This is my profile page. I am working as a software engnineer in an MNC. And like to write/read about Karna so thats why I started this blog.

You can reach me on if you have any query or you want to contribute to the blog.



7 thoughts on “Dhruv

  1. HI dhruv
    If you want to learn more about life of karna then you should read the book named “MRITUNJAY”.It is marathi a very famous book.


  2. Hi, Dhruv…I have a question which i am searching… i read somewhere that Karna had a Death arrow for Arjun..Kunti asked for that arrow when she met Karna… please enlighten about this story


    1. Hi Abhishekh,

      I also red that somewhere but dont remember the exact source. Will let you know soon. There are lots of version of Mahabharata and each one have something new.


    2. Yes. He did possess that arrow. But Karna was forced to use it against Ghatotkach (Son of Bheema from Hidimba) as Ghatotkach was sacking the Kaurava forces.
      Even Drona was wounded by him. At this time, the war had entered even the dark hours of the night. Ghatotkach, being a half rickshas, possessed dark magic skills which came handy during the dark hours and even the strongest of the Kauravas were not able to face him.
      Then Duryodhana requests Karna to use the “Vasava Shakti” against Ghatotkacha. This weapon was presented to Karna by lord India when Karna gave him his divine armor. The speciality of this weapon was that it would cause certain death of the person it was aimed at. And could be used only once.
      Karna saved it for Arjuna, but used it against Ghatotkacha.

      Kunti did not ask for it.


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