had accepted the cease fire given by china and gave a huge part of her territory to china. We will look at the summary of the  war again.

China attacked India, when India was not ready. Then china occupied a part of India, When India was ready to fight back china gave cease fire. When India accepted the cease fire of china, china easily walked away with a part of Indian Territory.

This is just like,

A thief enters our house, when we are not ready the attacks us. Then the thief robs us of the jewels and cash. When we are ready to fight back with the thief. Then the thief asks an apology, and we accept the apology then the thief walks away with our jewels and cash.

So India is a peaceful country, but what is peace. Peace in the sense that we must attack any other country unnecessarily but what if the enemy attacked us and robbed us of our territory

What is the use of having peace at that circumstance?

“When we have many people making noise in room, if we want to maintain silence, we would have to shout “Everyone maintain silence”, so at that circumstance silence is maintained only by shouting.”

In the same way the real world peace at some circumstances peace can only be maintained by war. Look at the after math of the Sino-Indian war. Still the Chinese are trying to occupy more and more area in the Indian Territory. When our prime minister visited Arunachal Pradesh this year one of the Chinese politicians asked “It is a disputed area why does the Indian prime minister visit there”. After all who is he to ask why Indian prime minister visited a part of India.

Then another Chinese politician commented that “Did you forget what happened in the Sino-Indian war, do you want something like that to happen again!” The Chinese like cowards gave cease fire in the Sino-Indian war but they think they really won the Sino-Indian war and they also use this victory of Sino-Indian war to threaten us again. So, the after math of war never ends. Even if we maintain a good relationship with china for some time, the dragon will breathe fire again. But let’s hope that the Tiger will fight back next time when the dragon breathes fire again.

This is the end of the example, now what would have happened if India had followed the policy of duryodhana which is “Not even a needle point of land to the enemy”. India would have surely fought back till the end and the Chinese would have been made to run away and our stolen territory would have been retrieved but What is more than this, Chinese would never had bothered India again for several years. Also the whole world would have understood the real strength of India.

As I told before we can have two conclusions from the duryodhana’s policy is “Not even a needle point of land to the enemy”. So it is up to you whether to do decide that this policy is right or is it wrong. Don’t bother about the past deeds of duryodhana, the deeds of duryodhana may be wrong or it may be right but i’m not considered about it. I’m only considerd  about the application of duryodhana’s policy in the sino-indian war and the future of our nation.

“So, it for you guys to decide which is better to die for the country and to protect its territory or to make peace with the enemy and lose a part of our territory “

Jai hind




Mahabharat Ki Ek Saanjh (An Evening of Mahabharata)

Right from childhood we heard that – Pandavas were good and  Kauravas were bad. The main reason for battle was the kingdom and disrespect of Draupadi.

When I was in 12th, there was a chapter called “Mahabharat Ki Ek Saanjh“. This chapter was extracted from a book on Mahabharat…I forgot the book and author name. This book has a complete different perspective and explains Mahabharat from the perspective of Kauravas.

I will tell you some of the things the book brings to light…

It is agreed upon that the kingdom belonged to Pandu and Pandavas deserved to become the King when they grow up. BUT!! Shakuni played his trick.. He wanted kids of his sister to be the kings, so he played the trick. Now some may call this as Adharma/Greed, but this isn’t wrong if you consider it from a different angle. He didn’t cheat anyone (before the actual battle), he played the game faithfully, he didnt break anyone’s promise, neither he deceived anyone nor he wanted a huge battle! He wanted everything to go peacefully.

So he challenges Yudhishtira. Now Yudhishtira does some idiotic things that finally lead to war..

1. He keeps his kingdom at stake! Foolish isnt it? What was the need!! Why can’t he accept defeat from Shakuni after loosing a lot of gold the Pandavas had?? (Yudhishtira wasn’t the best player anyway.) So it was just because of his EGO that he kept his kingdom at stake for a hope to win it back.

2. After loosing Kingdom he kept his wife at stake! Now those who say that draupadi was insulted and blame Karna and Durryodhan for Vastra haran and all the act, tell me one thing, Agar itna he pyar hai apni patni se..toh use GAME ke liye use kyun kiya?? Is wife some item to trade in the game??

When Durryodhan did vastraharan Draupadi wasn’t a princess, she was just a dasi who was won in the Game..Jab Draupadi ke patiyon ne usko Trading Item ka darja diya..why you expect Duryodhan to respect her?? Duryodhan did what everyone used to do with the dasis who were won in the Games!! She was just a dasi and not the princess Draupadi!!  What Duryodhan did was bad indeed but using our wife as a trading item is worse than that!

There are some things which even I pondered upon, was surprised and appreaciated the authors point of view….

When Duryodhan was lying at the lake..waiting for his moment of death Krishna visits him. He tells him the following few things to let him know that even if they have lost the battle, who was right and who was wrong.

Durryodhan says..

1.If Kauravas were doing Adharma.. why all the great people, Rushi Muni, our teachers,people like Bheeshma and Dronacharya – the people we all worshipped and have grown up seeing their glory… were on my side and not yours??

2.You have cheated every time in the battle field.. you took away Karnas Kavach Kundal, you played with the clouds hiding the sun and made your filthy move!

3.You cheated even when I came to you for your help. (Guys..this is true.. according to the common rule it was followed that who came first to Krishna..he has right to ask first, Duryodhan came first and Arjun came just moments after that, both went to Krishna but he was sleeping. Arjun sat next to Krishnas feet and Duryodhan sat next to his head..waiting for his sleep to complete. When Krishna woke up..he first saw Arjun and declared that Arjun was the first one he saw and hence he should be given first chance to ask him what he wants.. Arjun asked Krishna and only thing left for Duryodhan was his army. Krishna the cheater..changed his rule as he sensed it should be Arjun to ask first.)

4. And now Krishna you have again cheated when you made me wear a small cloth before visiting my mother Gandhari. (Okay here is another small incident if you guys dont know.  At the end of the battle Duryodhan and Bhima were to fight… before going to fight Gandhari asked Duryodhan to meet her and that he should be completely naked. She had a powerful vision with heavently powers and he wanted to shield his complete body with her powers. But Duryodhan didnt know why his mother has called him.He was going naked to her and on his way Krishna stopped him and said I understand that she is your mother but atleast cover your xxx parts with a small clothing or something.What will the world say?? just think! On this Duryodhan wrapped a small piece of cloth around his waist..and then went to his mom, She was with closed eyes ready for him to come.. as soon as she sensed his son has come..she opened her eyes.. and a powerful ray of light scanned Duryodhan completely from  tip of his hair to the tip of his toes! Every inch of his body! When this ‘Vidhi’ was over, Gandhari saw the piece of cloth around his waist and scolded him that she already advised him to come completely naked and warned him that this particular part of his body has remained weak and to protect it during his one-to-one battle with Bheema. Then the cunning Krishna goes to Bheema and advises him to hit Duryodhan on his thighs which are weak compared to other parts.. Bheema was great..but Duryodhan was also very strong for him.. If you read in any book of is clearly written that Bheema injured Duryodhan by wounding his thighs. Hence Duryodhan says that you cheated even in the battle of Bheema and me.)

5. Krishna, why are you people so furious about the Vastraharan case? When I did Vastra haran..she was just a simple dasi which I won in the game. If they loved their wife so much…why did they traded her?

6. You even cheated in case of Karna by intelligently taking away his Kavach Kundal, also in case of Ashwatthama and many other cases in battle field like the example of Clouds covering the Sun. You blame us that we all killed Abhimanyu but he sholudnt have entered the “Chakraview” if he didnt know how to break it! He entered and got killed, this is a WAR! Whts our fault?

And then besides the lake Durryodhan tells one great thing to Krishna which is really worth to think upon…

He says.. Krishna my greatest sorrow will be that the world will never come to know what our thinking was, because always it is the survivors who write the History. The history which will be read by future generations, you all Victors will write it your way, as you have killed every one who supported us. So History will never remember me as “Suyodhan” (Guys guys guys.. Duryodhan was a great king..was really loved by his people for his admnistration.) History will glorify you and will curse us, because you winners will write the history with your perspective, but your side  started the battle with EGO, there was no need for this battle, we already had won all the Kingdom in the Game and they shouldnt have traded Draupadi. Also if you would havn’t cheated in the battle there was NO WAY your side  would have won. The brave Karna was alone enough for all of you, he also didnt use some of his best weapons and his great bow – “Vijaya”.

My sorrow is because of this war many great warriors have lost their lives and the world will never come to know what our thinking was and every evil thing your side has committed you will cover it under the guide of “Dharma”..saying it was wrong but you needed to do it for protection of Dharma.

….saying the above lines duryodhan dies at the lake side.

Truly mind boggling perspective which left me impressed for many years after my 12th std.. many many years to come.

Jai Karna!